Beauty and the Beast | London Palladium (2023)

This beloved ‘tale as old as time’ has been brought to life on stage like never before, with all the charm and elegance audiences expect from Belle and her Beast. 27 years after its Broadway debut, members of the original creative team have reunited on this new production that features all of the spellbinding songs of Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice including Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest and, of course, Beauty and the Beast.

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Young Couples:

It was amazing from start to finish

It was amazing from start to finish. My 16 year old daughter who loved Belle growing up was mesmerized by it too which was so lovely to see. Not impressed at how late everyone was still being let in to filter into their seats which meant the show started late. Apart from that would highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

Sam, 14 Sep 2022

Simply Amazing

Absolutely stunning - every aspect is a 5 star from me.

Karen, 14 Sep 2022

Props were fantastic

Me personally thought belle and the beast shouted a little too much but overall a nice show

Kelly, 06 Sep 2022

Hurry up and book

This is a fantastic show. The cast were amazing especially Belle, Gaston and Lefou. The ‘Be our guest’ song and dance number was one of the best numbers I have ever seen on stage.

Joanna, 06 Sep 2022


I have seen many musicals all over the world and I have to say, I loved this experience. The performers were outstanding, the lighting, production and surprises along the way were brilliant. This was part of my birthday treat and seen another 3 musicals whilst in London and none were as good as this. Well done!

Michelle, 03 Sep 2022

Must ser

Brilliant must see watch

Lavinia, 02 Sep 2022

(Video) Disney's Beauty and the Beast Trailer | The London Palladium

It will blow you away

This production was incredible!The best I've seen since In a long time. Only running till the 17th.If you only go to see one musical this year, it should be this one.

Kim, 02 Sep 2022

I took my 11 year old grandson and was worried it would be to girlie but it was perfect

Inclusive for all ages

Janice, 28 Aug 2022

fictional story

Beautiful serial story ,, But I didn't like the seat very much when it was small and with a long view, you would feel uncomfortable in the seat

Mohammad, 26 Aug 2022


Thoroughly enjoyed the show! Wonderful Music, singing and company dancing. A Disney storyline to boot. Magical

Jolanta, 24 Aug 2022

Must see

Fabulous show. Costumes were superb. Dancing and singing were excellent. Sets were well executed. Storyline was spot on with a little added humour. Best show I’ve seen for a while.

Lynne, 24 Aug 2022

Absolutely a great show to go and see

Fantastic show would definitely recommend to any age person.

Donna, 20 Aug 2022

(Video) Beauty and the Beast 2021 - 2022 UK Tour

Wonderful Performance

I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my grown up daughter who is an avid Disney fan still and we both loved the show. The actors playing Belle and Beast were captivating and the chap playing Lumiere has perfect comic timing. Altogether, a very enjoyable night out.

Sara, 20 Aug 2022

A Must See Family Favorite!

This was my son’s (who is 12yrs) first theatre show and he loved everything about it. This is a great show for families to attend.

Teshae, 18 Aug 2022

Best production ever

The palladium is a great place the production is amazing for all to see

emma, 17 Aug 2022


There was a technical delay of at least 20 minutes.we have an early flight tomorrow and this delay was very inconvenient to us

Raya, 16 Aug 2022

Be our guest 🕯

Stunner! Lighting overall was shocking!! Stunning design and actinggggg

Dorota, 12 Aug 2022

Must See!!!!

Amazing!!!! Acting. music and effects are perfect! We would like to watch again. Our favourite is Mrs. Pot, My son who is 19 years old say that this musical is his favourite now , replacing the Prince of Egypt.

Sheila, 11 Aug 2022

Funny, brilliant family fun

Absolutely amazing. So funny. Brilliant singing, dancing, acting.

(Video) 'Beauty and the Beast' opens at the Palladium | London Live

Helen, 06 Aug 2022

must see !

The show is really fantastic!

Jilliane Marie, 03 Aug 2022


Fantastic from start to finish. A visual treat with superb cast!

Victoria, 31 Jul 2022


I think the show was very well played, the actors followed their hart when they played...

Georgeta, 31 Jul 2022

Outstanding!!! Such a wonderful exciting performance.

As a massive Beauty and the Beast fan and my all time favourite Disney film I was so excited to hear it was coming to the west end, at nearly 50 years old I decided to go child free and keep the experience all to myself!! We’ll it didn’t disappoint, from the onset it was truly amazing in every way. The acting and singing was exceptional, the costumes were flamboyant and colourful and the stage set was outstanding. I found myself overwhelmed with happy tears so thankyou to the whole cast and crew, I will be rebooking and bringing the grandkids next time 😊 x

Emma, 20 Jul 2022

Second Time in a Week

What to say except that I don’t live in London, but I went for the musical last Saturday, cried my sould out how beautiful it is, and then, since I happened to be in London again one week later, I again chose to spend my afternoon at the musical. And I again cried up an entire pack of tissues. Beautiful.

Jovana, 16 Jul 2022


I loved everything

Alma, 13 Jul 2022

Absolutely FABULOUS

(Video) Beauty and the Beast comes to The London Palladium | LW Theatres

We went to see the show with our 7-year-old daughter and a teenage son. I was a bit worried that he might not like it as let’s be honest it’s a more girly plot, but he truly enjoyed the whole show. It was stunning and worth seeing! So if you wonder how to spend an evening in London with your kids that might be a good idea!

Justyna, 13 Jul 2022

Great performance and a night to remember

Booked at the last minute and the seats were fine with a good view. The performance was first class and very enjoyable. Recommended.

Martin, 12 Jul 2022

Amazing show

This was my 2nd time I was watching this show.There was a bit of technique problems.This is an amazing show. Any one who has children and who loves Disney. This show is a MUST!!!11

Shereen, 12 Jul 2022



Hussain, 11 Jul 2022

I Cried Like I Never Cried for Any Piece of Art. That’s How Great It Is.

I couldn’t stop crying. Everything was perfect. I was pulled into my childhood dream, my favourite story from while I was growing up. This is my favourite Disney princess story and today I felt as a part of it.

Jovana, 09 Jul 2022


I was expecting more.I would improve mainly the stage design and acting if possible.

Christina, 30 Jun 2022

Beauty and the beast

Superb show I can recommend to anyone we have really enjoy with whole family

rafal, 29 Jun 2022


the show was amazing you have to go see it

Catherine, 29 Jun 2022

(Video) Beauty and the Beast The Musical: Behind-the-scenes of the trailer shoot | LW Theatres


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