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  1. Hindi alphabets ‘L’ (ल) or and ‘LL’ (ळ) are different. For example ‘L’ (ल) is pronunciated as in ‘Kal’ (कल) and the accent of ‘LL’ (ळ) is like we utter the word ‘Hall’ (Plough – हळ )
  2. Devanagari alphabets may not be visible on some computers - some PCs do not support Devanagari fonts. Those viewers should install Devanagari font 'Mangal' - for details, please see the thread Tips for use of Hindi on your computer in Tech Talk forum. You may also use the toolbar at the bottom of the edit window to add non english characters.
  3. A simple technique to insert an equivalent hindi word to a Romanized Haryanvi word is to type and copy from Devnagari Editor.?
  4. (Due care has been taken to ensure that the word is purely of desi origion and is not commonly used in written form in Hindi language - however, there may be a few exceptions. The spellings in Roman alphabets have been set in such a way that the ‘desi’ word is pronunciated in the most accurate accent as far as possible. )
  5. (इस बात का विशेष ध्यान रखा गया है कि संबन्धित शब्द पूर्ण रूप से देसी हो और हिन्दी में आम तौर पर लिखित रूप में प्रचलित न हो, परन्तु कुछ अपवाद हो सकते हैं । रोमन अक्षरों का संयोजन इस प्रकार किया गया है कि देसी शब्द अपने सही रूप में उच्चारित किया जा सके)
  6. To write in Hindi see हिन्दी में कैसे लिखें
  7. For use of Jat languages see Jat languages

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Aaidi एड्डी
Aaball आबल
More, plenty – ज्यादा (‘अव्वल'), to come first in a competition etc.
Aad आड
(1) A thick 'khood' खूड drawn in a particular field at a distance of about 10 feet. This 'aad' is generally of a different crop e.g. an 'aad' of mustard is drawn in a field of wheat crop. (ii) cover-up (for hiding)
Aadde/ Inghe आड़ै / इंघे
Here (‘Idhar’ इधर)
Aadhal आढळ
To cover-up something किसी चीज की आड़ या ओट करना
Aage ki/Nai आगे की/ नई
A buffalo/Cow which has done a successful meeting with bull.
Aahlanna आहलणा
The Nest घोंसला
Aaho आहो
Yes हाँ
Aaid ऐड
The situation of one’s being free from worries चिन्तामुक्त होकर घूमना e.g. “ वो तै ऐड मारता हांडै सै ”
Aakhtta/ Aakh आखटा /आख
A wild plant, whose branches give white liquid. The plant, considered to be a poisonous one, is also used in Ayurvedic आयुर्वैदिक medicines.
Aakhyer आख्यर
The end, Extreme
Aalla/Aalli आळा/ आऴी
(i) A low level shelving unit (ii) Our's / Apni / Personal e.g. "म्हारे आळा" (iii) Same as Hindi word ‘wala’ वाला ['देखने वाला' को हरयाणवी में 'देखण आळा' बोला जायेगा]
Aala-Rashi आला-राशी
Hotchpotch/ To do a job half-heartedly [ “His style of work is just an unmannered one” - उसका तै इसा-ए आला-राशी काम सै]
Aalann आलण
The coarse flour mixed with boiling green vegetables मोटे आटे का घोळ जो हरे साग में डाला जाता है
Aall आळ
(i) Child's mischief (also known as 'Kubhad' कुभद) (ii) The practice by two wrestlers
Aalla आल्ला
Aallkas आळ्कस
Aalthi-Paalthi/palothi आलथी-पालथी/पलौथी
The pose of one’s sitting on floor with folding legs.
Aandhasisi आंधासीसी
Aandlaa /Aandhla आँधळा/ आँदळा
The spoon-type shape of both the palms – to pick up some material – like grains or powder etc.
Aangali आंगळी
Aankkal आँक्कल
The cow-bull ('Bizaar' बिजार)
Aankh Dookhni आंख दूखणी
A viral/bacterial eye infection, no you can’t fake this one easily!
Aankh आँख
The alphabet/ word [This illiterate fellow does not a single alphabet: यो निरा अनपढ़ सै, इसनै तै एक आँख भी ना आता ]
Aankhlee आंखळी
Uneven, tiny heaps or ditches on a pathway, causing trouble for a vehicle
Aant आँट
(i) Verb - to fill-up (Aantnaa आँटणा) Noun: The knot (ii) Obstacle रुकावट – “There was obstruction in the job” - काम मैं आंट लाग-गी
Aantnna आंटणा
To fill up with clay (Fill up the ditch": "Khaddhe ney aant dyo" खढे नैं आंट दो)
Aantan आंटण
A wart of dead skin at palm due to field work.
Aarnna आर्णा
The dry piece of a cow's waste ('gober'गोबर) picked up from grazing ground - used as a fuel
Aarta आर्ता
A kodak moment for the best looking female of the host family
Aasang आसंग
State of health ('Tabeeyat' तबीयत)
Aasann आस्सण
Portion of a pyjama or pant around the hips.
Aasannpaati आसणपाटी
To pretend like being ill बीमार होने का बहाना बना कर चारपाई में लेटे रहना
Aatann आट्टण
The occasional pain in a particular limb of human body, especially after prolonged sitting in one posture.
Aattall आट्टळ
Obstruction in the path of a hall (also called ‘Kaslett’ कसळेट )
Aavaa आवा
Smoke pipe, also the oven of a potter where he bakes his earthen pots.
Aavaddi आवड़ी
The distance of about 2 kilometres एक कोस. यह शब्द बागड़ के इलाके में प्रयोग होता है
Aawti आवटी
Raw sugar or 'gudd' गुड़ mixed in hot, boiled water - a favourite drink for domestic cattle
Aayal अयाल
Loose skin hanging below the neck/throat of an ox or bull
Aayl आल
The raw onion, along with green leaves – a delicacy
Adda अड्डा
Stop place ('Bus-Adda' बस अड्डा mean 'Bus stop')
Addoosa अड़ूसा
Giving a temporary twist to the trousers, around waist. पाजामे या सलवार आदि को ऊंचा करने के लिए कमर के पास लगाया हुआ लपेटा
Agaau अगाऊ
In advance (or advance payment of money)
Aget/Ageta अगेत/ अगेता
Early/ sown in advance समय से पहले किया गया काम या पहले बोई गई फसल जैसे कि 'अगेते गेहूं/ अगेती जवार'
Agnaya अगनाया/ अघनाया
The angry person क्रोधी - या जिसमें अग्नि भरी हो
Ahn-Hey आं-हे / Ahn-Rei आंह-रै
These words are used to address someone [like आंहे मां, आं-रै छोरे]
Akddi-Jakddi अकड़ी-जकड़ी
Tongue-twisters etc. especially by children मुहावरे, कविता वगैरा, जो बिना गाये सुनाई जाती है, खासकर बच्चों द्वारा ।
Akkhar अक्खर
Alphabet/ word: same as 'Akshar' अक्षर
Albaad अळबाद
Mischief (also called 'kubhad'कुभद)
Algozza/Aldgoja अळगोजा
Flute made of a bamboo pipe ('Bansuri बांसुरी etc.)
All अळ
The tiny insects which attack standing crops or vegetable plants, such as mustard plants [“सिरसम में अळ लाग-ग्या”]
Allbheda अळभेडा
Twist of a rope (like a snake's grip)
Alljhedda/Ulljhedda अळ्झेड़ा/उळ्झेड़ा
The quarrel/ misunderstanding
Allsehdda अळसेहड़ा
The heap of waste material, stones etc. - lying unattended, with wild grass and plants etc. grown around it and having the possibility of poisonous creatures living inside it.
Aloonna अलूणा
(i) The food without any salt (ii) A selfish fellow, with no human touch
Amritbaann अमृतबाण
A pot made of China clay - used for keeping pickles ('Achaar'अचार )
Amrikka अमरीका
As in USA, description of even more exotic place
Andaas/Addaans अंडास/अड़ांस
Obstacle, Arrogance बाधा, रुकावट, जिद
Andhod अँधोड़
Strong wind/Dust Storm
Andy/Andi आंडी
It falls in to the same category as 'Daaki' डाक्की but a modernized one. In Rajasthani, the equivalent word is "Kudahaba" कुडाहबा.
Angaakraa अंगाकड़ा
Same as "Teekdaa" टीकड़ा (a jumbo bread)
Angaar अंगार
A burning piece of wood/ coal etc.
Anghai अंघाई
Mischief (also 'Albaad' अळबाद and 'Kubhad' कुभद)
Angrej अंग्रेज
Has many meanings depending on where you are at the time of being addressed - may mean any white man or used sarcastically for an educated/pseude Jat
Anndi अणदी
An iron ring with one-inch wide circumference, about 1-foot diameter. This ring is driven by village kids with the help of a twisted fat wire. अणदी-तार का खेल
Annfahee अणफही
The situation when there is no other choice मजबूरी
Annhavi अणहवी
Unreal/Unexpected 'अनहुई' या अनहोनी बात
Annmeeta अणमीता
Plentiful, in excess (also see ‘Chhickmaa’ छिकमा and “Uubaram-soobraan’ ऊबरम-सूबरां)
Anpoota अनपूता
Literally means "the one who is not blessed with a son" but this word is used to curse a person in anger.
Antaa अंटा
The fat, coloured glass-ball used to hit other tiny balls – a street game of rural children. The ‘Antaa’ with no colours is called the ‘Faadil-Antaa’ फाडिल-अंटा
Aplaatoon अफलातून
Loadful of sarcasm for a man "ghana applatoon mut bane?" घणा अफलातून मत बणै
Arddatta अर्ड़ाटा
A loud sound ('Kisey cheez ka jor se tootna' किसी चीज का जोर से टूटना)
Ardoo - अरडू
The fellow without civic sense/ unmannered one. इसे कई लोग 'आड़ू' भी कह देते हैं.
Arlli अरळी
The thick, long iron-rod, a latch– put across the inside portion of a closed door – for extra protection at night.
Asal असल
(i) Real, really (ii) The principal amount (मूलधन).
Asal-ka/ Asal ki असल का/ असल की
One’s real son/daughter [Example: "वो असल का होगा तै बदला ले-कै रहैगा"]
Asnaayi असनाई
The relatives' village रिश्तेदारों का गांव
Astaa अस्टा
Hard, Difficult कठिन, मुश्किल ["This is a hard and tidious job" - यो घणा अस्टा काम सै]
Aull-Saull औळ-सौळ
To do hanky-panky business (‘Hera-pheri’ हेरा-फेरी)
Aulla ओळा
(i) left side बायां (ii) opposite direction/ contrary उल्टा (iii) a piece of hail-storm (ओले)
Aulliyaa औळिया
The left-hander fellow जिसको बाऐं हाथ से काम करने की आदत पड़ गई हो
Ausan-na औसणना
To mix the powder (flour etc.) with water आटा आदि गूंथना
Aut ओट
To hide behind something किसी चीज के पीछे छिपना
Araadde-Bhuraadde अराड़े-भुराड़े
Ugly-looking people (said so sarcastically)
Arrbandh अड़बंध
The portion of men’s dhoti tied around the waist.
Atehtaa अटेहटा, हटेटा
A time consuming, tough job with little usefulness मेहनत वाला, पर बेकार का काम
Ataekgeya अटकगया
To become entangled.
Aurr औड़
The end ("Kinaara" किनारा)/ side
Azaar अजार
Scratch/ The tiny hurt खरोंच/ बहुत मामूली सी चोंट या 'टांच' [“The child fell from upstairs but with God’s grace, he was not hurt at all” - बाळक ऊपर तैं पड़-ग्या, पर भगवान की दया तैं उसकै अजार बी ना आई]


Barra बर्रा
Very thick rope used to tie up loads in trolley etc.पूली आदि बांधने के काम आने वाला मोटा रस्सा
Baa बा
The disease of arthritis (‘Baav’ बाव). In Western UP, ‘Baa’ also means grandfather.
Baabat बाबत
(In context with/ related to) Manne tere "baabat" ya baat na khi thi, tere galatfehmi hogi.
Baadd बाड़
(i) Noun: The thorny fence (ii) Verb: to insert/ enter something e.g. "भैंस खेत में बाड़ दी"
Baaddi बाड़ी
The cotton crop कपास की फसल
Baddnaa बड़ना
To enter
Baadh बाध
More (in quantity)
Baadhaa बाढ़ा
(i) The starting point [e.g. “Start harvesting from that corner” - लामणी शुरू करो, उस कूण में बाढ़ा ला दो] (ii) The deep cut on hard surface by water-current or rope etc. [The stone at the well’s boundary has got deep cuts due to continuous use of rope - कूए की पैड़ में रस्सी के बाढ़े पड़ रहे सैं]
Baadhi बाधी
A strip of cloth or leather चमड़े या कपड़े की लम्बी सी पट्टी (उसके बैग की बाधी लटकै सै)
Baadi बाद्दी
Obesity/ fat मुटापा
Baddsar/ Baddassraa बडसिर / बड्डसरा
The aged and learned person
Baagar बागर
The heap of bundles of harvested crops – kept ready for crushing at an open place. (also called Chhyori छयोरी )
Baahee बाही
Two long arms (usually of bomboo - about 6 feet long) of a traditional cot (charpai)
Baakhrri बाखड़ी
The stage of a buffalo when it starts giving less milk after some months
Baallnaa बाळ्ना
To ignite the fire (e.g. “Aag baall do” आग बाळ दो)
Baall-maan बाळ-मान
The tiny gap, hair-line [The thief escaped, though he was at a tiny distance चोर बच-ग्या, पर बाळ-मान बिच्छा रह-ग्या था ]
Baankali बाँकळी
A serving made after the geets. It’s the boiled chana with salt and very tasty.
Baan बान
A system of protection which begins about a week prior to marriage when the boy/girl generally does not travel and undergoes special herbal bath etc. It is also called “Baanyaan baithnaa” बान्यां बैठना .
Baann बाण्य
Habit आदत ["Tau is habitual of long walk" - ताऊ नै लांबा चालण की बाण्य पड़ रही सै ]
Baanda/ Paangla बांडा / पांगळा
One who cannot walk straight (“Tedhe paanv waala” टेढे पांव वाला)
Baanh बान्ह
The well-ploughed field. अच्छी तरह से हल से जोता हुआ खेत
Baangadd बांगड़
The rough, fat stick or lathi – generally used to beat animals (also called ‘Ghainslla’ घेंसळा)
Baant बाँट
Baann बाण
Threaded raw material for a hand-knit rope
Baans/ Baas बाँस/ बास
Foul Smell/ odour
Baara बारा
(i) The earthen pot (Matka मटका) meant for storing desi ghee. (ii) Desi rhythmic sing-songs used by 'Baaria' बारिया to do his job with safety.
Baaria बारिया
Person posted in the 'Dhanna' ढाणा to catch 'dol' डोल or 'Chiddas' चिड़स.
Baarja बारजा
Baarnna बारणा
Outside, outer area
Baarouthi बारौठी
A cinderella moment for the bride
Baasann बासण
A normal size earthen pot ('Matka'मटका)normally used to store drinking water
Baat बाट
The standardized piece of metal for weighing – used in a traditional scale ताखड़ी में रखे जाने वाले बाट
Baatt बाटः
Waiting for ever for someone.किसी की बाटः देखणा .
Baattee बात्ती
A fat cotton thread which supplies oil to the flame of an oil lamp
Baayl बाल्य
The top portion of a plant which contains seeds (also called sirta/sirtee सिर्टी / सिर्टा)
Bachhiya बछिया
Cow's female offspring
Bachhra बाछड़ा
Cow's male offspring
Bachoore बचूरे
Small Children
Badda-Boodha/Badda-Thera बड्डा–बूढा/ बड्डा-ठेरा
Senior citizen (Plural: badde-boodhe बड्डे-बूढे)
Baddbhaati बड़भाती
One who participates in the marriage of his sister's grand-son or grand-daughter
Badrou बद्रो बदरो
आज तै बद्रो बदरो पै नहान चालेंगे / बदरो आरी सै काका ईंख मै पाणी लाण चाल मेरी गैल
Baeraa garak बेडा गरक
Everything is displaced ,It applies to many aspectations of deeds.
Bagad बगड़
An open inner courtyard आंगन
Bagar बगर
A special powder-like substance on the bud of a tree or plant फसल या फलदार पेड़ की सिर्टी पर - फल लगने से पहले आने वाला एक विशेष लेप या 'बूर'
Bagaanna बगाणा
To throw फेंकना
Baggi/ Buggi बग्गी / बुग्गी
Bull cart
Badhaann बधाण
A long, thick rope generally used in a bullock-cart
Bahaddka बहड़का
Young bull
Bahmi बहमी
A guy who is in a habit of remaining in doubt all the time.
Bahwaddnaa बाहवड़ आना
To return / come back (जैसे - उसके आच्छे दिन फिर बाहवड़ आये)
Bahrothi बाहरोठी
A ritual to welcome the Baarat by Old and respected members of bride's family बारात बाहरोठी ताहि जाण लागरी सै
Baindnna बैंडणा
To talk meaninglessly more like a chatterbox/ blabber
Bainju बेँजू
A Haryanvi musical instrument, commonly used at the time of singing a ‘Raagni’
Bairann बैरण
Enemy (female)
Baiyyan बय्यां
The weaver-bird: a cute sparrow expert in making an excellent and unique nest.
Bakaan बकाण
A variety of ‘Neem’ tree with round fruits ( with bitter taste and used in many Ayurvedic medicines). महानिम्ब/ बकायण
Bakkal बक्कल
Skin of a tree (derived from Sanskrit word 'Valkal' वल्कल)
Bakhora बखोरा
Steel/earthen Glass to drink milk etc.
Bakvaad बकवाद
False/ loose talk
Baladh/ Bullhad बळध /बुळहद
Baldan-ki-su बळधाँ की सूँ
Swear by ox!!!
Balgam बलगम
Greasy substance(Mucus) accumulated in the throat, which causes cough
Baliyaan बलियाण
Baniyaan (the under-garment worn on chest)
Ball बळ
(i) (verb) the burning आग का जलना. [e.g. “The fire is burning आग बळै सै] (ii) Likewise/ such as "जैसे कि" [ “The way you are talking, is not good” जिस बळ तू बोलै सै, वा बात ठीक कोन्या] (iii) Twists/ slanting/ curves (टेढापन/सिलवट: रस्सी जळ-गी पर बळ ना गया)
Banchaati बंचाटी
Dried cotton plant stems
Bandrraa बंदड़ा
The bridegroom दूल्हा
Banni बणी
A mini forest outside a village, with thick vegetation
Baraah-Baani बाराह-बानी
Fit/ healthy – recovered from illness
Baraani बरानी
The land where irrigation is not possible. जिस धरती में पानी नहीं लगता हो
Baraf बरफ
Means 'ice', but in villages, it is also a word for 'ice-cream'
Barajna बरजणा
To interrupt, scold [My grandfather has asked me to shun away from this task - मेरा दादा इस काम खातिर मन्नै बरजै सै ]
Baratna बरतणा
To use
Barbanti बरबंटी
The fruit of peepal पीपल tree
Barga/ Barge बरगा/ बरगे
“Like it” or “Similar to” (i.e. “I have seen many guys like you”: “तेरे बरगे बहुत देखे सैं”)
Barjaa बर्जा
Balcony (‘Chajja’ छज्जा )
Barma बरमा
The hand-pump – for pumping water from down the earth/ well etc.
Baroola बरौला
A home-made earthen pitcher with wider mouth than 'Panndha', another form of water-pitcher
Barouli बरौली
Smaller version of 'Baroola' बरौला
Barsodhi बर्सोधी
Family doesn't celebrate an festival for one year if a young member dies-जवान मौत थी शर्मा जी के छोरे की तै बर्सोधी होगी
Baseba/ Basera बसेरा/बसेबा
Residential area
Basolla बसौला
A sharp axe used by carpenters
Batau बताऊ
Brinjal, egg-plant बैंगन
Bateu बटेऊ
A generic term used for male guest and sometimes a synonym for 'Jamaai' (जमाई - daughter's husband)
Bathua बथुआ
Weed , used for human consumption also in 'Saag' साग and 'Raita' रायता
Batnna बटणा
A special rural paste applied on the body of bride/ groom before marriage. It is a mixture of gram powder, haldi, mustard oil and a few more ingredients. विवाह से पहले दूल्हे/ दूल्हन के बदन पर मला जाने वाला एक विशेष लेप जो बेसन, हल्दी आदि से बनता है ।
Batti बत्ती
(i) The flame of a lamp (ii) Electric light (iii) Extra/ surplus
Battiya बटिया
A narrow path in the fields (spoken in Western UP)
Bay-llann बेळण
Rolling pin for chapati making.
Beegu बीगू
A small insect which finds shelter in thick hairy surface of a dog’s body.
Beejjakdda बीजकड़ा
The sugarcane stems to be buried in a temporary grave (in earth) to protect its freshness. After a couple of weeks, it is dug out, cut in pieces and sown as sugarcane seed.
Beejha बीझा
The fellow with smallpox signs all over the face जिसके मुंह पर चेचक के दाग पड़े हों, उसे 'बीझे मुंह वाला' कहते हैं
Beejhal बीझळ
The state of uneasiness
Beejhann बीझण
The state of grain or wood etc. infested with pests [This piece of wood is infested with insects/ termite: इस लाकड़ी में बीझण लाग-ग्या]
Beejondhi बीजोंढी
A cloth-bag in which the farmer keeps the seeds while ploughing his field.
Beejoo बीजू
A wild animal of the size of a domestic cat. It covers the distance by long jump and sometimes attack directly on humans face.
Beejnna बीजणा
Hand fan
Bel-laa बेल्ला
The small version of metal dish. Bel-lee बेल्ली: The small bowl (‘Katori’ कटोरी)
Beendi बीन्डी
The bundle of hand-made rope
Beenda बींडा
Round slender wooden handle of Kassi कस्सी .
Beera बीरा
Brother बीरा माड़ा सा आगे नै सरक ले
Beerbaani बीरबानी
A woman/ lady ('Lugai' लुगाई)
Beer-Marad बीर-मरद
Beettaa/ Beesaa बीत्ता/ बीटा/ बीस्सा
The wooden handle of a hand tool – hammer, axe etc.
Beeyaban बीयाबान
A lonely or wild spot where human beings are not living. बीहड़ सूना जंगल जहां मनुष्य नहीं रहते हों ।
Behoo बेहू
(i) A watcher-pitcher for washing dirty hands गितवाड़, कुरड़ी आदि पर रखा हुआ पानी का मटका जो हाथ आदि धोने के काम आता है, पीने के लिए नहीं (ii) Impure, untouchable अपवित्र, अशुद्ध
Bela बेल्ला
Bowl used to drink milk
Bey-Mata बे-माता
A diety of fertility to pregnant women.
Beraa-Bichaar बेरा–बिचार
To find out the welfare of near and dear ones
Besuuhraa बेसूहरा
A guy who does not know niceties or etiquettes
Bhaaedd भाड़
A cooking oven.
Bhaandna भांडणा
scribbling / to make something ugly by such act (The children have spoilt the wall by colours” “Baalkaan ney rang tein bheet bhaand di” बाळकां नैं रंग तैं भीत भांड दी)
Bhaath भाठ
A community which used to keep record of deaths, births, marriages etc. Each Bhaath used to have several villages under his charge.
Bhaatha भाठा
Bhabhoolla भभूळा
The whirlwind of sand चक्रवात या रेतीली आंधी (अंधड़)
Bhadargadh भादरगढ
Bahadurgarh, a town between Rohtak and Delhi - the entry point for Haryana on National Highway No. 10.
Bhaddak भड़क
Feeling of itching in the body.
Bhaddbhooja भड़भूजा
One who runs a "Bhaad" भाड़ (a traditional oven for roasting the grain)
Bhaankhaddi भाँखड़ी
A button shaped, thorny fruit of a wild grass
Bhakkadd भक्कड़
A large flame (Put some kerosene on fuel and ignite it: "Bhakkadd pattyaa" भक्कड़ पाट्या)
Bhalloma भळौमा
The deceitful act or misunderstanding बहकावा, बहम (e.g. इस भळौमे में मत रहना अक यो आदमी तेरा काम कर देगा)
Bhaann/ Bebbe/ Bhawaj/ Jijji भाण/ बेबे /भावज/ जीजी
Sister ('Bahan'बहन)
Bhandela भंडेला
The street dancer नाच-गाने का पेशा करने वाला
Bhaingaa भैंगा
One whose eyeballs can revolve in different directions at the same time.
Bhambheeri भंभीरी
A fat, wild insect which makes a loud sound in night’s darkness, normally found in rainy season.
Bharota भरौटा
Bundle of jowar/bajra
Bharkas : From Sanskrit Bhaaraka-shataka, a vehicle to carry load
Bharoti भरौटी
Bundle carried on head usually greens for cattles or firewood.
Bhartaar भरतार
Bhasadd de nai भसङ दे सी
Quickly do/ say something irrelevant/ speak casually
Bhattha भटठा
Brick furnace .
Bhatpedda भटपेड़ा
The collision of two moving objects दो चीजों की सीधी टक्कर
Bheechna भीचना
To press
Bheedda भीड़ा
Narrow, Congested तंग, संकरा (वा गळी घणी भीड़ी सै)
Bheetarlaa भीतरला
One’s inner-self ('Antaraatmaa' - अंतरात्मा)/ Conscience
Bheidhyaa भेढ्या
Bheilee भेल्ली
Large, single piece of 'Gudd'गुड़ weighing 5 'ser'(about 4.5 kg)
Bheladda भेलड़ा
A wooden part in a bullock-cart, fitted below the driver’s seat लकड़ी का एक पुर्जा जो बैलगाड़ी में पंजारे (सीट) के नीचे लगाया जाता है
Bhinon भिनोण/ भिनोवण
One’s Jija's sister जीजा की बहन
Bhiradd भिरड़
The wasp - a poisonous fly
Bhith भिठ
Hardened substance (When ghee becomes too hard during winter, it is called “Ghee ka to Bhith baith gaya” घी का भिठ बैठ-ग्या)
Bhobhaa भोभा
The hollow portion inside the body – from belly till mouth. The word is often used for bribery e.g. “The fellow was bribed heavily”: “उस आदमी का तै भोभा भर दिया”
Bhobhalla भोभळा
A material which has no stiffness, like sand जो जिसमें चिकनाई या पकड़ न हो/ भुरभुरा - जैसे "भोभळी माटी"
Bhobhraa भोभरा
The human head (skull portion)
Bhoda भोडा
The tiny particle/ very low quantity ["तन्नैं तै भोडा बी ना मिल्लै": You will not get even a pittance]
Bhodall भोडळ
The thin sheet of polythene
Bhohraa भौहरा
a dark store-room inside the house
Bhoobhaliya भूभळिया
A nomad clad from Rajasthan (also known as Gaadde-Lohaar' गाड्डे लोहार )
Bhoogadda भूगड़ा
Roasted gram (chana चना)
Bhoojaddi भूजड़ी
A kind of fireball for merry-making in villages. At one end of a small rope, a few layers of thick cloth are wrappd, soaked in oil. A fire is lit and the rope is circled. एक देसी मशाल जो आम तौर पर देवोत्थान एकादशी (देवठणी ग्यास) या दीवाली पर जलाई जाती है । एक रस्सी (या बांस आदि) के एक सिरे पर कपड़ा आदि बांध कर, तेल में भिगो कर, उसमें आग लगा कर रात को एक गोलदारे में हाथ से घुमाते हैं, जिसको "भूजड़ी जलाना" कहते हैं ।
Bholwa भोलवा
A tiny 'matka'
Bhoond भूंड
Bhoonda/ Bhoondi भूंडा / भूंडी
Ugly looking
Bhoori भूरी
A brownish buffalo ('Bhoora' भूरा means brown)
Bhora भोरा
Tiny remains/ of eatables, grain etc.
Bhoraa भौरा
tiny particles of eatables like 'gur' गुड़, bread etc. found at the bottom of the container of such stuff.
Bhubhall भूभळ
Hot ash under the burning fire – it is generally used for roasting the grain.
Bhuranth भुरंठ
A wild plant whose tiny, thorny seeds cling to the clothes of a passerby
Bhurlli भुर्ळी
Small, hard pieces of harvested crop (especially 'chana' चना crop) - a waste
Bhus भुस
Crushed straw of wheat plant, also known as 'Toorraa' तूड़ा
Bichalna बिचळना
To be confused/ to have lost the way
Bichaalla बिचाळा
The central point
Bichchha बिच्छा
Distance between the two points
Bichlaa बिचला
The central or the middle one
Bicholiya बिचौलिया
Bichoornna बिचूर्णा
To crush something between palms of both hands
Bidh बिध
Method/ way out बिध: तरीका/विधि [Some way-out will have to be found - कोए बिध बिठानी पड़ेगी
Biddaa बिड़ा
A thorny bush – same as ‘Bojhraa’ बोझड़ा
Bidro बिदरो
The kachcha drain – to let out the extra rain water बरसाती पानी को निकालने के लिए बनाया गया एक बड़ा सा कच्चा नाला
Bigghan बिघन
Problem / Quarrel (also called 'saanka' सांका) derived from snaskrit word 'Vighan' meaning problem or hurdle
Biir बीर
Lady/Woman. Sometimes, wife is also called ‘Biir’
Biira बीरा
Bijaar बिजार
An abandoned bull
Bijandi बीजंडी
खेत की बुआई करते समय बीज रखने वाली/वाला थैला (Also see 'BEEJONDHI' above)
Bilaai बिलाई
(i) The cat बिल्ली (ii) A traditional iron instrument (set of so many curved, hooked and loose forks) used to remove watcher pitchers, buckets etc. from a deep well कुऐं से डूबी हुई बाल्टी आदि निकालने का एक देसी औजार जिसे कुछ इलाकों में 'आंकड़ा' और 'कांटा' भी कहा जाता है । इसे लम्बी रस्सी से बांधकर कुंऐं की तलहटी में फेंका जाता है ।
Bilanganni बिलंगणी
Wall to wall string to hang almost everything.
Bilhaand बिलांध
The oldest method of measurement - stretch your palm to the maximum extent and the distance between the tip of thumb and the end of little-finger is called 'ek Bilhaand'
Biloni/Bilowni बिलोणी / बिलोवणी
Earthen pot used to churn butter and make seet
Bilutane बिलूटणे
Biraanna बिराणा
Belonging to others (‘Paraaya’ पराया)
Biraanmatti / Kharaabmatti/ Rehrematti बिराणमाटी /खराबमाटी / रेह-रे-माटी
These words are uttered at the time of great distress/ despair.
Birachnna बिरचणा
Crying loudly (Also called 'Chinggarnna' चिंगरणा)
Birdana बिरडाना
To murmur in anger or to argue unnecessarily when someone is in disagreement.
Birlaai बिरळाई
Gap, crevices etc.
Bisraanna बिसराणा
To interrupt/ point out negative aspects
Bitodda बिटौड़ा
A triangular, open storage for dung-cakes ('Gossey' गोस्से )
Bitli बिटळी
To wrap किसी चीज को इकट्ठा करके एक जगह पर रखना
Bitti-Danka बित्ती–डंका
Same as 'gulli-danda' गुल्ली-डंडा in Hindi
Bod-da बोद्दा
A thin, weak fellow (Female: Bod-di बोद्दी)also used as adjective-या जेवडी बोद्दी होगी मीह मै भीज कै
Bohanni बोहणी
The beginning: the first item of sale at the start of a business day शुरुआत/बिक्री के समय दिन में पहली बार आई हुई नकदी
Bohddiya बोहड़िया
Wife of one’s son (Bahoo बहू) – called ‘Vohti’ वोहटी towards Punjab
Bohiya बोहिया
The desi mini-basket for storing the bread (Roti रोटी)
Bojhraa/Bhojra बोझड़ा / भोजड़ा
Name of a thick thorny bush
Bokki बोकी
A heavy, hollow, 5-feet odd pipe used to drill a tubewell or a hand-pump into the earth
Bolta बोलता
It is used like this "मेरा तो बोलता ऐ ना पाटता भाई" – “I don't have words to express myself”
Bookal Marnna बुक्कळ मारणा
The wrap of cloth or blanket etc. over human body, while sitting or walking
Boomblla बूंबळा
Cover of ‘baajra’ बाजरा seed
Boonga बूंगा
A dome shaped huge structure made of husk, to store husk (in Western UP, it is called 'Rattkhanna' रटखाणा)
Boora बूरा
A khandsari product - white coloured semi-raw sugar: a favourite dish for villagers. 'Boora' is generally eaten by mixing some ghee in it
Borla बोर्ळा
An ornament worn on forehead by women
Borra/ Baudda बोड़ा / बौड़ा
Someone who has lost his teeth
Botru बोतड़ू
Baby male camel
Bouriya/ Bohra बौरिया/ बोहरा
One who boasts about himself (Bour बौर: Boast, loose talk)
Buddhangadd/ Boodhlla/ Boodhlli बुढंगड़/ बूढ़ला/ बूढ़ली
A slang used for an old man/woman - called sarcastically
Buddkaa बुड़का
To bite fruit etc. with teech. Also to bite another human being ("Uske chhohre ney mere laddke key buddka bhar liya" उसके छोहरे नै मेरे लड़के कै बुड़का भर लिया: his son bit by son with his teeth)
Buddkala बुड़कला
A round-shaped dung-cake - prepared as a part of fuel for burning Holi होळी
Buggi बुग्गी
The cart pulled by a male buffalo ('Jhotta' झोट्टा)
Bugta बुगटा
The palm of a hand can be shaped like a spoon. Any material (grain/powder etc.) put in that hand is called a ‘bugta’ [“Pour a handful of gram-powder into buffalo’s diet - भैंस की सान्नी में एक बुगटा चणे का चून गेर दे]
Buhaari बुहारी
Bukhar बुखार
The high fever
Bukhaari बुखारी
An open store inside the house for keeping harvested grains.
Buruk-Le /Barak-Le बुरुक-ले/बरक-ले
Asking/threating someone to get lost.- किसी को भागने की गुडकी/धमकी देना, नौ दो ग्यारह हो ले!
Buwara बुवारा
The sowing or planting season फसल बोने का समय
Byont ब्योंत
Capacity (in money/ property matters)


Chaa चा
The feeling of enthusiasm चाव
Chaakh चाख
(i) The round wheel of a pottermused for making earthen pots (ii) The white-clay stick used by school-teachers to write on a black board (Chalk)
Chaakhdda चाखड़ा
A round piece of wood, with a hole in the centre. Chaakhdda is put on the earthen pot (Bilownee बिलोवणी) while churning the milk.
Chaalla चाळा
Strange (“This is very strange”: “Chaalla paat gaya” चाळा पाट ग्या)
Chaam चाम
Chaamra चामरा
Golden shade/ blonde or a fellow of such a colour
Challonna/ Gachonna/ Ghasonna चलोणा / गचोणा / घसोणा
To stab some sharp instrument (‘Usne apne paddosi key jelli chalo di’ उसनै आपणे पड़ौसी कै जेळी चलो दी)
Chaaloo चालू
(i) To start something (ii) A clever fellow (in negative sense)
Chamassa/ Chaumassa चमासा/ चौमासा
Rainy season/Monsoon
Chambhochaalli चंभोचाळी
A sharp, clever lady तेज तर्रार औरत
Chaanchak चानचक
Suddenly ('Achanak'अचानक )
Chaanchrra चांचड़ा
The cover of ‘jowar’ जवार seed
Chaasnna चासना
“To make it real” (e.g. “Jaati hein ek rahpat chaas diya uskey” जाती-हें एक रहपट चास दिया उसकै)
Chaasnni चासणी
The boiled sugar in a large frying pan (kadhai कढाई)
Chahali चहली
A tiny ditch where rain-water accumulates हलका सा गढ़ा जहां बरसात का पानी इकट्ठा हो जाता है
Chakoota चकूटा
"Four-cornered" - object etc.
Chak/ Chakrauli चक / चकरौली
A small unit of agricultural land (spoken in Western UP)
Chamoula चमौला
Any funny talk for entertainment - joke, poem etc. (Plural: Chamoule चमौले)
Chamoutha चमौठा
A series of twists using strings or wires to tie two or more objects
Chandaa/ Kataaraa / Chhadd चन्दा / कटारा / छड़
The names of various types of peacock feathers
Chandnna चानदणा
Dawn, The time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise.
Chandnirat चानदणी रात
A Moonlit Night
Changhaddna चाँघड़ना
To drink something at one go
Chanhat/Chant चँहट/चांट
A very small wound on the skin.
Channak चणक
The neck pain गर्दन का दर्द
Chapaadd चपाड
Community Hall.
Chapddass चपड़स
Sticky material spread over on a surface/ body/ cloth
Chapparna चापरना
(Verb) To stick to something which is not his/her property ["This thing does not belong to him, he is unnecessarily claiming it to be his own" [या चीज इसकी सै ए कोन्या, यो तै खाम-खां इसकै चाप्पर रहया सै]- Also see 'Riff hona' रिफ होना below
Char चर
The small, thorny portion of something – but still attached to the main body – for example if the skin of human fingers (near nail) gets split, it is called: हाथ की आंगळियां मैं चर पाट रही सैं.
Charas/ Chiddas चड़स / चिड़स
A huge, flexible leather container which holds about 80-100 ltr water, usually pulled by bullocks or camel from out of a well - for minor irrigation
Charkha चर्खा
Spinning wheel
Charmakh चरमख
(i) A tiny leather strip used in spinning wheel – ‘Charkha’ चरखे की चरमख (ii) The tiny, painful wound in toes caused due to shoe-bite जूते के काटने के कारण पैरों में हुई चरमख
Charwa चरवा
The animal fodder. (Also see ‘saani’ सान्नी below)
Chaath छात
Roof top ,over the roof.
Chatak चटक
The smart boy/ girl चुस्त बच्चा
Chaudhe चौढे
The baby’s uneasiness for someone, especially his mother, whom he/she is missing at the moment.
Chaugarda चौगरदा
All around - at all four directions
Chaukhtaa चौखटा
Face/ forehead
Chaundha चौंधा
Sharp flash on the eyes (from a mirror or sunlight)
Chautala चौटाला
The name of the village in Dabwali tehsil of Sirsa district, Haryana, where Shri Om Prakash Chautala, former Chief Minister of Haryana, was born on January 1, 1935. Now-a-days, the word ‘Chautala’ is a nick-name for anybody with a defective leg (लंगड़ा)
Chauth चौथ
Dung of cattle
Chauthadd चौथड़
The fatty/ Plump fellow
Cheechadd चीचड़
A tiny parasite which clings to skin of domestic cattle and dogs
Cheegsa/Cheeghwa चीगसा / चीगवा
Hand-made mini lamp used on Deewali दीवाली festival
Cheekla चीकला
Baby sparrow
Cheektaa चीकटा
A sticky surface तेल या चिकनाई आदि के कारण चिपचिपा हुआ स्थान
Chees चीस
The pain in a portion of body – due to accident, breakage of a limb or a wound etc.
Cheetan चीतन
A wall painting drawn in 'Geyroo' गेरू, a saffron clay
Chheethda चीथडा
A piece of old cloth or rags for general use.
Chheethna चीथना
To crush कुचलना
Chirmatta/ Chirmatti चिरमटा / चिरमटी
Kids who play pranks & are very Cheaky
Chehddoo चेहड़ू
The left-over material after purification of ghee through a boiling process घी गर्म करने के बाद उसके नीचे बचा हुआ खट्टा 'सीत' या दही
Cheibhrra चेभड़ा
Offspring of a swine
Chhabbaak छब्बाक
Long jump - such as by a deer, rabbit or a frog
Chhan छान
The roof of a make-shift hut – made up of dry sarkandas and other such material
Chhanass छाणस
The tiny material obtained after filtering something छलनी में से छानने के बाद बचा हुआ बारीक रेत या अनाज के कण
Chhaangna छांगना
To trim tree-branches etc. पेड़ों आदि की छंटाई करना
Chhaj छाज
A square 'tokri'टोकरी made of 'sarkanda'सरकंडा - used for cleaning of grains
Chhaktaa छाकटा
An extra-clever fellow
Chhath छात
Roof छत
Chhathi छठी
Celebrated on the 6th day after the birth of a boy
Chhechar छेछर
To act or overreact( बदलू की बहू घने छेछर जाने सै)
Chhechharhara/ Chhecharhari छेछरहारा/छेछरहारी: A man/woman who overreact (जिसा छेछरहारा सत्तू था इसिये छेछरहारी उसकी बहू आगी )
Chheeda छीदा
scattered/ Rare (Opposite word: 'Ghinnka'घिणका)
Chheedd छीड़
Opposite of ‘crowded’
Chheldde छेलड़े
The tiny white substance derived after the milk is split due to a boiling process (because of sour content in it)
Chhetnna छेतणा
To beat somebody hard (He was beaten hard: "Woh tey bhoondi dhall chhet diya" वोह तै भूंडी ढाळ छेत दिया)
Chibke छिबके
The splashing of water पानी के छिबके या मोटे-मोटे छींटे
Chhickmaa छिकमा
In plenty (also see ‘Annmeeta’ and “Uubaram-soobraan’ अणमीता/ ऊबरम-सूबरां)
Chhipi छिपी
A boat shaped Iron's small household use to clean Milk-pot(कडावणी)'s bottom.
Chhipkali छिपकली
Chhirall छिरळ
To chisel wood / concrete etc. , दीवार को छील कर उसमे छेद करना।
Chhol छोल
To remove leaves etc.from sugarcane to make it ready for crushing
Chhuchhak छूछक
Like a baby shower in the West
Chhyava छ्यावा
Shelter/ house
Chhyonk छ्योंक
To fry onions, tomato or ‘zeera’ etc. in ghee/ cooking oil – to be put in boiled dishes पकी हुई सब्जी, दाल आदि में लगाया जाने वाला 'तड़का'
Chhyori छयोरी
The heap of bundles of harvested crops – kept ready for crushing at an open place (also called Baagar बागर).
Chighnaan चिघनान
False show-off, pretending (also see Chilattar चिलत्तर below)
Chilaam/Chilam चिलम / चिलाम
An earthen pot used for heating the tobacco. Pieces of burning coal etc. are kept inside a chilam, which is then fixed to a Hukkah हुक्का
Chilameeya चिलमिया
One who smokes free 'Chilam' - see details in 'Patth-Paarr" पथ-पाड़
Chilattar चिलत्तर
False show-off, pretending (‘Nakhare” नखरे)
Chinnaai चिणाई
The process of construction of a brick-house
Chinggarnna चिंग्गरणा
When a child starts weeping or crying in an angry mood, it is called "Yo baalak tey chinggar rahya sey, maanta-e na': योह बाळक तै चिंग्गर रहया सै, मानता-ए ना
Chirmaraat चिरमराट
Itching/ pain with burning effect
Chirmathi चिरमठी
(i) The tiny fruit of a wild parasite plant लाल-पीले रंग का अम्बरबेल का फल जो मटर के दाने से छोटा होता है (ii) Small naughty girl with sharp features पैने नख-शिख वाली लड़की
Chobha चोभा
An iron nail ("keel" कील)
Chobhhallde चोभळदे
Curiosity of highest order/ keenness/ disturbed state of mind
Chodda चोडा
Wide,Wide in area.
Choddi चौडी
Choddi Paadd चौडी पाड
To open it wide,it applies to many different deeds.
Chogardha चोगरदा
Surrounding area .
Chho/Chhoh छो / छोह
Chokha चौखा
(i) ‘OK’/Yes/Alright. (ii) Plentiful काफी
Chonhatti चौंहटी
(i) A tiny quantity of material (चुटकी) gripped between two fingers (like “एक चौंहटी मिर्च”) (ii) To press someone’s skin between the thumb and a finger [like “उसनै छोटे बाळक कै चौंहटी भर ली”]
Chontry चौंतरी
A bench near your doorstep, birthplace of grapevine
Chooghda चूघड़ा
The earthen lamp (दीया/ दीवा)
Choolla चूला
An old fashioned hinge mechanism for doors which is in two part top and bottom ,these are circular wooden hinges.( चूला उतर गय़्रा )Meaning hinge has come off.
Choolkar चूलकर
Choon चून
The crushed powder (flour) of a grain – of wheat, gram etc.
Choonda चूँडा
A hair style of rural womenfolk - to tie the hair with strings on top of the head
Choondhraa/ Michkoo चूंधरा / मिचकू
A guy who is habitual of blinking his eyes all the time
Choonghna चूँघणा
To chew
Chooran चूरण
A homeopathic concoction for all ailments
Choorma चूरमा
A traditional delicacy dish made of crushed bread, ghee and sugar (also called Maleeda मलीदा)
Choontanni चूँटणी
The act of manually plucking the top portions ('Sirti'सिर्टी ) of dry jowar जवार or bajraa बाजरा plants
Chowa चोवा
The deep spot into the earth where drinking water is found जमीन की गहराई का वह स्थान जहां पानी मिलता हो
Chyotke/Chotkar छ्योतके / चोतकर
Chilka छिलका, peel
Chaubaara चौबारा
A small room on the upper floor
Chubhak चुभक
Sensation of pain/ itching in a particular part of body (on injury etc.)
Chugal चुगल
A small, oval-shaped stone used to cover the hole of "Chilam" चिलम. The tobacco is then kept on the top of the chugal and then it is covered with another pebble called 'thegree'ठेगरी or 'cheegsa'चीगसा
Chuchkarna चुचकारना
To accept the gift with gratitude दी हुई चीज को स्वीकारना और उसे माथे से लगाना
Chughadd चुग्घड़
A specie of owl found in north India
Chukchundher चकचून्धर
Chulacknna चुळकणा
To clear the small quanitty of liquid by hand - or to milk the cow or buffalo - "Gawaddi ke dokke Chulack lyo" गावड़ी के डोक्के चुळक ल्यो
Chulha-Nyot चूल्हा−न्यौत
Everyone in the family is invited
Chund-di चून्दड़ी
Same as 'Chunni' चुन्नी in Hindi
Chundhee/Chooll चून्धी/चूळ
The 'kiwaadd' किवाड़ of a traditional house used to rest on a particular round, wooden/iron object attached to earth. That object is termed as 'Chundhee'or 'Chool'. देसी किवाड़ का चूळ
Churnne चुर्णे
The sense of itching inside the underwear – this phenomenon generally occurs with children due to excess intake of sugar
Chusakna चुसकना
(Verb) To respond [‘उसकी खूब पिटाई हो-गी, पर वो चुसक्या नहीं’]
Chusaddu चुसाड़ू
Addicted to something [“The old man has become addicted to playing cards - बूढा तासां का चुसाड़ू हो रहया सै
Chyamchaddi च्यामचिड़ी
The nick-name for a slim-faced lady
Chyan-Bhyan च्यां- भ्यां
Chyannhi च्याहणी
Funeral place शमशान भूमि
Chyatar च्यातर
Clever (‘Chatur’ चतुर in Hindi)
Chyondha च्योंधा
Reflection of sunlight etc. through a mirror or standing water etc. - also see 'Pallka' पळका below


Daa दा
(i) A sharp Iron-instrument looking like a wide sickle, for cutting trees (ii) Tricks of a wrestler (iii) Readiness of a hunter (The cat was ready for the catch: “Billi daa laga-key baithi thi बिल्ली दा लगा कै बैठी थी). (iv) In some areas, ‘Daa’ is also the short form of Daada (grandfather).
Daabar डाबर
A good cultivable area
Daabh/ Kush/ Kaans डाभ / कुश / काँस
An evergreen wild weed which has deep roots going down to water level
Daada-Laahhi दादा-लाही
Something coming from the times of ancestors, hereditary
Daadas दादस
Your husband's father's mother
Daadda Maarna दाड़ा मारना
To get something free of cost (मुफ्त में कुछ मिल जाना)
Daafadd दाफड़
A scar/ mild swelling result out of a sting (like mosquito-bite)
Daahnaa दाहना
The drain of fresh water in the fields (for irrigation) [also see Naali-Khali नाळी-खाळी]
Daig/ Daigchi देग/ देगची
A narrow-mouthed ‘Pateela’ पतीला used for boiling purposes. The small sized one is called a ‘Daigchi’ देगची
Daimchi डैमची
A roll of threads धागों का गोला
Daak डाक
Daakot डाकोत
A typical beggar who collects mustard oil, generally on Saturdays only. The word is also used for a petty thief, dacoit.
Daakall डाकळ
Branches of a young mustard plant – used as a green vegetable – a delicacy, the main raw material for ‘Sarson ka Saag’.
Daaki डाक्की
A mast guy who does great things are very popular
Daamann दामण
A very heavy, bulky and beautiful skirt worn by womenfolk in villages
Daans डाँस
Flying mosquitos and other biting insects especially in rainy season
Daantan दाँतण
The tiny stem of a branch of a particular tree (keekar, neem etc.) traditionally used in northern India as a toothbrush (दातुन).
Daatnna डाटणा
(i) To scold someone (ii) To keep or store something or to give shelter to someone.
Daantrey दांतरे
Mini, curved blades of sharp instruments like a saw ("Aaree'आरी) or sickle
Daantree /Dandri दांतरी / दांदरी
Small teeth (Child's)
Daan-na दान्ना
The devil ('Daanav' दानव )
Daat डाट
The support given to a ceiling in the middle of a house – the ancient architecture, generally of v-shape or a half-circle. A ‘daat’ is generally supported by two pillars, which are firmly attached to ground.
Daatta डाटा
Cap of a bottle etc.
Daayeen दाईं
Age of a person [“He is of my age”: वो मेरी दाईं का सै ]
Daayeen-davaall दाईं-दवाळ
Of similar age एक ही उम्र का [“Both of these boys are of similar age”: ये दोनूं छोरे दाईं-दवाळ सैं]
Daballo दबाळू
The position of a bullock-cart when it is overloaded on its front
Dabotta डबोटा
The top portion of desi skirt (Ghaaghri घाघरी) from where the thick rope ('Naaadda नाड़ा) is passed through
Dahhar डहर
A large mini lake, not too deep. Rabi crop can be grown in some parts of 'Dahhar' after the standing water recedes.
Dahej दहेज
Has replaced 'Doosar' दूस्सर, with a deeper meaning, adding more expensive and sophisticated household goods.
Dahkaa दहका
Stunning feeling like hearing the news of death of some close relative.
Dahun दाहूं
Fully/Completely [ बिल्कुल – We are absolute alright: हाम दाहूं ठीक साँ ]
Daladdar दलद्दर
The shabby/dirty fellow मैला-कुचैला आदमी (also see 'Gohachee' गोहची below)
Dalak दलक
Vibration कंपन (जमीन आदि में)
Dall दळ
(i) (Verb) – to crush कुचलना [This heavy truck will crush anyone who comes in front of it: इस ट्रक कै नीचै जो आवैगा, उसनै यो दळ देगा ] (ii) The layer/ heap परत, ढ़ेर [ A thick layer of ghee happens to be over the bread - रोटी पै घी का दळ चढ़ा राख्या सै ]
Dalla डळा
A thick piece of clay in the field (Plural: Dalle डळे)- also see 'Dheem' ढीम
Dallhaa डाळहा
The branch of a tree (Female: Dallhi डाळही, same as 'daali'डाली in Hindi)
Dallapat-raja दळपत राजा , Porrage दळिया
Dameedd दमीड़
A very loud noise (like a bomb-blast)
Damhooi दमूही
Double headed snake
Dandh डांढ
Dandook डंडूक
A tiny stick or 'danda' डंडा
Dangar डांगर
Animal stock घरेलू पशु
Dangh डंघ
Step ('Kadam'कदम)
Dangwaara डंगवारा
The system of doing agricultural work in a partnership. Usually, two small land holders used to follow this – both of them keeping one bullock each. (Sometimes, ‘Dangwara’ also means herds of animals/ unnecessary burden)
Daphli डफळी
A small-sized drum: "apni-apni daphli, apna-apna raag" अपनी-अपनी डफळी, अपना-अपना राग
Daraanti दरांती
Darr Maarna दड़ मारना
To pretend for sleep सोने का बहाना लेकर लेटे रहना
Dass डस
The string डोरी [‘लत्ते की एक डस लटकै सै’]
Dasmi दसमी
Celebrated by Hawan & namkaran sanskar (हवन और नामकरण संस्कार ) & rich food on the 10th day after the child's birth
Dauldda दोलडा
(synonym-kharadd खरङ) Thick cotton carpet woven from raw cotton threads, mainly used as darri on floor or used to cover open space in ceremonies
Daull डौळ
Position/ Situation हालत, स्थिति [“Today morning you were suffering from fever, how are you now?” आज तड़कैहें तेरै बुखार था, ईब के डौळ सै?]
Daumra दौमड़ा
Sudden, brief heavy rain shower
Deede दीदे
Deel डील
A painful, excessive growth of skin over a small area in the form of nodule, even without any friction or pressure. The exact cause of this is not known but it is considered to be viral in origin, they may be single or multiple and have to be removed surgically. चमड़ी में सफेद सी गांठ पड़ जाना जो कई बार दुखती भी है । जैसे जो औरतें सिर पर मटका आदि रखती हैं, उनके सिर में उस जगह पर 'डील' हो जाती है ।
Deewa दीवा
Degchoon देगचून
The raw iron कच्चा लोहा
Desoddi देसोड़ी
The country-wide ['देसोड़ी पंचायत'का अर्थ है पूरे इलाके की पंचायत]
Dhabbi ढब्बी
A unique word which means "Fast friend" (normally used by children and youngesters)
Dhaall ढाळ
(i) Slope - to let the water pass down. (ii) "in the shape of" (Woh bi apnne baap ki dhaall sey" वो भी अपने बाप की ढाळ सै - he also like his father) (iii) To close the gate etc. (Kiwaadd dhaall de किवाड़ ढाळ दे - shut the door)
Dhaana ढाणा
Landing platform on the water-well for 'Chiddas' चिड़स.
Dhaang धांग
The large heap of dry stuff in an open area (of crop, wood or other such material)
Dhaankh ढांख
An ugly-looking buffalo
Dhaans धांस
(i) bad sneezing occurring after inhaling a substance such as dry tobacco or red chilly powder etc., (ii) A tiny particle "Usney tey dhaans bi nah milli" उसनैं तै धांस बी नांह मिल्ली
Dhaansar ढाँसर
The child बालक
Dhaayeen धाईं
Destination [Used such as “वो के धाईं कै हाथ लगावण जा सै?” – Is he going just to touch the place and come back? ]
Dhadda धड़ा
(i) A Group एक गुट (ii) One side of a tradition weighing-scale तखड़ी का एक पलड़ा
Dhamchar ढ़मचर
The bad cold (jammed nose) जुकाम
Dhamdhama ढ़मढ़मा
The loose/weak structure
Dhanasba/ Dhanakba धनसबा/ धनकबा
The fatal illness caused by a metal-piece, knife or a sharp/ rusted iron-piece.
Dhandaa ढांढा
An aged or old bull, unfit for a job
Dhanni धाणी
The roasted barley-grains भुने हुए जौ
Dhahee ढई / डही
Two long sticks in the frontal portion of a bullock cart - used at the time of its parking.
Dhaiyya ढय्या
A large single piece of 'Gudd' weighing 2.5 'ser'सेर
Dharaa ढारा
A hut made specially for keeping livestock
Dharann धरण
An inner part in the stomach, also called ‘Naabhi’ नाभि (Uski dharann dig-gi – theek-ey nah hota” उसकी धरण डिग-गी, ठीक-ऐ ना होता) – though doctors deny existence of any such part of the body.
Dharti-Dhakel धरती-धकेल
The bulldozer
Dhhaba दहबा , दबाव
Pressure of needing nature's call etc
Dhhapp ढप्प
A big drum used at the time of large gatherings like Holi-burning or wrestling events. The small sized one is called 'daphli' डफळी
Dhharri धड़ी
The term used for a weight of 5 'ser' (about 4.5 kg)
Dhar-rata धर्राट / धर्राटा
Loud noise of moving vehicle/ machinery
Dhasaddki धसड़की
A strong threat
Dhathaa ढाठा
A 'mini ghoonghat" - to cover the face with a cloth, except eyes
Dhathoura/Dhatora ढ़ठौरा / ढ़ठोरा
Dhatoora धतूरा
A 3-feet high wild plant commonly found in north India - a poisonous plant used in many Ayurvedic medicines
Dhaunn धौण
20 ‘ser’ or half ‘mann’ मण (One ‘mann’ consisted of 40 ‘ser’ सेर i.e. about 37.5 kg)
Dhedh /Dhaidh ढेड / ढैढ
A stupid person (not to be confused with Gindhall/ Gittall गिन्ढळ / गिट्टळ )
Dheed ढीढ
End-product of eye infection - a sticky, yellow substance
Dheeh ढ़ीह
A huge block of clay [“Some labourers were buried under the earth”: कुछ मजूर ढीह के नीचे दब गये ]
Dheekhar ढीखर
Skeleton जला हुआ ढ़ांचा (कार में आग लाग-गी, उसका ढीखर हो-ग्या)
Dheem ढीम
A large block of hard clay
Dheem-Sira ढीम-सिरा
The fellow with a fat, odd and heavy skull
Dheendhraa ढींढरा
A thick flower-bud such as that of a cotton-plant
Dheenga ढींगा
The iron-spoon लोहे का चम्मच या 'डौऊ'/ 'डोई'। यह शब्द बागड़ के इलाके में इस्तेमाल होता है ।
Dheira ढेरा
Headlice, big one ,adult louse
Dhegraa/Dheggar/Thekkar ढेगरा /ढेग्गर / ठेग्गर
Broken piece(s) of an earthen pot
Dheraa/ Dhere ढ़ेरा/ ढ़ेरे
Head-lice, the parasitic insects found on the heads of people. सिर में पाई जाने वाली जूं
Dheth ढेठ
Courage (‘sahas’ साहस) – spoken in Western Uttar Pradesh
Dhibree ढिबरी
The iron-cap in a machinery etc.
Dhibsir ढिबसिर
अच्छी तरह [Do your job properly: आपणा काम ढ़िबसिर करया कर ]
Dhidhaann ढिढ़ाण
A long, wild plant, like Jute पटसन जैसा एक लम्बा, बरसाती पौधा
Dhiday/ Deedey धीदे / दीदे
Dhindhora ढिंढौरा / मुनादी /घोशणा करना
A proclamation by means of sounding instruments or announcement
Dhingtana धिंगताणा
Forcibly or forcefully “जबर्दस्ती”
Dhisall-na ढिसळणा
To lower one’s prestige by doing an adverse job [e.g. बुढापे में ब्याह करवा कै क्यूं ढिसळ रहया सै?]
Dhobre ढोबरे
Old, used domestic utensils
Dhodhaa ढोढा
The very old, ramshackle machinery, not fit for use any more
Dhokh धोख
Bowing down in front of a deity
Dholaan धोल्लां
Plump baby girl
Dholl धौल
A strong palm-slap, generally applied on the back, with lots of sound पीठ पर मारी हुई जोर की थपकी
Dhoocha ढूच्चा
Someone having physical defects in legs or lower back
Dhooh/ Dhoolha ढूह/ ढूल्हा
The heap/ piled-up material बड़ा सा ढ़ेर (Also see ‘Kudh/ Koodha’ below
Dhooma धूमा
Dhoomanni धूमणी
To fire the half-dry material so that smoke is produced to get rid of mosquitos and other flying insects
Dhoondh ढूंढ
An old, ramshackle house
Dhoondhllaa धूंधळा
The smoke outlet of a traditional oven for boiling sugarcane juice
Dhoonga ढूँगा
Slight rhythmic movement of hips
Dhorre धोरै
Adjacent or near
Dhot धोत
Used to put stress on the word ‘dhoti’
Dhoti धोती
The traditional Indian dress(legwear for men). In the case of ladies, 'dhoti' means 'sari' in some parts of north India.
Dhownnee ढौवणी
To carry the harvested crop to another place in a bullock cart or tractor
Dhutari धुतारी
A tiny musical instrument, rarely sighted now a days सारंगी जैसा एक छोटा सा साज जिसका प्रचलन आजकल कम हो गया है
Dhuttu धुत्तू
The wider iron-pipe such as that of a railway-engine, which emits smoke
Dhyadi ध्याड़ी
Wages दिहाड़ी
Diggar-jaana डिगर जाना
To move away (‘Chale jaana’ चले जाना)
Digna डिगणा
(Verb) To get away a bit एक तरफ हो जाना, किसी चीज का अपनी जगह से सरक जाना
Dikhoddi दिखोड़ी
A half-inch long, red coloured poisonous worm normally found in rainy season in India लगभग आधा इंच लंबा, लाल रंग का जहरीला कीड़ा जो बरसात के दिनों में आम पाया जाता है
Dil Ka Daura दिल का दौरा
Same as dil ki bimari दिल की बीमारी
Dilli-Suba दिल्ली सूबा
A term commonly referred to Jat villages around Delhi
Disotaa दिसोटा
The exile देश-निकाला, बनवास (Rama had to undergo a 14-year exile: राम ताहीं चौदह साल का दिसोटा मिल ग्या)
Dithaura डिठौरा
The pride घमंड
Dohree डोहरी
A bowl made of clay used while churning the milk.
Dobh डोभ
A very deep, marshy pond in a remote place where water is found even at the time of famine. This is one of the ‘lupt’ words.
Dobha डोभा
The act of dropping the traditional pen (kalam कलम ) into the inkpot (dawaat दवात) (e.g. “yaar manney-bi ek dobha le-lene de na aapni dawaat tein!” यार, मन्नैं-बी एक डोभा ले लेने दे ना अपनी दवात तैं!)
Dobhall दोभळ
The useless task
Dohraan दोहरां
Dooba-Dheri डूबा-ढेरी
(i) Heavy flood (ii) An adverse job done by someone leading to trouble in the family.
Doom डूम
A nomad clad known for begging while dancing and using local musical instruments (also known as 'bhaand' भांड clan)
Doonda डून्डा
High flames from a large fire such as those from Holi fire
Doongha डूंघा
Doonn दूण
The collision of two objects टक्कर (The truck collided with a car ट्रक ने कार में दूण मार दी ). Normally this term is used when two domestic cattle fight with each other.
Dossar दोसर
The agricultural plot which is ploughed twice in order to increase the air exposure and fertility
Doughadd दौघड़
Two water-pitchers put together – generally used by ladies who carry water from the well to the household.
Doulrra/ Doldaa दोलडा / दौलड़ा
A medium sized, thick cloth of cotton used as a carpet as well as for carrying load ('Gathree' गठड़ी)
Doe/ Doyee/Dowoo/ Dheenga डोए / डोई / डोऊ / ढींगा
Wooden spoon
Dogga/Baint डोग्गा / बैंत
Tau's alter ego, a wooden stick, curved at the top
Dokkey डोक्के
A fountain to fresh milk from the udders of cow or buffalo for their kid (lawara) to make them feel that her kid is also having their milk.
Dolla डौळा
Divider between fields (Plural: Dolle डौळे)
Dole डोल
Sheet container 18 litre capacity used to get water from kuan.
Doob दूब
Weed / grass
Doosar दूसर
An ancient Jat tradition, a colorful and grand display of household goods, dresses, jewelry, appliances, furniture, and gadgets given to daughter immediately after her wedding.
Dowati डोवटी
The thick, hand-made cotton cloth
Dranti दरांती
Agriculture tool for harvesting crop (Sickle)
Delhi Transport Corporation - a common name now known to everybody in the villages of National Capital Region.
Dubhaat दुभात
Repitition of a job, causing irritation/ Being partial in treating people
Duddki दुड़की
The mini race छोटी सी दौड़
Duhathda दुहाथड़ा
Weeping and beating of breasts by women at the time of death of a near and dear one.
Dukaddiya दुकड़िया
A room, the ceiling of which contains a series of two series of ‘kaddi” कड़ी (wooden beam) – i.e. a 16-18 feet wide room (of a traditional house).
Dukaania दुकानिया
That is a desi shawl with decorative Double Borders,hence, call it Dukaania.
Dulhandi दुलहंडी
The day next to 'Holli' festival - traditional festivities of colour and other acts of enjoyment.
Dussalla/Dussalli दुशाळा/दुशाळी
A woolen double blanket used in severe winters.
Dust दस्त
Dysantry - opposite of 'kabaj' कब्ज
Dutedda दुतेड़ा
The fellow who takes the side of both the parties जो दोनो तरफ की बात कहे


Eendhi ईन्ढी
Small ring made of cloth to carry pot on the head (The thick version: Eindhaa/ Eindhua ईन्ढा )
Eelam ऐलम
Knowledge / information in advance
Ekaddvassi एकड़वासी
The lonely place एकान्तवास


Faafote फाफोटे
Show-off ढोंग, दिखावा, आडंबर
Faanccher फांचर
Wooden splinters ,(फांचर लाग गी)
Faanchi maarna फांची मारना
To interrupt टोकना (रुकाई-टुकाई)
Faanss/ Fansat फाँस/ फाँसट
The 2-inches odd stems of any crop visible in the field after harvesting
Faddfaddi फड़फड़ी
The thick form of churned milk (seet सीत) with lot of white particles of ghee. Mothers used to offer it to boys early in the morning, a practice which is non-existent now due to urbanization of villages.
Fahdda/ Fahwdda फाहड़ा / फाहवड़ा
Wooden hand-tool for removing clay, dirt etc.
Failna फैलणा
The talkative and arrogant fellow
Fain फेन
One of the superior type of cloth used in the formation of Dhotis
Fallaari फल्लारी
To jump over a horse’s back – for ride
Falli फळी
The green cover of a raw seed on a plant, such as that of a chick-pea
Fallsa फळसा
The outer area of a village
Falsi फळसी
The instrument made up of a thick and strong bush ('Bojhra'बोझड़ा). The Falsi is pulled by two bullocks and is used for extracting seeds from the crop.
Fanki फाँकी
One dose of a medicinal powder prescribed for a patient
Fapheddna फफेड़ना
To bite severely, like dogfight
Farhadde फरहड़े
The dry, harvested plant of jowar/ baajra जवार / बाजरा
Farwat फरवट
Expert in a particular job
Fatka ,Fatkar
फटकाना: It is method of shaking dust of an object cloth or wood by slaming against something.
Fofass फोफस
A fat but physically weak fellow
Fikraa फिकरा
One part of a song रागनी का एक हिस्सा/ दो लाइनों वाला श्लोक
Fitfit/Fatfatti फिटफिट / फटफटी
The nick-name of a scooter/ motor-cycle/ three-wheeler
Fokka/ Fokki फोक्का / फोक्की
An item in its totality, nothing added to it. For example: (i) “Fokka paani’ फोक्का पानी would be translated as under “Just plain water? Nothing more?” ii) क्या मेहमान को फोक्की चाय पिलाओगे?– Would you offer the guest just plain tea, no more dishes?
Folla/Folli फ़ोळा/ फ़ोळी
Anything easily available. काम करेगा जब जाण पाटेगी, इब तै तो इस ने फ़ोळी फ़ोळी खाई सै
Follar फोल्लर
The skin of a grain/ seed अनाज का ऊपरी छिलका (गीहूं नैं ऊंखळ में गेर कै उसका फोल्लर तार ले, दळिया बणाना सै)
Foohadd फूहड़
The man/woman with no sense of hygiene and who performs all acts in a haphazard manner.
Foorsaat फुरसत
One who has enough time to spare for visiting others etc.
Fosra फौसरा
One who does not apply his own mind and acts on others advice
Foukri Gaadrri फौकरी गादड़ी
A special type of she-jackal which makes loud noise in the night
Fusphusi फुसफुसी
The lose/ airy material without any stiffness
Fyaash फयाश
Dandruff .
Fyavri फ्यावरी
The irritated/ angry lady who can go to any extent to hit her target


Gaadadd गादड़
Jackal गीदड़
Gadada गढड़ा
A tripod of wood used for making an infant to learn walk.
Gaadh गाध
The filth in the bottom of water (well or a pone) कूंऐं या जोहड़ के नीचे जमी हुई काली मिट्टी
Gaadda गाड़ा
Another name for Muslims or Christians (anybody who is not cremated but is buried in earth after death (“jo zameen mein gaadd diya jaaye” जो जमीन में गाड़ दिया जाये
Gaaggadd गागड़
The long, boring tale
Gaadh गाध
Suspension of water, sand and other waste material खड़े हुए पानी की तलहटी की गन्दगी
Gadhhall गाधळ
Mud and water mixed – due to presence of domestic cattle at one place
Gadranna गडराणा
(verb) arguing उल्टा बोलना/ जवाब देना [Why are you counter-arguing with elders? तू बड्डे आदमियां की साहमी क्यूं गडरावै सै? ]
Gaall गाळ
(i) The street गली (ii) To call a name ('Gaali' गाली in Hindi)
Gaamouli गामौली
The villager
Gaar/ Gaaraa गार / गारा
The mud/ soaked clay
Gaade-Lohar गाड्डे लोहार
See 'Bhoobhaliya' भूभळिया above
Gaas गास
Semi-fluid dishes like ‘Khichaddi’ and ‘Dalia’
Gaat गात
Human body मानव शरीर
Gaawdi गावड़ी
Cow गाय
Gabha गाभा
Old, worn out clothes फटे-पुराने कपड़े
Gabhroo गाभरू /घाभरू
A young man, healthy boy just entered in adulthood (Female: Shivashann शिवासिन). The word 'Gabhroo' perhaps means ghaav + bharoo घाव + भरू i.e. जिसका घाव जल्दी भर जाये (obviously a young man)
Gabsua गभसूवा
Safety pin, a sharp instrument kept in geometry-box
Gaddang गड़ंग
Tell-tale/ boasts
Gaddangte गड़ंगटे
Cremation ground: this word is known in the villages in the vicinity of Delhi only
Gadood गदूद
The naturally swollen portion on a part of body
गड़ूस Used to express irritation on someone who does not use mind at all
Gahantaa गंहटा
The art of use of bullocks for extracting corn from the dry crop. The bulls walk on the heap - no instrument or tool used.
Gailadd गैलड़
Bastard ('हरामजादा')
Gailadda/ Gailadde गैलड़ा / गैलड़े
“In the back of it” पीछे वाला
Gail/ Gailyaan गैल / गैल्यां
With/ attached (e.g. ‘He will go with you’: “Wo teri gail chalya jaaga” वो तेरी गैल चल्या जागा)
Gaintal/Gaatil गैंतल/गात्तिल
One who misbehaves without any reason
Gaira गैरा
A small bundle of crop etc. काटी हुई फसल का एक 'गैरा' या गंडासे में काटने के लिए दी जाने वाली मात्रा
Gajbann गजबण
A charming lady ‘गजब की खूबसूरत’
Gallaffu गलाफू
Gallgha गळघा
A little bit empty, about three-fourth full [This jug of milk is almost full - यो बखोरा दूध का गळघा भरा सै ]
Galeif गलेफ
The thick, hand-made cotton-cover, made of ‘dowati’ (डोवटी) – which covers the cotton in a local quilt (रजाई का कपड़ा)
Galjot गळजोट
Working by two persons, shoulder to shoulder.
Galla/ Galle गळा / गळे
(1) The throat (2) Tonsils in the throat गंठू e.g. छोरे कै तै गळे हो रहे सैं (3) One dose or one fistful of grain put manually in a hand-driven grain-crusher हाथ से चलने वाली चक्की में डाला जाने वाला मुट्ठी भर अनाज का गळा
Gallamaa गळामा
Rope or 'rassi' रस्सी put in the neck of bullock
Gallami गळामी
Strong ties or relationship
Galhoora गलहूरा
Cheek, especially of a sweet child (Plural: Galhoore गलहूरे)
Galoor गलूर
The tiny piece of sugarcane.
Gandasa गंडासा
Machine to cut fodder
Gandassi गंडासी
An axe-like hand-tool for cutting sugarcane and other thick crops like mustard plant, cotton-plant, jute etc.
Gandaa-Gaandllee गंडा-गांडळी
A garland of peacock feathers - to decorate the domestic cattle on the occasion of Diwali
Gande गंडे
Ganderi/ Gandeeri गंडेरी / गंडीरी
About 1-feet long piece of a sugarcane
Gandheelaa गंधीला
Gandsyaa गंडस्या
A V-shape piece of wood used to carry the 'hall' (plough - to be pulled by bullocks) from the village to the fields
Gantha गंठा
The onion: A Jat veggie delicacy. प्याज, कांदा
Ganthee गंठी
A gold ornament worn in the neck by rural womenfolk गळे की गंठी
Ganthoo गंठू
Tonsils in the throat. In some areas, it is also called ‘Galle’ गळे
Gapauddi गपौड़ी
A talkative fellow, and the one who boasts unnecessarily
Garand/ Garall गरंड/गरळ
A round-shaped earthen pot used to store 'Atta' आटा from a 'Chakki' चक्की
Gareidda गरेड़ा
The hinderance/ obstacle. The word is used in a sentence: “Usney tey gareidda kaat diya” उसनै तै गरेड़ा काट दिया: He has removed the obstacle in this job.
Garad-Pharad गरड-फरड
Used to illustrate the movement and sounds of clouds (अविकारी शब्द)
Garki गरकी
The position when ground-water level is very high. बहुत ज्यादा बरसात आदि से जमीन का पानी या 'चोवा' जब बहुत ऊपर आ जाता है तो कहा जाता है: धरती में गरकी आ-गी ।
Items tied up in a small and large square cloth,(तेरी गठड़ी मै लागया चौर मुसाफिर).
Gauddi गौड़ी
An agricultural instrument: a square pot for removing the clay and making the surface even
Gavar Patha गवार पट्ठा
Aloe Vera
Gavhera/ Gurheddiyaa गवहेरा/ गुरहेड़िया
A wild, poisonous lizard which lives in dry or semi-stoned land
Gawaaria गवारिया
A nomad caste expert in needle & thread jobs, and repairing the domestic ‘chakki’.
Gawhaand गवांढ / गवहांड
Neighbouring villages (Gawhaandi गवहांडी: means one from my neighbouring village)
Geendo/Khinnoo गींडो/ खिन्नू
Ball गेंद
Geet गीत
Local songs
Geetan Aali गीतां आळी
The group of ladies/girls who sing folk songs during social occasions and ceremonies (marriages etc.)
Geglaa गेगला
एक खरपतवार का पौधा जो आम तौर पर गेहूं की फसल के साथ उगता है । इसके दाने मेथी से मिलते जुलते हैं और काले रंग के होते हैं ।
Geidda गेड़ा
One round of a particular job (i.e. "Iss kaam ka pahla geidda" इस काम का पहला गेड़ा = The first round of this job)
Ghaagree घाघरी
Same as 'Daaman' दामण
Ghaal घाल
(1) This is the act of raiding the opponents in game of ‘Kabbadi’ (2) The supernatural acts by an exorcist or ‘Shevda’ (सेवड़ा) or ‘Tantariks’ तांत्रिक to kill somebody
Ghaam घाम
Sunshine धूप
Ghaat घाट
(1) Low amount or quantity - ‘Ghaata’ घाटा means ‘loss’ (2) The entry point in a village pond.
Ghalna घालणा
To pour in / insert/ put डालना
Ghaddounchi घड़ौंची
An instrument looking like a mini table, used while repairing the bullock-cart.
Ghaddsanni घड़साणी
This word is one of the ‘lupt’ words. It means a copper-coin without any markings etc. – it used to be in circulation till Mughal period.
Ghainslla घेंसळा
The rough, fat stick or lathi – generally used to beat animals (also called ‘Baangadd’ बांगड़)
Ghaiti/ Ghaitvaa घेट्टी/ घेटवा
Neck गर्दन
Ghanghella घंघेळा
The wild migraine सिर में जोर का चक्कर आना
Ghann घण
The heavy hammer kept by ‘Lohar’ - being used to hit the hot iron
Ghanna घणा
Abundant or 'Too much'
Ghankhare घनखरे
“Many of them” (‘Bahut saare’ बहुत सारे)
Ghap घप
(1) Some job to complete instantly e.g. उसका काम तै घप-दे नै होग्या (2) The sound of insertion of an object e.g. चाकू मारने पर घप की आवाज आई
Ghappaddchoth घपड़चौथ
To mess-up things सब कुछ मिला कर गड़बड़ कर देना
Ghaptaadde ghaalnaa घपताड़े घालना
To do hanky-panky business, dishonesty ( हेरा-फेरी करना)
Gharghulli घरघुल्ली
A mini temporary cave made with wet clay by children
Gharmaulli घरमौळी/ घिरमौळी
(i) The whirlpool or the swirling motion of water when a hole is sighted in the midst of revolving water. "पाणी घरमौळी काट रहया सै" (ii) The similar sense felt by humans (the dizziness) कमजोरी के कारण घरमौळी आना . Also see ‘Ghirnni’ घिरणी
Gharooddnna घरूड़ना
To tighten up [Make this bottle-cap tight - इस बोतल के डाटे नै घरूड़ दे]
Ghasadd-Deni घसड-देणी
Instantly, without giving second thought [“His father instantly gave him money for school-fee उसके बाबू नै फीस के पईसे घसड़-देणी काढ़-कै दे दिये]
Ghasiyari घसियारी
A woman who plucks green grass from fields for feeding domestic animals
Gharwassa घरवासा
Family life घरेलू जीवन
Ghatta/ Ghatto घट्टा / घट्टू
Hole (‘suraakh’ सुराख): A large hole is called ‘Moggha’ मोघा
Gheeladdi घीलड़ी
A small earthen pot used to keep fresh ghee or butter
Gher/ Gheyar घेर / घेयर
A semi-covered area with some boundary for keeping the livestock
Gherna घेरणा
Encirclement or to get surrounded
Ghess घ्यस
The miserable condition of somebody: the feeling thereof.
Ghevar घेवर
A sweet looking like white cotton – made only during rainy season. The town of Sonepat is famous for this sweet.
Ghich-mich घिचमिच
Hotpotch/ congested
Ghilouth घिलौठ
A sweet, wild fruit (root of a wild grass- looks like a tiny potato)
Ghin घिन
Hatred घृणा, नफरत
Ghinnka घिणका
Ghirnni घिरणी
The sense of dizziness सिर में चक्कर आना
Gholliya घोळिया
Great worry/fear [e.g. “Why are you worrying”: तेरे पेट में क्यूं घोळिया हो रहे सैं?]
Ghoodchadhi घुड़चड़ी
A kodak moment for the groom शादी के समय दूल्हे का घोड़े/घोड़ी पर सवार होने की पुरानी रस्म
Ghoondroo घूंडरू
The green buds coming out of newly-sown seeds बोए गए या पानी में भिगोए गए बीजों में से निकलने वाली हरी कलियां
Ghotta/ Pemmack/ Peecko घोट्टा / पेम्मक / पीको
Various forms of cloth embroidery by rural ladies
Ghugghi घूघी
A small bird, grey colour .
Ghuggu घुग्घू
(1) (i) A tiny insect which normally hides under the sand (2) A silent person, sometimes considered half-mind
Ghullayi घुळाई
(i) The wrestling कुश्ती
Ghunhaa घून्हा
A man of hidden abilities not known to others ('Gunni' गुणी or 'Gunnwaan'गुणवान)
Ghup घुप
Completely closed with no trace of light - i.e. अंधेरा घुप हो गया
Ghuushppth घुषपैठ़
Secretive talk beetween few people.
Ghuush/ Moosaa घूस्स/ मूसा
An extraordinarily fat rat
Ghyaar घ्यार
The feeling of attachment between a male and female [ As uttered by a lady: “घणे दिन तैं अपने घरवाले तैं दूर बैठी सूं, घ्यार ऊठैं सैं”]
Gich गिच
Rich food such as ‘Gich Choorma’ गिच चूरमा. A strong person is also often called ‘Gich’
Gillad गिल्लड़
Lotus fruit (small button type)
Gilyan गील्यां
Un-tasty feeling / feeling like vomiting etc. (‘Glani’ ग्लानि in Hindi)
Gindaurra गिन्दौड़ा
The special white-coloured sweet-dish which looks like ‘Gudd’. Its round bricks are actually made of ‘khaand’. This dish is costlier than other khandsari products and is distributed on special occasions only.
Gindhall/ Gittall गिन्ढळ / गिट्टळ
A low caste person
Gindholla गिन्ढोळा
The long, sticky, harmless worm found in clay and usually sighted during rainy season (केंचुवा)
Girari गिरारी
Gears on a wheel (of any machinery)
Girddi गिरड़ी
The day before Diwali festival (‘Chhoti Diwali’ छोट्टी दीवाली)
Girgaulli गिरगौळी
To make tiny balls of paper-piece etc. किसी कागज आदि को समेट कर हाथ से छोटी सी गोली बना देने को कहते हैं - गिरगौळी बनाना ।
Girhaj गिरहज
The vulture गिद्ध (Also see 'Kargas' कर्गस)
Girmit गिरमिट
A hand-driven drill-machine which makes hole in the wood. लकड़ी में छेद करने का बरमा जिसे बढ़ई इस्तेमाल करते हैं
Girrgam/Gaddcham गिड़गम / गिड़चम
A wooden stand on which an earthen pot like 'Matka' मटका is kept. Girrgam is generally prepared by a carpenter.
Girrgoyi गिड़गोई
An open, large hut where 'gur' or similar products are prepared by the specialist called 'Pakaava' पकावा
गिरकाना/गिरकाणा To Show off fashionably.
Gitta गिट्टा
Ankle टखना
Gitvaadd गितवाड़
A plot of land used by a household like an open storehouse: dry crop, firewood, 'Bitodda' बिटौड़ा, house-waste etc.
Gizaayee गिजाई
A harmless worm with numerous legs, sighted in the rainy season. Many a times, two of these insects are seen walking like a double-decker bus.
Gizzar गिज्जर
Semen पुरुष का वीर्य (जिसे देसी भाषा में 'धात' भी कहा जाता है)
Gobar गोबर
Cow dung
Gober-Ganesh गोबर-गणेश
A lazy and unintelligent fellow
Gochari गोचरी
A peculiar word, meaning 'upto' or 'till' [Now this task seems to be postponed till about one year - ईब तै साल-गोचरी बात गई ]
God Bharai गोद-भराई
The pre marriage ceremony when persons from the side of would-be groom go to the bride’s house for completing certain formalities to confirm the relationship.
Goda गोड्डा
Knee घुटना
Goda-Nivann गोडा-निवाण
The term used when male members visit the home of a deceased person to express sorrow. (In case of ladies, the word used is ‘Muuh-Kaaynn’ मुँह-काण)
Godhdda-sii,Godhdda-saa गौधडा्सी,गौधडा्सा
A heavily built child,A term used in lovingly to describe the child.
Gofiya गोफिया
The special rope which is used for throwing earthen pieces or stones etc. for husking away birds which harm standing crops.
Gohachee गोहची
The shabby/dirty fellow मैला-कुचैला आदमी (also see “Daladdar” दलद्दर above). 'गोहच' का अर्थ है 'मैल-कुचैल'
Gohl गोल्ह
The wild fruit of a special thorny bush called ‘Bidda’ बिड़ा (not fit for eating)
Gohari गोहरी
Pathway between fields खेतों के बीच बैलगाड़ी के लिए बना हुआ रास्ता (Also see ‘Gonda’ below)
Goiya-Moiya गोइया-मोइया
To twist some object haphazardly – like twisting of grass or a piece of cloth
Gojh गोह्झ
Pocket जेब
Gokhddi गोखडी
A well devloped young elegant calf,it has been compared with elegant young lady.तू गोखडी मै नारा A well known Ragni.
Golla गोऴा
The upper portion of sugarcane (long, green leaves)गन्ने के तने का पत्ते वाला ऊपरी हिस्सा
Golla-Laathi गोळा-ळाठी
The system of punishment - to tie the hands and legs with a stick and ropes.
Gonda गोन्डा
Pathway between fields खेतों के बीच में बना हुआ चौड़ा, कच्चा रास्ता (Also see 'Gohari' above)
Goodad गूदड़
Old, worn out clothes, turned into a mattress
Gondhnni गोंधणी
A wasp-like flying insect which makes a mud-nest inside rural homes भिरड़ जैसा दिखने वाला एक उड़ने वाला कीड़ा जो घर के अंदर किसी दीवार के कोने में अपना मिट्टी का घोंसला बनाता है
Gooja गूजा
The piece of cloth used to fill the gap/ hole etc.
Goolar गूलर
The fruit of banyan tree (badd बड़ )
Goomdi गूमड़ी
Mosquito bite turned septic
Goomadda गूमड़ा
A large sized 'goomaddi' गूमड़ी
Goond गूंद
A solidified liquid of some trees - used for making sticky gum, and also used in a traditional diet (of the same name), given to a mother after child's birth
Goondhanni गूंधणी
A special type of shelter of clay (about the size of a tiny mango) made by a yellowish fly on a corner of the wall inside a village house. This fly is also called by the same name.
Gootha गूठा
Thumb impression as signature . (गूठा लगवाणा) गूठा लादे.
Goothi Ghalana गूठी घालणा
Ring ceremony following microscopic & 3-D view of the would-be bride
Gora गोरा
The outskirts of village 'गाम का गोरा'
Gosa गोस्सा
Jumbo-size Dungcake (Plural: gosay गोस्से)
Gozzi गोज्जी
'Seet' सीत or lassi mixed with a small quantity of fresh milk (Gozzi is used to eat with 'khichree' खिचड़ी of crushed baajra बाजरा)
Guchki गुचकी; To dive in water (e.g. वो पानी में गुचकी खा गया
he dived/ drowned in water)
Gud-dee गुद्दी
The human neck – backside portion गर्दन का पिछला भाग
Guddbhatta गुड़भत्ता
The rice cooked along with ‘Gur’ – a sweet delicacy
Guddgamma गुड़गामा
The local name for Gurgaon town. Gurgaon’s original name is “Gurugram” गुरुग्राम i.e. the village of Guru Dronacharya गुरु द्रोणाचार्य (of Mahabharata महाभारत).
Guddhamba गुड़हंबा
A large wild fruit which grows in an arid zone at the time of monsoon – this looks exactly like a watermelon but is very sour (totally unfit to eat) and is used to treat many diseases (like swallowing of feet) under the Ayurvedic system.
Gudhaliyaan chalnaa गुढळियां चलना
Crawling of a child on knees (बच्चे का घुटनों के बल चलना)
Guhera गुहेरा
Same as 'Gavhera' गवहेरा above
Gulabo गुलाबो
The charming and attractive girl – the word used for eve-teasing
Gulafu गुळाफू
Gulmekk गुळमेक
A long and thick iron-nail
Gulgule गुलगुले
A tasty sweet dish: fried in oil/ ghee
Guljhat गुळझट
The uneven surface of a dress which is removed by ironing कपड़े की सिलवट
Gunguna गुणगुणा
Concentrated reet!
Gunniyaa गुणिया
(i) A person of high qualities ('Gunnvaan'गुणवान) (ii) It is also the name of an 'L' shaped measuring instrument (scale) mostly used by carpenters and stone-cutters
Gurmunde गुरमुंडे
Human fist – for beating somebody घूंसे
Gusalkhana गुसलखाना
Guss/ Gass गस
Giddiness/ dizziness / sense of enmity सिर चकराना
Gut Maarnaa गुट मारना
To hit hard with fist (घूंसा मारना)
Guthali गुठळी
Hard shell of seed inside the fruit
Gyabhann ग्याभण
A pregnant woman गर्भवती (normally used for a pregnant buffalo or cow)यह शब्द संस्कृत के शब्द 'गर्भिणी' का अपभ्रंश रूप है
Gyaall ग्याळ
The stupid/ idiot


Haadyal हाड्यल
A lean fellow, whose bones are visible (Little flesh over bones)
Haaflla हाफळा
Movement of hands to grip an object ["The guy tried his best but got nothing" - माणस नै हाफळे तै खूब मारे पर हाथ कुछ ना आया ]
Haai हाई
Someone who is really clever (in negative sense)
Haalli हाळी
One who plough the field – a kisan.
Haalna हालणा
Shaking a part of body continuously
Haann हाण
Time देर
Haann हाण
Belong to same age group-1.मोहन किशन के हाण का सै 2. हाण नै हाण प्यारा हो सै
Haklana हकलाना
used as a verb हकलाना एक बीमारी है जिसका इलाज संभव है
Haakla हाकला
A noun- Someone who stammers
Haandhnaa हाँडणा
To roam around/ loitering (‘fizool ghoomna’ फिजूल घूमना)
Haara हारा
A clay oven (uses gosay)उपले आदि को जलाने के लिए बनाया हुआ भारी सा, खुला चूल्हा
Haar Jana हार-जाणा
Exhausted completely
Haart(Heart) Ki Beemari हार्ट की बीमारी
O boy, this one needs attention!
Haath हाथ
Means 'hand' but here, the definition of the word is different. It is a most common method of measurement of length - the length equal to that of an average adult's arm: e.g. "10 Haath zameen ka tukdaa" 10 हाथ जमीन का टुकड़ा: A piece of land measuring 10 hands"
Haathhall हाथळ
A buffalo which can be milked by a particular individual ("ऐसी भैंस जिसकी धार केवल एक ही आदमी या औरत काढ सकै")
Haauu हाऊ
Any ugly looking insect etc. (To silence a weeping child, it is generally said: “chupp ho-jya nahin to haauu aa jyaaga चुप हो-ज्या, नहीं तै हाऊ आ ज्यागा!)
Haazyat हाज्यत
The sense of morning call.
Hadkhai हड़खाई
A truant buffalo which is habitual of damaging the standing crops ("ऐसी भैंस जो दूसरे के खेतों में मौका मिलते ही घुस-ज्या, और जो कुछ आगै आ-ज्या, उसनै सूड़ दे")
Hadwadda हडवाड़ा
A place where dead animals are buried in earth
Hail हेल
A heavy basket एक भारी सी टोकरी
Hailey/ Heli हेल्ली
A big house ("Haveli" हवेली) - In rural areas, it also means a place to keep domestic animals and store harvest
Hal-lann हल्लण
The earthquake
Halai हळाई
The ploughed portion of a field – one acre of land may consist of 12-15 ‘Halai’.
Halak हलक
The throat गला
Hallash/ Hallshya हळस / हळस्या
The long wooden round shaft of a traditional plough (‘Hall’ हळ)
Hallsotia हळसोटिया
A special, thick liquid-drink which used to be given to one who is ploughing the field, to give him extra energy. जब हाळी गर्मी में हल चलाते थे तो शरीर में पानी की कमी हो जाती थी । उनको शारीरिक ऊर्जा देने और पानी की कमी को दूर करने के लिए एक विशेष तरल हलवा बनाया जाता था जो देखने में रबड़ी जैसा होता था । इसे खेत में ही भेजा जाया करता था । इसे किसान घूंट घूंट कर पीते थे, इसे ही हळसोटिया कहते थे ।
Hallwa हळवा
Light (low weight)हल्का,थोड़े वजन वाला
Haluawa हलुवा
A special dishes made from flour,liquid sugar(chasni) and ghee,very tasty.
Hamaamdasta हमामदस्ता
A small but heavy and deep iron-potfor crushing grains, dry fruits, spices etc.
Handaa हन्डा
An bulb or a 'lattu' लट्टू of a kerosene lamp which gives bright light (Plural: Hande हन्डे) light
Handhor हंढोर
The fellow who wanders without a purpose
Hangha हंघा
Strengh of a person
Hansli हॅसळी
The strong bones below the human neck
Harat/ Rahat हरट / रैहट
Persian wheel (for watering the fields)
Haraarat हरारत
Not feeling well (due to body pain)
Harduaar हरद्वार
Hardwar - the holy city in Uttaranchal उत्तरांचल - the ultimate health spa, and place for redumption of all sins. It is wrong to write it 'हरिद्वार'. Hardwar means 'Har ka dwaar' हर का द्वार i.e. the gateway of Shivalik hills.
Harjuri हरजुरी
The slight fever which occurs as a routine
Harrya हर्या
Notorious lady
Haryana हरयाणा
The state of India where Jats constitute 30 per cent of total population. Haryana means 'Har ka desh' हर का देश i.e. the land of Lord Shiva ('Har' हर). It is wrong to write it as 'हरियाणा' in Hindi, as is being done now-a-days.
Hat-thaa हत्था
(i) The handle (ii) The slaughter house
Hauddi हौदी
A cemented mini-pond for storing water near a well or a tubewell etc.
Harya हर्रया
A cow/ buffalo which roams around without any purpose. Sometimes, this word is also used for a lady who has the same nature.
Haryana Roadways
The state-owned public transport (bus service) which connects Haryana with Dilli Suba, Punjab, Rajashthan and Western UP ('Paar')
Hasodd हसोड़
The witty fellow
Hatthi हत्थी
(1) Strong push by hand applied on the side of neck portion of the opponent (2) The handle of a machine, hand-driven wheel etc.
Hatya-Seti हत्या-सेती
Just to kill somebody without any purpose
Heens हींस
A wild tree, sighted rarely now-a-days
Heij हेज
The attachment (with a near and dear one)
Heijlaa हेजला
One who is special attachment [“This boy has special attachment towards his mother”: यो छोहरा मां का घणा हेजला सै ]
Heil हेल
The bucket full of household waste/ gober etc. Heil is kept on the head for carrying the stuff from one place to another.
Herro हैर्रो
Same as English word ‘Harrow’: the sharp iron-wheel trolley attached to a tractor. This technique has replaced traditional ‘Hall’ in many areas.
Herva हेरवा
Strong feeling of attachment – like a child’s desire for mother.
Hindolla हिंडौळा
The merry-go-round / A swing
Hilanna हिलाणा
To train the young bull to pull cart/ plough the field and other jobs.
Hilki हिल्की
The shrill sound made by a child after prolonged weeping
Hood/Hud हुड
Face [ तेरे हुड प् लगेगा / Will blow your face]
Hooka हुक्का
The smoking instrument where the smoke is filtered in water before being inhaled - the community cigar of senior citizens in villages. It is an Arabic word. Hukka came to our land after Muslim invasion but later, it gained popularity in rural life too.
Hoonchna हूंचना
To drain-out the standing water [ “Some rain-water is accumulated in courtyard, suck it with utensils and throw away” - बगड़ में थोड़ा सा पाणी खड़्या हो-ग्या, इसनै हूंच कै बगा दो ]
Hullanss हुलांस
A tobacco powder for inhaling, especially by old village ladies
Hul-lee हुल्ली
The hockey-type game played in rural areas
Hukti हुक्टी
The small sized (mini) Hukka - it is used by some old ladies also.
Humbei हम्बै
Hunkaara हुंकारा
The sound of “hoon” or “yes” (रात को दादी बच्चे से कहती है: "मैं कहानी सुणाऊं सूं, तू हुंकारे भरता रह")


Indra Gandhi इन्दरा गांधी
Loadful of sarcasm for a woman..."who do you think you are?"
Ikhaadd-baadha इखाड़-बाढ़ा
In totality पूरे तौर पर [“Cut the sugarcane field in totality: ईंख नै इखाड़-बाढ़े तैं काट दे]
Ikkadiya इकड़िया
A room, the ceiling of which contains a series of one ‘kaddi” कड़ी (wooden beam) – i.e. an 8-9 feet wide room (of a traditional house).
Inghene/ Inghan ईन्ग्घेन/ इन्घान
This side
It इत
Here यहां
Itnnaa, इतणा
This much ,Quantity ,It is applicable as verb.(इतणा समय बीत गया)


Jaadaa जाड्डा
Cold winters
Jaall जाळ
A wild, thick tree which does not have thorns. Its fruit is like a tiny berry, called 'peehl' पीहल
Jaamann जामण
Boiled milk kept night-long to prepare 'Dahee' for the next day
Jaann-Geidda जाण-गेड़ा
The last days of life (i.e. “तेरा जाण-गेड़ा आ रहया सै के?” – it seems your days are numbered)
Jaatak जातक
The child (also see ‘Taabar’टाबर)
Jaaye-Roye/ Bhai-Roye/Anpoote जाए-रोए/ भाई-रोए/ अनपूते
These words are also ‘Avikari’ ones and are used by ladies in anger or in quarrel. Should mean ‘one who weeps on the death of his own son/brother’.
Janeit जनेत
Bridegroom’s party (‘Baraat’ बारात)
Jangal-Johad जंगल-जोहड
“To answer the call of nature”
जणूं / जाणु / जणूं-तै: “Like”, “such as” “as if ” जैसे कि [It seems as if there will be rainfall shortly: इसा लागै सै जणूं-तै तावळा-ऐ मींह बरसण आळा सै]
Janti जाँटी
A thorny tree found in arid zones – it has tiny leaves which can be eaten by camels and goats.
Jappa जापा
The period after delivery – when the mother should have complete rest
Jar-Jari जर-जारी
The act of roaming around women and girls, with wrong intentions
Jas जस
Used for wrong-doings i.e. “यो जस किसनै काट्या भाई?” “Who is responsible for this wicked job?”
JAT जाट
A handsome, brave, honest, hard working, stubborn, easily provoked, male of robust physique, found in Haryana, Delhi(outer), Rajasthan and Western Utter Pradesh(specially baghpat, meerut, mujaffarnagar, gaziabad, saharanpur & bulandshahar districts are JAT dominating),.JAT- Just, Active & Truthful ( Female: Jatni जाटणी )
Jathar जाथर
Stamina/ physical strength
Jeengadda जींगड़ा
The boy
Jeh जेह
The outer boundary of a village chaupal, wide on top (चौपाड़ की जेह)
Jeir जेर
see ‘Zeir’.
Jelli जेळी
Rake - Agricultural implement used to rake crop by throwing harvested and milled crop in the wind to separate grian from chaff
Jersey जर्सी
Full sleeves sweater
Jewda/ Jevddi/ Jeevda जेवड़ा/ जेवङी / जीवड़ा
The rope made of sann सण to tie domesticated cattle
Jhaab झाब
An earthen pitcher for storing seet
Jhaag Beekharna, Jhhgud thana झाग बिखरणा,झगुड़ ठाना
To talk too much [बातां के झगुड़ से ठाव सै भाई यो तो!]
Jhaalra, Kanthi, Hasli झालरा / कंठी / हसळी
The various items of jewellery, precious treasure of women
Jhaanth झाँठ
The pubic hair
Jhaarnna झारणा
A big iron pot with holes - used to filter the corn-seeds
Jhabru झबरु
The breed of a fat dog with lots of hair all over its body
Jhaddaa झाड़ा
It is a medical ritual done by an elderly person who is blessed with knowledge to cure number of illness it is a very true fact even being done today.
Jhakoi/Jhikoi झकोई / झिकोई
A good sambodhan in Haryanwi for the guy who is not going according to one's will
Jhal झाल
(i) A water-canal junction: A spot where two-three water–canals mingle with each other or vice-versa (ii) Iron-welding वैल्डिंग करना
Jhall झळ
The flames आग की लपटें [अंगीठी म्हां तैं झळ लिकड़ैं सैं]
Jhal-la झल्ला
A big basket ('Tokraa'टोकरा) for keeping animal feed etc. Jhal-la is made of mulberry (Shahtootशहतूत) branches.
Jhangadd झाँगड़
The art of argument to convince the other party i.e. “वो तै झाँगड़ मारण लाग रहया सै”
Jhaangann झाँगण
The chopped-off branches of a tree
Jhaankhli झाँखळी
Sight, look-out for [“Wait a little, let me have a look there, I shall revert shortly” - थोड़ी-सी हाण रुक जाओ, मैं एक झाँखळी मार-कै यो आया ]
Jhaankhraa झाँखरा
A heavy, wide earthen pot
Jhadd/ Roh झड़ / रोह
The continuous and torrential rain
Jhamma झामा
Jhankhralla झाँखराळा
Dusk/ After sunset [I returned to village at dusk मैं गाम में झाँखराळै उल्टा आया था]
Jhatodd झटोड़
The Plump/ obese fellow
Jhatol झटोल
Mostly used for a loose cot ढीली-ढाली खटिया
Jhaydo झेद्दो
Pait ka darad gone bad…one with protruding tummy
Jheel झील
Means ‘lake’ but in desi language, it means a low-lying area (इसे 'झिलाण' भी कहते हैं)
Jheekhnna झीखणा
(i) The sense of irritation (ii) Verb - to show unwillingness/ reluctance [“Why are you showing your reluctance towards the job?” - तू काम करता क्यूं झीखै सै?]- Also see 'Kanntaana' कणताना below
Jheenjh झींझ
See 'Zheenz' in 'Z' section
Jheid झेद
The very fat stomach of a glutton (fatty person)
Jheira झेरा
A big and deep well
Jhikollna/ Ghicholna झिकोळना/ घिचोळना
To splash (clothes etc.) in water पानी में खंगालना [“Apply some soap to this dhoti and then splash it in water” - साबुन ला-कै इस धोती नै पाणी में झिकोळ ले]
Jhirnnee-Dankaa झिरणी–डंका
A rural game, favourite of school-going kids. A small stick is kept on the ground and a group of children climb the tree. Then, one of them jumps down to pick up that stick
Jhod/ Johadd झोड़ / जोहड़
The village pond, swimming pool, and communal laundromat
Jholl झोळ
Slanting at one side (bullock cart etc.) due to overloading
jholi झोली
to ask someone to came, झोली दे के बुलाना
Jholli झोल्ली
folding front side of Kurta just like a bag. कुर्ते कि झोल्ली
Jhoond झूंड
A thick bush of a tall, wild grass called 'sarkanda' सरकंडा
Jhoonga झूंगा
The fellow with curly hair and with forehead full of hair घुंघराले बालों वाला आदमी और वह जिसके माथे पर भी बाल हों, जिसको कहा जाता है -झूंगे माथे आळा ।
Jhoorkha झूरखा
To make a wound on someone’s skin by nails. (“The cat scratched the boy’s skin through her paws”: बिल्ली ने छोहरे कै झूरखा मार दिया )
Jhotta झोट्टा
The buffalo bull भैंसा
Jhotti झोट्टी
Adult buffalo (female)
Jimannwaar जीमणवार
Invitation for food party during marriages
Jit/Jadde जित-बी/जड़ै-बी
wherever जहां भी, कहीं भी
Joonn / Bandhej जूण / बंधेज
Green plant of wheat etc. which is used as a tie for a bundle of harvested crop.
Joon जूण
Tape worms found in kids intestines due to eating soil
Joom जूम/ जूँ
Mid size head lice - pupa
Jot जोट
A good pair: two friends or two ox (in a cart etc.) जोड़ी
Jot-ta/ Jot-te जोत्ता / जोत्ते
The portion below the human shoulders (towards backbone)
Jotta जोट्टा
One round of a particular task ("Just one more round and this job will finish": एक जोट्टा और मारो - और काम खतम! )
Joye जोए – Desi, hand-made noodles of wheat flour गेहूं के आटे की ‘सीम्मी’ जो हाथ से तोड़ी जाती हैं
Jua जूआ
Instrument which is put around the neck of oxes to harness them
Juck जक
Itching/ sense of severe body-pain [i.e. “Have you anything wrong, cant you sit quiet?” "तेरै जक सै के - निचला नहीं बैठ सकता?"]
Jugaadd जुगाड़
To fix something or arrange the things somehow.
Jugaalli जुगाळी
The act of chewing in empty mouth (after their diet) by domestic cattle – an exercise of digesting the food.
Juhaari जुहारी
Among several ceremonies part of a marriage, ‘Juhaari’ is one in which women offer token-money to the groom rotating their hands around his head. This is done before he heads for bride’s place. बारात जाने से पहले दूल्हे के घर की औरतें उसे कुछ पैसे आदि भेंट करतीं है, उसके सिर पर हाथ फेर कर - इस प्रथा को 'जुहारी' कहते हैं
Jukhaam जुखाम
When reet starts flowing freely
Jukar जुकर
for example, जैसे कि
Jumpher जम्फर
Ladies' Shirt
Jungle जंगल
Passage of stool…also known as number 1…
Jutee जूती
Colourful pair of shoes, jat style.
Jyahein-tein/ Jibbe-te
ज्यांहें-तैं/ जिब्बै-तै: “That is why” इसीलिये


Kaabar काबर
A black sparrow – farmer’s friend. It eats harmful insects found in the soil.
Kaabla काबला
A thick screw मोटा सा पेंच
Kaag काग
(i) Crow (ii) Upper portion of mouth (above toungue)
Kaakh काख
Kaakhi काखी
A special trick by a wrestler - the blockage of movements of opponent
Kaakhkhulai काखखुलाई
A painful condition of sidearms.
Kaal-lee काल्ली
Hate (Iss kaam tein kaal-lee mat maan इस काम तैं काल्ली मत मान – don’t hate doing this job)
Kaalja काळ्जा
Heart ("Kalejaa" कलेजा)
Kaar कार
Kaayn क्याँ
A short word, used with some additions such as “क्याँ-नै”, क्याँ-के” “क्याँ-की” etc. - should mean “whoom, whoose, where” depending on the context.
Kaamdda / Kaamchaa/ Kaamchee कामड़ा/कामचा/ कामची
A flexible and fresh stick just torn from a tree - used for handling the livestock (also used to be kept by school teachers to punish truant students)
Kaamil कामिल
Good/ nice (“yoh tey kaamil kaam ho gaya” योह तै कामिल काम हो-ग्या)
Kaanch काँच,शीसा
Glass ,pane of glass ,any glass.
Kaanchh काँछं
Prolapsed of rectum,(काँछं लिकडगी)
Kaanchlaa काँचला
A weak, timid, cowardice fellow
Kaandh काँध
The portion of a bull’s neck where the yoke is kept
Kaann काण
(i) Defect (“Iss laathi mey thoddi-si kaan rah gayi” इस लाठी में थौड़ी सी काण रह गई) (ii) This word is also used in some desi sports like ‘Jhirnee-dankaa’ झिरणी डंका – the defeated boy has to perform the ‘Kaann’ काण. Also a defect in suit length -इस लत्ते मै काण सै
Kaan-na कान्ना
Border (‘Kinaara’ किनारा)
Kaannaa काणा्
A one eyed person.
Kaan Mai Darad कान मैं दर्द
Too much wax build up..your ears need hot oil treatment
Kaangre कांगरे
A series of half-moon type designs created on the main gate of traditional pucca houses. पक्के मकान के मुख्य द्वार पर निकाले गए अर्धचन्द्र जैसे गोल डिजाइन जो चूने आदि से बनाए जाते थे । क्रोशिये से कपड़े के किनारे पर डिजाइन बनाने को भी 'कांगरे' कह देते हैं ।
Kaanjar (काँजर)
The Eunuch, Impotant fellow हिजड़ा (न नर, न मादा) (संस्कृत शब्द ’किन्नर’ का अपभ्रंश रूप) । ज्यादा झगड़ालू लोगों के झुंड को भी लोग 'कांजर' कह देते हैं । जैसे - "कित्तैं कांजर कट्ठे हो-गे?"
Kaant काँत
A triangular piece of iron fitted in traditional plough (‘Hall’ हळ)
Kaanto काँटो
Female squirrel (Male: Kaantva काँटवा)
Kaar कार
Profession काम-धंधा, पेशा
Kaassi कस्सी
Spade - an agricultural implement - used for digging ground
Kaat काट
Four meanings: (1) A cut in the earth caused by the flow of water (2) Any piece of wood (3) Reasoning: "Iss baat ki koi kaat hai?" इस बात कि कोई काट है?(4) Reaction: 'This medicine will react you': 'Yah Dawaai terey kaat karegi' याह दवाई तेरै काट करैगी: Also used for criticizing somebody-कमला की सासू सारी हाण उसकी काट( बुराई ) करे जा सै
Kaatha काठा
Bank/shore of a river/pond जोहड़ या नदी का किनारा (also see Kanthara कनठारा)
Kaatkadd काटकड़
Uneasiness among domestic cattle, their uproar, fighting with each other (for such a behaviour among human beings, the word used is 'uddhmass' उधमस)
Kaatna कातना
Make thread on charkha
Kabaj कबज
When one feels diffficulty in smooth discharge of stool!
Kabra/ Chitkabra कबरा, चितकबरा
Used for skin condition which has numerous spots.
Kachkachi कचकची
The strong desire for a particular job
Kachoulla कचौळा
A flat surfaced, round, metal tray for drinking milk etc. (a mini 'thalli')
Kachra कचरा
A melon from a varieties of melon family.
Kad कद
When कब
Kadd कड़
The back कमर
Kaddthal कड़थल
To lay down on back, कमर के बल लेटना।
Kade/ kibe कदे/ किबै
Sometime कभी
Kaddi कड़ी
The thick wooden beam used for ceiling of houses
Kadd-Ka-Baans कड़ का बाँस
The backbone
Kad Mai Darad कड़ मैं दर्द
Backache, you need to go for a “dharan dabav” धरण दबाव to fix your spinal cord
कढी A very tasty side dishes made from yoghurt [dahi],yellow in colour served hot.oommm!
Kadhia कढिया
An unnecessary quarrel (e.g. “Tu sab ke saath kyoon kadhiya kar rahya sei?” तू सब के साथ क्यूं कढिया कर रहया सै?)
Kadhwani कढावणी
Earthen pot used to boil milk on 'hara' हारा milk is left to cook in it the whole day and turns pinkish and gets a peculiar taste
Kai कै
Kainchi कैँची
The cross-leg obstacle performed by a ‘kabbadi- player - to pull down the opponent.
Kainda कैंडा
The exact (amount, quantity) [The milkman delivers the exact quantity of milk यो दूधिया कैंडे का दूध दे सै]
Kaka काका
Uncle (Father's younger brother)
Kaki काकी
Kalaash काळस
Home made black eye color
Kaleela कलीला
A parasite, thick bug (which clings dogs and domestic cattle)
Kaleva कळेवा
The breakfast of a kisan sent directly to him in the field, when he is ploughing.
Kali कली
(i) The main written part of a desi song or ‘Raagni’ रागनी का मुखड़ा अंतरा (ii) The art of copper-plating – polishing a layer of another metal on utensils etc.
Kallar कल्लर
A barren land with very hard surface. 'Kallar dharti' was used by farmers for separating the grain from the harvested crop, using traditional methods
Kallevaar कल्लेवार
The brunch time/ before noon (9-11 a.m.)दिन का दूसरा पहर
Kalli-shahi काळी शाही
Black ink
Kalpuchhi कळपूँछी
A bufalo whose entire tail is having black hair (जिस भैंस की पूंछ में सारे काले बाल हों)
Kalsanda कळसंडा
The blackish person
Kamand कमंद
An ornament worn in the waist by ladies
Kamera कमेरा
The hard working fellow मेहनती आदमी
Kamoi कमोई
A brand new medium size earthen pot
Kamthaanna कमठाणा
Shelter or the place of normal stay. Also see “Thaudd-Thikannaa” ठौड़-ठिकाणा below.
Kanaat कनात
A cloth-tent
Kanaghat कनागत
A 15-day period (in October-November according to Indian calendar) - when it is time to remember our ancestors - customary, not a hard tradition
Kanaster कनस्तर
An iron pot (canister - also called 'peepa' पीपा)
Kancha कँचा,गोळी
Toy Marbbles .
Kangdi Pahalwan कंगड़ी पहलवान
Very weak man (a sarcastical referrence)
Kangha कांघा
A Large hair comb.
Kanghi कांघी
A small hair comb.
Kanjar कांजर
A rare nomad caste – the word used for a fellow who habitually speaks in a loud tone.
Kanjoos Makhi Choos कंजूस माक्खी चूस
Term for a miser fellow ('Maha kanjoos' महा कजूस)
Kangdi Pahalwan कंगड़ी पहलवान
The weak fellow (a sarcastical referrence) दुबला पतला आदमी
Kankhadd कनखड़
The fellow whose ears look like that of a rabbit खड़े कानों वाला
Kanntaana कणताना
(Verb) -same as Jheekhnna झीखणा above
Kanphedd कनफेड़
The swelling on face, near one of the ears, an infectious disease
Kanthara कनठारा
Bank of a river/pond जोहड़ या नदी का किनारा
करम-ठोक: The unlucky fellow जिसकी किस्मत कमजोर हो
Karanza करंजा
The wooden tile (used in the ceiling of the house)
Karddaai करड़ाई
Bad days/ danger
Kargas कर्गस
The vulture गिद्ध, (Also see 'Girhaj' गिरहज)
Karonth करोंठ
Sleeping by sides करवट
Karrdda करड़ा
To decipline youngsters .(इस बालक नं करड़ा करौ)
Kasllet कसळेट
Obstruction or 'rukawat' रुकावट in a field (caused by a stone, root of a tree etc.) which interrupts the flow of a 'hall' हळ (Plough). This term is also used when there is an obstruction in the way of a bullock-cart (also called "Attall'आट्टळ)
Kasala कसाला
The laborious job [“Agricultural work is most laborious one” - खेती का काम घणे कसाले का हो सै ]
Kasola कसोल्ला
Small spade - an agricultural implement used for digging ground
Kasonn कसोण
Bad Omen अपशकुन
Kasoota कसूता
Excellent/ nice/ marvellous: "Yoh tey kasoota kaam kar diya" योह के कसूता काम कर दिया
Kasauraa कसौरा
An earthen bowl
Kassan कासण
Katehla/ Katehlee कटेहळा / कटेहळी
A wild, thorny plant seen in summer months. Its seeds look like mustard-seeds
Kati/ Katti कती/ कत्ती
Definitely (कतई ‘katai’ in Hindi/Urdu)
Katiya कटिया
Buffalo's female calf
Katra काटड़ा
Buffalo's male calf
Kaatter कात्तर
Small piece of cloth
Kattal कत्तल
Something cut in pieces or the piece of a broken earthen pot टूटे हुए मिट्टी के बर्तन का टुकड़ा या कोई भी ऐसा कटा हुआ भाग । जैसे हलवाई कहता है - "थाळ में धरी-ओड़ बरफी की कत्तल काट ले"
Kattfoddaa कटफोडा्
Woodpecker,a bird with long beak.
Kat-tee (कटती)
Backbite चुगली, निन्दा (जैसे - तू क्यूं उसकी कटती करै सै - तू क्यों उसकी निन्दा करता है?)
Kaulli Bharnaa कौळी भरणा
To grip someone’s chest or stomach with both hands (such as being done by two wrestlers)
Kaulrra कौलड़ा
A piece of cloth (chaddar, chunni etc.) twisted several times like a rope. This hard 'kaulrra' is a pet weapon of ladies to beat menfolk near Holi festival
Kaayee/ Kawaai काई / कवाई
Weed (a green jelly grown in water)
Kacha काच्चा
Handsome man
Kachi काच्ची
Beautiful lady
Kachari/Kachhar कचरी/ काच्चर
Small fruit from a creeper that is sour in taste and use for making sour and spicy chutney
Kanta/Kaanda काँटा/काँडा
Kebhraa केभरा
Perhaps शायद
Kehn/ Kinghaan-nei
केह्न / किंघां नै: Side “to which direction?”
Keedda-Kanta कीड़ा-कांटा
The poisonous insect like snake, scorpion etc.
Keel कील
Nail, piece of iran or metal used to join things together
Keela/ Beegha/ Marle कीला / बीघा / मरले
The units of measurement of land, still in use
Keeli कील्ली
A wooden stick through which the yoke is attached to the body of a plough (‘Hall’ हळ)
Kesudda केसूड़ा
Same as ‘Ghoodchadhi’ घुड़चड़ी above
Khaacha/ Khaanchaa खाँचा
(i) Slippery mud ('Kichadd कीचड़), after rain etc. (ii) Frame
Khaadda खाड़ा
(i) The wrestlers’ place – ‘Akhaadda’ अखाड़ा in Hindi (ii) To make an issue or an useless quarrel (Also see ‘Kadhia” कढिया)
Khaapra खापरा
(i) The empty space in a field where the seed could not grow because of some deficiency in soil, low moisture etc. खेत का कुछ भाग जिसमें कम नमी आदि के कारण बीज नहीं उगा हो (ii) Parts of human skin where some ugly spots have come up मानव की चमड़ी का वह हिस्सा जहां कुछ दाग पड़ गए हों
Khadd खड़
The time of sunrise/ sunset [“This cow lactates 5 Kg milk each time” - या गावड़ी एक खड़ 5 किलो दूध दे सै]
Khadd-doo खड़दू
Quarrel/ Uproar (Also see 'Saankaa' सांका below)
Khaddaam खड़ाम
A wooden chappal worn by a monk (also called 'Khaddaoon' खड़ाऊं)
Khaddbathua खड़बथुवा
A wild, useless vanaspati found in the crop area
Khadtaall खड़ताळ
A small musical instrument with loose brass pieces, giving sweet sound when two of them are hit with each other
Khaggad खागड़
Unmarried ox
Khagnna/ Khasnna खगणा / खसणा
Useless debate/ to lock horns (“Tu uss gail kyoon khaggann laag rahya sey?” तू इन गैल क्यूं खग्गण लाग रहया सै?)
Khandana खंदाना
(verb) To send somebody to another place किसी को भेजना
Kaadhna काढना
To do embroidery
Khaaj/Khasotni खाज / खसूँटणी
Khaamkha खामखा
Unnecessarily - close to Urdu word 'Khaamkhwah' खामख्वाह
Khaand खाँड
White raw sugar - a khandsari product
Khaapra खापरा
Gap of land, especially in an agricultural plot. खेत के बीच का वह हिस्सा जहां फसल नहीं उग सकी हो ।
Khaar खार
The dry leaves of chana (gram) plant (these are salty leaves and are considered a tasty diet for all domestic cattle, especially the camels)
Khaar-ki खार-की
The first-time pregnant buffalo
Khaat खाट
Cot or chaarpaai (Typically, woven jute)
Khaata Ghol खाटा घोळ
Process by which a favorite seasonal recipe (raabdi राबड़ी) is made
Khaati खात्ती
Name of a caste, expert in carpenter jobs and house building
Khaatte-Peette Ghar Ka/Ki खात्ते-पीत्ते घर का / की
A polite description of a plump boy/man/woman
Khadanja खड़ंजा
A floor made of bricks generally for the pet animals
Khadhaa खढा
A ditch in the earth (in Hindi: 'gad-dha' गड्ढा)
Khahee खाही
A clay-boundary of a plot of land or a field
Khaint खेंट
Rivalry/enmity दुश्मनी
Khakhaat/ Khakhataa खखाट/ खखाटा
Running fast
Khakhaarnaa खखारणा
To produce a particular sound from throat
Khaall खाळ
The temporary open drainage (generally made of clay) in the field for irrigation purposes
Khall खळ
A by-product of mustard extraction process, an animal-feed सरसों की खळी
Khallkhota खळखोटा
Having bath by way of pouring water with the help of a jug: लोटे से पानी डाल कर नहाना (जैसे मां बच्चे को नहलाती हुई कहती है - "खळखोटा, मामा मोटा")
Khalwa खळवा
The supports used on buggi for takhtas
Khan-na-khuddhi खान्ना-खुड्ढी
A game played by rural children –A small hole is dug in the ground for each player. The player shoots the ball with a stick, runs and has to come back quickly at his own ground-hole before being hit by another player.
Khandwaa खंडवा
A style of head wrap or 'Pugree' - a symbol of honour
Khann खण
Storey of a house मकान आदि की मंजिल [e.g. कुतुब मीनार के दो खण पहल्यां ढ़ह गये थे]
Khannondhaa खाणोंधा
Khanjhar खंझर
The uneven but very hard, sturdy clay-bricks (caused by overheat) भट्ठे में पकाई गई आड़ी-टेढी, मजबूत नीली ईंटें
Khapparbharnna खप्परभर्णा
The term generally used by ladies for a naughty person in the household
Kharadd खरड़
A heavy and thick cloth of cotton used as a carpet
Kharadh खराध
The job relating to cutting of iron pieces and related activities
Kharaans खराँस
A small machine to crush the grains, looking by a desi 'Kohloo', powered by two bulls. अनाज का दलिया आदि बनाने की एक देसी चक्की जो आजकल दिखाई नहीं देती (बिजली की मशीनें आने के बाद) । यह बिल्कुल एक गन्ने के कोल्हू जैसी दिखती थे, जिसे बैलों को जोतकर चलाया जाता था ।
Kharkhodar (खरखोडर/ खरखोढ़र)
A hole inside a tree's stem - natural or made by a bird or animal for residing in it पेड़ के तने या बड़ी सी डाल में बना हुआ छेद जो या तो खुद बन जाता है या किसी पक्षी (कटफोड़ा आदि) या गिलहरी आदि द्वारा बनाया जाता है ।
Kharsaan खरसाँ
Summer season गर्मियों का मौसम
Khareez खरीज
Currency coins/ change (not paper currency but coins only)
Kharnna खरणा
Race/ clan/ dynasty वंश, नस्ल
Khasootanni खसूंटणी
Itching in the skin
Khasra खसरा
Khatar खातर
(i) “For you” तेरी खातिर (ii) To take care of सेवा-पानी
Khataudd खातौड़
The workshop of a village carpenter or 'Khaati' खात्ती
Khateba खटेबा
Mischief (also called ‘Albaad’ अळ्बाद)
Khatka खटका
The electric switch बिजली का बटन
Khatooli खटौल्ली
A smaller version of khaat खाट
Khaunsdde खोंसड़े
Old worn out shoes
Kheda खेड्डा
Problem समस्या
Khees खीस
The substance derived after boiling of milk of a buffalo/ cow, obtained just after giving birth to her calf. This milk is very rich and difficult to digest. ‘Khees’ looks like ‘paneer’ and is considered a heavy diet.
Kheladde खेलड़े
The dried pieces of cucumber. ककड़ी को काट कर सुखा लिया जाता है, बाद में उन टुकड़ों की सब्जी बनाई जाती है । उन सूखे हुए टुकड़ों को 'खेलड़े' कहते हैं ।
Khellja खेळजा
Unnecessary things, meant to throwing away फालतू का कबाड़
Khidhwaa खिधवा
Tiny, invisible insects in the clay in rainy season, responsible for skin itching among human beings and domestic animals
Khijana खिजाणा
To tease
Khil खिल
To be defeated in wrestling (i.e. “पहलवान तै तावळा ऐ खिल हो-ग्या”)
Khilkati खिलकटी
To tease or make fun of someone
Khindaka खिन्डका
Turban of Tau (see 'Khandwaa' खंडवा above)
Khindhanna खिंढाणा
To split/ scatter
Khinno खिन्नू
Ball गेंद/ (Also see 'Geendo'गींडो)
Khobhdda खोभड़ा
A piece of wood/tree’s branch fixed somewhere temporarily (as a peg etc.)
Khoddia खोड़िया
The act of dancing/ rejoicing of ladies in the home-village of a bridegroom after the wedding-party (‘baraat’) has left for bride’s place. This continues till the newly-weds come back along with wedding party.
Khohl खोल्ह
To make certain points clear at the time of a deal
Khohlaan or Haryaah खौल्लहां / हर्याह
A vagabond buffalo (ऊत या बदमास भैंस )
Khohee खोही
Dried sugarcane after extracting juice from it. Khohee is used as a fuel for boiling the sugarcane juice.
Khood खूड
A unique word - The deep line made by an animal-driven 'hall' हळ (plough)
Khoonchie खूंची
To embrace each other with both arms around hugging with loving feeling.
Khoond खूंड
(i) Quarrel: e.g. They fought with each other: उनका आपस में खूंड बाज-ग्या (ii) A

wooden log buried half in sand, like a pole.

Khoonda खूंडा
A blunt knife or instrument such as [Falli]used in ploughing,(खूंडी फाळी)
Khoondhi खूंढी
a buffalo which has lost one of its horns (कटे सींग वाली )
Khoonsat खूंसट
A weak, feeble man: "Khoonsat buddha" खूंसट बूढा
Khoota खूटा
A long piece of wood/iron attached to ground - for tieing domestic animals
Khooti खूटी
An in-built, multipurpose wooden hanger fixed in a wall, found in traditional Indian houses
Khor खोर
The fixed, table-like earthen or cemented pot for feeding the domestic cattle. Also called ‘Lhaas’ ल्हास in some areas, like in Mohindergarh district.
Khora खोरा
The sandy material derived from a brick-klin देसी भट्ठे की राख जो रास्ते को पक्का करने के काम आती है
Khossan खोस्सण
To mess-up the clothes or to crush straws etc. मूंज आदि को कूट कर उसका 'खोसण' बना देना
Khuddka खुड़का
Noise शोर
Khurehraa खुरेहरा
The iron-brush which is applied on the body of an ox or a horse
Khoppar/Khoppad खोप्पर
Same as "Andy" आंडी
Khubhaat खुभात
The hard work कड़ी मेहनत
Khubhak खुभक
To feel the pinch of some sharp object किसी चीज का चुभना
Khud Maarna खुद मारना
To hit someone with a tip of stick.
Khulliyaa खुळिया
A stick plucked from a tree in the shape of a modern hockey-stick: the pet tool for village children for playing desi-style hockey game called "hul-lee" हुल्ली
Khur-Kheechana खुर-खींचणा
The act of rendering help to a buffalo/cow at the time of delivering the calf – in the same way as a midwife does for humans.
Khurchann खुरचण
The half-burnt milk layer stuck-up inside the earthen pot called "Kadhaawnni" कढावणी
Khurhand खुरहंड
The dried-up black layer over a healing wound
Khurkana खुरकाना / धमकाना
किसी बात पे धमका देना To rebuke
Khyaas ख्यास
Care/ To look after देखभाल, गौर
Kikrouli किकरौळी
The fruit of 'keekar' कीकर tree (not fit for eating)
Kinnachhna/ किणछना
To be annoyed on petty matters बेमतलब गुस्सा करना [“Why are you annoyed - if you can do this task easily, then do it, otherwise leave it” - किणछै मन्ना, काम करणा हो तै कर ले, ना तै राहण दे ]
Kiralkant किरळकांट
Chameleon गिरगिट
Kiwaad किवाड़ / कुवाड़ / दरवाजा
Kilki किल्की
The shriek / yell, for example (Kilki maar Ke haasya - laughed with Shriek)
Kiraadd किराड़
The trader/ Bania बनिया
Kisaari किसारी
A tiny insect which moves by jumps फुदकने वाला एक कीड़ा
Kochar कोच्चर
To completely crush/squeeze something कचूमर
Kocko कोको
Kod/ Koddek/kododd कोड/ कोडेक/ कोडोड़
Words used to convey terms ‘how big’ ‘how much tall’ etc. कितना बड़ा/ लंबा इत्यादि [e.g. “How large is this village” - यो गाम कोड सै: “How old is the boy” - छोरा कोडेक सै]
Kod-daa कोड्डा
To bow down (like when picking up something)
Koddaa ho kea kaan pakadd कोड्डा हो क कान पकड्
To bow down to pick on to ears.A school punishment in olden days.
Kodhaanne कोढाणै
When/ “At what time” कब/ किस वक्त
कोहणी :Elbow ,(कोहणी मार दी)
Kohlaa कोहळा
The pumpkin fruit सीताफल
कोलड़ा: Twisting a piece of cloth like a rope किसी कपड़े या दुपट्टे को रस्सी की तरह बना दें तो इसे ‘कोलड़ा’ कहते हैं ।
Kolddaa कोलड़ा
same as above word but:it is used as playing Fagun by ladies, part of HOLI FESTIVAL,फागुण खेलणा,कौलड़ा मारदुंगी.घणा मज़ा आव़.
Kolhaddi कोलहड़ी
A round-shaped, heavy piece of stone which is pulled by bullocks to break the hard soil
Kolhu कोल्हू
Device to take out juice from sugarcane and make gud.
Kolla कोळा
The pillar of a house
Kol-lee कोल्ली
A small wooden bracket with a slot in the centre. This piece of wood is fixed at the both ends of a rope at the time of churning the milk or tying the rope to a bucket.
Kondhra कोंधरा
a wild plant generally found in monsoon season - a green vegetable.
Konya/Koni कोन्यां / कोनी
'No' or 'Nahin' नहीं
Koodna कूदणा
To jump over .
Kookrri कूकड़ी
Bundle of thread woven on a 'charkha' चरखा
Koohlna कूहलणा
(Verb) To cry because of body-pain or disease etc. [“The old man is sick and is crying while lying in his cot: बूढा बीमार सै आर खाट में पड़्या-पड़्या कूल्है सै ]
Koolharri कूल्हड़ी
A small earthen pot used to keep dahi or 'seet'
Koongar/ Kullang कूंग्गर / कुल्लंग
A healthy young man
Koonjadda/ Maalli-Koonjadda कूंजड़ा / माळी-कूंजड़ा
One who grows vegetables on a small scale
Koonn कूण
(i) The corner (ii) who (‘koun’ कौन)
Koop कूप
The temporary store where ‘tooda’ (animal fodder) is kept
Kootru कूतरू
Baby Dog
Korvaa कोरवा
Irrigating the wheat crop for the first time after sowing
Kothar कोठार
A special cell where sweets and eatables are stored during a community lunch or dinner such as on weddings etc.
Kothi कोठी
The boundary of a well
Kothllee कोथळी
An external pocket or 'potlee' पोटळी made of a thick cloth, used for keeping tobacco meant for a 'hukkah' हुक्का
Kottak कोत्तक
Derived from Sanskrit word ‘Koutuk’ कौतुक. In villages, it means strange behaviour or action.
Kounch कोंच
The hollow portion on both sides of human belly
Kouncha कौंचा
A flat spoon kept by confectioners एक बड़ा सा पल्टा जिसे आम तौर पर हलवाई इस्तेमाल करते हैं
Koutri कौतरी
The female owl
Kua/Kuan कूआ
Well: a water reservior of community with bigger mouth accessible to many people at same time
Kubeez कुबीज
(i) The seed which is hard to grow न उगने वाला बीज (ii) The bastard, not the real son of one's parents जो असल मां-बाप का ना हो /गैर खानदानी
Kui कूई
Well - Water well with nerrow mouth, a water reservior of house serves few people with nerrow mouth
Kubhad कुभद
Mischief ('Albaad' अळबाद)
Kuchelli कुचेळी
The mischievous fellow (also see ‘Kubhad’ कुभद above)
Kudh/ Koodha कुढ़/कूढ़ा
The heap/ piled-up material बड़ा सा ढ़ेर (Also see ‘Dhooh/ Dhoolha’ ढूह/ ढूल्हा above)
Kudta/Jamphar कुड़ता / जम्फर
Designer shirt of tai
Kuhadi कुहाड़ी
Axe - An agricultural implement used for chopping, can be used as contruction equipment or a weapon
Kulachhanni कुलच्छणी
A vagabond buffalo (जिसके गळे मैं खूट्टा बांध दिया करैं... जो भड़क कै पूंछ नैं ऊपर-नैं ठा-कै भाज लिया करै!) - also called 'Haryya' हर्या, sometimes also used for out-of-control women in a negative manner
Kulhaan कुल्हां
A very small earthen pot looking like a mini-pitcher – normally used near Diwali festival
Kullabatti कुल्लाबात्ती
The act of twisting the body by the child on a soft surface like bed or sand.
Kullak कुळक
When one person shows impatience and strong desire in doing something, भाई रे इसके तो इस काम की कुळक उठ ग्यी।
Kullmulaana कुळमुळाना
The sensation in hands to do some hard job: i.e. “The teacher’s hands were striving for beating the truant students - “बाळकां नै पीटण ताहीं मास्टरां के हाथ कुलमुलावैं थे”
Kullsedd कुळसेड़
A bad omen, Apprehension of a bad happening.
Kundlee कुन्डळी
A tiny iron ring used by a blacksmith. छोटा सा लोहे का छल्ला जिसे लुहार इस्तेमाल करते हैं । लोहे की चादर में छेद करने के लिए कुंडळी को नीचे रखकर उसके ऊपर एक कील रखकर हथोड़े से चोट मारी जाती है ।
Kumbh Ka Mela कुम्भ का मेळा
The famous festival which comes after an interval of 12 years, to take a holy bath in the river Ganges (गंगा नदी)
Kunba कुणबा
Kunba-Dhaanni कुणबा धाणी
Annihilation or elimination of an entire family
Kunda/Kundi कुंडा / कुंडी
Door lock
Kunnak कुणक
Any particle which gets inside human eye आंख में पड़ा हुआ कोई धूल आदि का कण
Kurandh/ Kurhand कुरंढ / कुरहंड
A wild herb which is useful for healing the broken bones etc. (its dry powder is mixed in hot milk)
Kurddee कुरड़ी
An open store for household waste
Kush कुंष
Another instrument fitted in a traditional ‘Hall’ हळ – the long, heavy iron rod – sharp on one side. This sharp portion is responsible for splitting the soil.
Kutta-khijawanni कुत्ता खिजावणी
To irritate somebody like kids irritate dogs/puppies
Kuzzi कुज्जी
A tiny pot of clay
Kyaar/ Kyaari क्यार / क्यारी
An agricultural plot


Laa ला
A very thick, strong rope
Laad लाद
The wrestler’s special trick - lifting the opponent and throw him on the ground: (“पहलवान ने लाद का दाव लगाया”)
Laadna (लाडणा)
The string to tighten the trousers or desi ghaghri etc. इसे हिन्दी में "नाड़ा" कहते हैं ।
Laar लार
Line/ row पंक्ति/ कतार
Laara लारा
Continuity [“The flow of water stopped in the drain” - दाहने में पाणी का लारा टूट-ग्या]
Laa Liya ला-लिया
To think of [e.g. “Do you this job will be completed soon?” - तन्नै के ला-लिया यो काम तावळा हो-ज्यागा?]
Labaddgutta लबड़गुट्टा
The talkative fellow बातूनी आदमी
Labdheek लबढीक
The Siberian migratory bird (crane) sighted in India during winter
Lachar-Pachar लचर-पचर
Something that is loosely fastened and thus move haphazardly
Ladd-dhoo लड़धू
The easy-going fellow
Laggadd लाग्गड़
The buffalo which has just delivered her calf (तुरत की ब्याई भैंस)
Lahach लहच
Defect in the leg, causing imbalance while walking
Laaggu लाग्गू
Ploughly deeply
Laamann लाम्मण
The bottom portion of a desi skirt ('Ghaaghri' घाघरी)
Laamnni लामणी
The art of harvesting the crop by hand, using sickles
Laandi लाण्डी
The buffalo which has lost its tail (कटी पूंछ वाली)
Laangadd लाँगड़
The portion of men’s dhoti which is visible from back-side
Laann लाण
Scattered, harvested wheat crop, ready to be crushed by a sunny day
Laat लाट
(i) Sugarcane molasses. This black, thick liquid is mixed in tobacco powder, meant to be used in 'Hukka' हुक्का. (ii) Peak of a tall building
Lahandaa/ Langaar लहंडा / लंगार
A big group of domestic cattle
Lahsua/ Lesua ल्हेंसवा/ लंहसवा
A tree with broad leaves, becoming rare now
Laakkadd लाक्कड़
A heavy/thick piece of wood
Lakcheer लकचीर
Straight line (on a paper or wall etc.) लकीर
Lakhana लखाणा
To see/ watch
Laksar लकसर
The extra rope tied to a traditional swing (on a branch of tree etc.): पींघ कै बांध्या औड़ रस्सा
Lala लाला
The male child (used in Western UP and southern Haryana) लड़का/ छोहरा (Lali लाली: The girl-child)
Lannihaar लणिहार
A person or a group of persons from the village of husband who come to bride’s parents for the purpose of escorting her to her husband’s village – a practice to be carried out after the marriage.
Lankaa लंका
A vagabond lady with a very bad image and ready to fight any time. The elders use this word only in anger.
Lapsi लापसी
A delicacy like 'Halva' हलवा
Larajna लरजणा
Movement of branches of a tree by strong wind or due to access of weight tied to them [This lengthy branch of tree swings too much यो लाम्बा डाळा घणा लरजै सै ]
Lath लठ
A thick stick or 'laathi' लाठी - has also been a pet weapon of Jats during traditional warfare.
Latholli लठोळी
The medium sized Lathi
Latoor लटूर
Latta-Odhnaa लत्ता ओढणा
A social tradition when a widow accepts another person (normally her ex-husband's brother) as her supporter.
Latte लत्ते
Lattu Chasna लट्टू चासणा
Switch on the light bulb
Laudhi लौढी
An oval-shaped stone used to crush spices or to make 'chutney' चटनी over a stone-slab.
Lawara लावरा
The young of buffalo or jhotta generally upto 4-5 months only
Leda लेडा
The ‘Baniya’ caste बनिया
Leechadd लीचड़
A miser/lazy fellow who does not finish a job in time
Leekdde लीकड़े
Strings, tiny parts of grass etc.
Leendi-Thok लींड्डी-ठोक
A cowardice fellow - called so in humor: "Darpok - leendi-thok" डरपोक लींडी-ठोक
Leepa-potti लीपा-पोत्ती
Decoration and minor repairs of a mud house
Leepna लीपणा
To apply the soil mixed with dung – as a plaster on the walls of a mud-house or over its floor.
Leetre लीतरे
Worn out footwear (also called 'Khonsadde' खौंसड़े)
Leit/ Leitddi
लेट/ लेटड़ी: A small pond with shallow water where buffalos like to have a dip in water and mud.
Levdda लेवड़ा
Peeled coating of a wall of mud house
Levti लेवटी
The milk container in the body of a cow/ buffalo etc. – above her nipples (Also see ‘Ohaddi’ ओहड़ी below)
Lhaffann ल्हफण
The ending portion of tree branches etc. पेड़ की टहनी आदि पर आगे वाला पतला हिस्सा या लटकने वाले तिनके । एक नई बुहारी के आगे के पतले से तिनकों को भी 'ल्हफण' कहते हैं
Lhafoosdde/ Lhipoosdde ल्ह्फूसड़े / लिफूसड़े
(1) Strings from a tree or anyother object, (2) Backbiting to instigate a fellow
Lhaarsa ल्हार्सा
Attachment to a person/ place
Lhasi/Seet ल्हासी / सीत
Home made skimmed milk
Lheekh ल्हीख / लीक
Nit -larva of head lice
Lihaaf लिहाफ
The cloth-cover of a Quilt or 'Rajaai" रजाई
Likkaddnaa लिकड़ना
To go out
Lobban लोब्बाँ
Fox (Male: Laubrra लोबड़ा )
Lodhna लोढणा
The traditional method of separating the cotton-seed from the harvested crop कपास से बिनौला और लोगड़ को अलग- अलग करना
Loggadd लोगड़
Raw cotton रुई
Londaa लौंदा
A small hand-ball of wet clay गीली मिट्टी का एक गोला जो दोनों हाथों में उठाया जा सके
Londhon लंढन
As in England, description of an exotic place (i.e.'Yah jagah koun si Londhon sei!" याह जगहां कौन सी लंढन सै?)
Loochra लूचरा
One who walks here and there in a loosely manner
Lookha/ Lookhi लूखा / लूखी/ ल्हूखी
कोई भी खाने की चीज जो कि अकेले ही खाई जाये, किसी मिलावट के साथ नहीं । जैसे अगर बच्चा बिना किसी सब्जी वगैरा के सिर्फ रोटी खा रहा है तो मां कहती है - ल्हूखी रोटी क्यूं खा सै, थोड़ा सा दूध पी ले इसकी गैल ।
Lot लोट
(i) The currency note (ii) To lie down/swim in a pond e.g."Buffalos are swimming in the pond": जोहड़ मैं भैंस लोट मारैं सैं
Lowei/Lavei-Dhorei लोवै /लवै-धोरै
Near, Nearby नजदीक, आस-पास [e.g. None will come near him: उसकै तै कोए लोवै बी ना आवै]
Loyee लोई
The tiny ball of wet wheat-flour, before preparing chappati आटे की लोई
Loi लोई
A wool's blanket , उन की गरम चद्दर
Lugaddi लुगड़ी
The mini-blanket made of ‘dowati’ (डोवटी की चद्दर)
Lugai लुगाई
Lady (commonly used in villages)


Maachnna माचणा
Show-off or being mischievous, A child doing mischief and not listening to others. [for example, the mother scolds her son: तू क्यूं घणा माच मैं आ रहया सै?]
Maada/Maadi माड़ा / माड़ी
Weak or little. Example-1: Some one might be weak physically or ecnonomically, Example-1: 'Maadda sa de de' it means 'give a little'
Maadda-Motta/ Chuna-sa/ Kena-sa माड़ा-मोटा / चुन्ना-सा / केन्ना-सा
A little bit (‘Thoda-bahut’ थोड़ा बहुत)
Maahl माहल
Well-built and strong, superman like Bheem (तगड़ा आदमी: "इसा देख्या-ए ना माहल")
Maahn माँह
Inside भीतर
Maanda मांडा
A thin hand-made, tasty bread (Plural: Maande मांडे)
Maanjan माँजण
Traditional broom (‘Buhaari’ बुहारी)
Maat माट
A large earthen pot
Maata मात्ता
Chicken pox
Madaari मदारी
A person who entertains a crowd by showing his pet animals' skills (Reenchh, monkey, dog or even a goat)
Mahkaar/ Mukhaar महकार / मुखार
A good smell, such as that of flowers
Mahwat माहवट
The rains during winter season, a boon for crops like wheat, mustard etc.
Maka/Makha मका/मखा
A meaningless word used as a proverb, to put stress and address someone [ “Listen, just come here” - मका, उरे-नै आइये ]
Makkar मक्कर
To pretend sickness [e.g. He is pretending and does not want to work: वो मक्कर भर रहया सै, काम ना करणा चाहता]
Makkarhyai मक्कर-हयाई
A lady pretending to be sick to avoid work
Maleeda मलीदा
See ‘Choorma’ चूरमा above
Mall मळ
But लेकिन [But there is one thing…” - मळ एक बात सै...]
Mallang मलंग
A healthy young man, fond of wrestling
MallGhech मळघेच
The rough and tough guy with no tensions and having no sense of doing things properly
Malook मलूक
Neat/ tidy/ beautiful (this word is used in Western UP)
Malota मलोटा
Charity for bitch by singing poem when she gaves birth to puppies (घालिये मालोटा, खेड़ी आळा झोटा - झोटे तळै बुहारी, तेरा बेटा पटवारी) । गांव के बच्चों को छोटे पिल्लों से काफी लगाव होता है । जब कुतिया ब्या जाती है तो कुछ बच्चे एक ग्रुप बना कर घर-घर से छाछ, रोटी आदि मांग कर उसे खिलाते हैं । इसे "मलोटा" कहते हैं ।
Manas Khaani माणस-खाणी
The man-eater devil (female) – an imaginary character डायण
Mandassa मंडासा
A simple hat: wrappings of a long piece of cloth
Mandeir मंडेर
A boundary wall – not too high
Mandyaa-Rahana मंड्या रहना
Deeply engaged in a job लगा रहना
Manggar मंग्गर
back-side of human body – backbone portion.
Mangtaa/ Maanganiyaan मंगता / मांगणियाँ
Beggar ("Bhikhari" भिखारी) Plural: Mangte मंगते
Mail Khora मैलखोरा
Earthen made scrubber
Maraudd मरौड़
The sense of pride
Markhanni मर्खणी
A buffalo which is habitual of attacking human beings
Mariyan मरियां
The lean and thin girl
Maroddaa मरौडा्
Diarrhea ,frequent passing of stools.
Maroaddnna मरोड्णा
To bend an object or item.
Masann मसाण
The disease of malnutrition in children बच्चों में सूखे का रोग
Maskaudda मसकौड़ा
To twist/ squeeze the body to make space (such as on a bench etc.)
Mastoo मस्तू
A fat log of wood which is used for crushing sugar in a confectionary लकड़ी का मोटा सा सोटा जिससे हलवाई खांड आदि को कूटते हैं
Matbal मतबल
Same as ‘matlab’ मतलब in Hindi
Mateera मतीरा
Kachra, कचरा An eatble.
Math मठ
The term used when some job is ruined. [The work was progressing but this guy ruined it - काम ठीक चाल रहया था, इस ऊत नै आ-कै मठ मार दिया]
Math Maarna मठ मारना
To ruin a job [“The job was progressing well, but that guy’s interruption ruined it” - काम ठीक चाल रहया था, पर उसनै बिचाळे मैं आ-कै मठ मार दिया]
Maujij मौजिज
A respectable and responsible elder person of a locality
Mauklla मोकळा
Enough/Ample काफी/ घणा
Meeh मींह
Meehaan मींहाँ
Very thin बारीक - जैसे “मीहाँ सा घट्टा”
Meengann मींगण
ऊंट या बक़री का गोबर - यह गोलाकार एवं ठोस होता है । इसकी Fuel Value बहुत होती है । गांव मे इसको दूध ताता करण के काम लिया करैं!
Meidha मेड्ढा
A set of several tall plants of sugarcane tied together in the field (ईंख का मेड्ढा)
Meij मेज
A thick wooden slab drawn by bulls or a tractor – for leveling the soil in a field, after ploughing.
Meir मेर
Help / favour, to take sides
Mera-Matta/ Mera-Bataa मेरा-मटा / मेरा-बटा
Same as ‘Daakki’ डाक्की
Mhall म्हाळ / माह्ळ
Beehive – honey-bees’ nest मधुमक्खी का छत्ता
Michkoo मिचकू
The fellow with tiny, short eyes जिसकी आंखें बहुत छोटी हों
Miindhaa मींहढा
A goat-bull
Miner माइनर
The man-made mini canal for irrigation
Minnasna मिणसना
(verb) To measure नापना ["Please measure it" - इसनै मिणस ले]
Mizaan मिजान
The state of mind/ nature ‘मिजाज’
Moaedd मौड्
Bridegroom,s face and head decoration,(मौड् बाधंणा)
Modda मोड्डा
A wandering monk, Sadhu साधु (Plural: Modde मोड्डे)
Mogra/ Mogri मोगरा/ मोगरी
The thick stick of wood – normally used for washing clothes.
Mokh/Mokha मोख / मोखा
A hole kept in the roof of a village house – for sunlight etc.
Moggha मोग्घा
A large hole, usually round in shape, for example a hole in irrigation channel
Mooll मूळ
(i) Principal amount मूलधन (ii) “At all”, बिल्कुल भी [i.e. He will not at all allow it to happen: वो तै इस काम नै मूळ बी ना होण दे ]
Moosal मूसळ
A very thick and 4-feet odd piece of wood used for crushing the grain in an 'Oonkhal' ऊंखळ (stone pot). Jats use the moosal for fighting also!
Mooth मूठ
The portion of a 'hall' हळ (plough) which the farmer grips with his hand
Mori मोरी
Same as 'Patnaal" पतनाळ
Mosna मोसणा
(verb) To twist/tilt something [ This boys eats the bread after making a roll of it - यो छोरा रोटी मोस-कै खा सै ]
Motijhaara मोत्तीझारा
A childhood communicable disease
Mottaan मोट्टां
Same as khate-pitay ghar ki (खाते-पीते घर की)
Moud मौड़
The artificial, shining crown worn by the bridegroom during marriage ceremony.
Mouklla मौकळा
Plentiful, excessive काफी मात्रा में
Mouladd मौलड़
An illiterate, semi-wise but healthy fellow
Moulasara मौळसरा
Your husband' mother's, brother
Mud-dha मुड्ढा
A hand-made stool - made of sarkanda sticks
Mugdar मुगदर
A stone/wooden roller used for exercise
Mujhya/Mujhhak मुज्झया, मुज्झक
The joy of riding सवारी का आनंद [The little boy is fond of Swing’s ride - छोटे बाळक नै पींघ की मुज्झया लेण का शौक सै]
Muh Dikhai मुंह-दिखाई
A belated fee for the 3-D view of the bride
Muuh-Kaaynn मुँह-काण
The tradition of ladies going to another village to express sorrow after the death of a near or dear one. The Bengali word “Rudaali” रुडाली is perhaps most appropriate for this term.
Munji मूँजी
Kanjoos कंजूस (miser)
Mustandaa मुस्टंडा
A careless/ irresponsible young man
Muudhaa मूधा
A position to lie in a different pose - upside down - i.e. the belly touching the ground ("Woh muudhaa paddya sey" वो मूधा पड़्या सै)
Muthapadda मुथापड़ा
The front portion of a bullock-cart बैलगाड़ी का अगला हिस्सा जिसके साथ जूए को बांधा जाता है
Mutthhoaw मटठो
A sweet and passionate kiss between lovers.मनै ऐक मटठो देदे,चमभौ


Naaddehli नाड़ैहली
wooden wedge for plough.
Naaddehli नाड़ैहली
A pencil-type wooden part of a traditional plough लकड़ी की बनी हुई एक डंडी जो हल में लगती है
Naahu/nuunh नहु/ नूँह
Nails ('Naakhoon' नाखून)
Naakasi नकासी
Kind of local prade of the groom around the village with songs
Naall नाळ
(i) A small bamboo pipe used for passing the liquid medicine into the throat of a domestic cattle
Naali-Khali नाळी-खाळी
Drains in fields – for irrigation [also see Daahnaa दाहना]
Naara नारा
A well devloped young male calf.
Naariya नारिया
Naatna नाटना
(Verb) (i) to deny मना करना (ii) The time when buffalo/cow does not lactate [The buffalo is not lactating these days - आजकाल भैंस नाट रही सै ]
Naath नाथ
A thick rope inserted in the noses of bullock to control its movements
Naavaddnaa नावड़ना
To fit into किसी जगह में ठीक से 'फिट' हो जाना
Nabiya Aalla Saal नबिया आळा साल
Means the year 1933 AD [i.e. Vikrami or Desi year 1990 - The Vikrami era is 57 years ahead of Christian era]. Northern India, especially Jatland areas, were heavily flooded due to torrential rains for 3 weeks (non-stop) and famine was caused by this deluge. [विक्रमी संवत 1990]
Nacheet नचीत
Free from all worries निश्चिन्त (Also see Nifraam ‘निफराम’)
Nakkar Mode नाक्कर- मोड़े
Not convincing/ false excuses
Nakkchutti नकचूटी
A hand-made forceps and a needle attached to it - useful for extracting a thorn from any part of human body
Nakchheenknni नकछिंकी/ नकछींकणी
A wild herb which gives us sneezing if it is inhaled or put near the nose.
Nakel नकेल
A thin metal rod which is fitted into a camel's nose to harness him.
Nakka नाक्का
The term used in irrigation of fields - the water outlet
Nall नळ
(i) The throat: Why are you laughing with a wide mouth – your throat is visible? क्यूं नळ पाड़ रहया सै? (ii) The water pipe पानी का नल
Nalle नळे
The Hernia disease (e.g. The boy is suffering from hernia छोरे कै नळे हो रहे सैं )
Nallai नळाई
To dig the earth with the help of a hand-tool, between the standing crops कस्सी, कसोले या खुरपे आदि से फसलों की नळाई-गुड़ाई करना
Nambardaar नम्बरदार
The commissioned agent in a village for the purpose of collecting land revenue. This ‘agency’ is attached to a particular family and is transferred to the son after death. The Nambardaar has the responsibility to collect land revenue from villagers and deposits it in Government’s treasury. In turn, he gets 5% commission (‘Pichountraa’ पिचौंतरा) on the deposited amount.
Nakta-Nakti नकटा-नकटी
A person having small nose
Nandau/Nandoi नणदोई
Your husband's sister's husband
Nasti नास्टी/ न्हास्टी
Nassadhi नसद्धी
The unlucky one
Nauhraa नौहरा
A large house, meant for domestic cattle and a sitting place for elderly persons. A nauhraa is generally not locked any time and has a large entrance gate.
Nazar Jhaad नजर-झाड़
When a female member of your family treats your unspecified ailment!
Neem-Jhaddai नीम झडाई
A tradition where the younger, unmarried sister of bride welcomes the bridegroom before the main marriage ceremony (at the time of ‘Barouthi’). A green branch of ‘neem’ tree is used by the girl to touch the crown of the bridegroom. बारोठी के समय बंदड़े की नीम-झड़ाई
Neg नेग
Relationship रिश्ता
Neharnna नेहरणा
The hand-made nail cutter नाखून काटने का देसी ब्लेड जिसे गांव के नाई रखते हैं
Nei नेई
The front brass pipe of hukka which is picked up by right hand before inhaling the smoke हुक्के की नली का सबसे आगे का भाग जिसे आम तौर पर हाथ से पकड़कर कश लिया जाता है
Nem नेम
To swear in the name of some near or dear one किसी की कसम खाना [‘He swore in his son’s name - उसनै छोहरे का नेम ठा लिया]
Neol न्यौळ
Mongoose नेवला
Netham नेठय्म
Perhaps शायद
Nett-taa नेत्ता
The rope used for spinning the ‘Rayee’ रई in the morning (to separate fats or ‘ghee’ from sour milk yoghurt.
Nezza नेज्जा
A thin stick of bamboo used for making a traditional ink-pen
Nezzu Aur Daul नेज्जू और डौल
A string and a bucket attached to pull bucket full of water from the well
Nhass न्हाँस
The hollow portion inside the nose
Nhastty न्हाँसटी
The small, cute nose
Nhaspadda/ Naspeta न्हाँसपड़ा / न्हाँसपेटा
The fellow having a small nose
Nichlaa/ Nichlaya निचला/ निचलाया
(i) The lower portion (ii) Steady/silent चुपचाप, बिना हरकत के
Nifraam निफराम
Free from all worries निश्चिन्त (Also see ‘Nacheet’ नचीत)
Nikharche निखरचे
They money which one gets as pure savings "बिना खर्च" [“His salary is like a pure saving” उसनै तै निखरचे पईसे मिल्लैं सैं]
Nikhddoo doodh निखड़ू दूध
Fresh, raw, pure milk
Nimbouli निम्बौळी
The fruit of 'neem' नीम tree (It is a tasty fruit when ripe)
Nirbhaag निर्भाग
The wicked fellow दुष्ट
Nirnnabassi निर्णाबासी
The state of fasting – one who has not eaten anything since morning (संस्कृत का शब्द ‘निरन्नवासी’)
Nivaar निवार
The 2-inch odd strip made of strong cotton-threads – used to knit a traditional bed called ‘chaarpai’
Nivayaa निवाया
Warm/ cozy
Noon नूण
Salt नमक, लवण
Nooni नूणी
(i) Tindi Ghee ताजा निकाला हुआ घी (टीण्डी घी) (ii) The salty surface of land caused by dropping of salts by high level of ground water. Also called ‘Reh’ or ‘rehi’ रेह/ रेही
Nugra नुगरा
कृत्घन One who does not have praise/value for the favour done
Nyaar न्यार
Animal fodder पशुओं का चारा
Nyahanni न्याहणी
a sharp instrument kept by a carpenter एक पैना औजार (मोटे से पेचकस जैसा) जिसे खात्ती या बढ़ई रखते हैं
Nyaraa न्यारा
Separate (also termed when a family splits "Dono bhai nyare ho gaye" दोनों भाई न्यारे हो गये)
Nyam-Shyam न्याम-श्याम
A free gift from the shopkeeper along with the bought material. Also known as 'Roonga' रूंगा.
Nyaanna न्याणा
To tie the buffalo/ cow tightly before milking दूध निकालने से पहले पशु की टांगों को मजबूती से रस्सी से बांध देना
Nyau न्याऊ
“The useless fellow” निकम्मा आदमी
Nyoon न्यून/न्यूं-नै
That side उधर
Nyolli न्यौळी
The piece of cloth in which the currency or silver coins used to be wrapped and then tied to the waist for safety.
Nyota/ Nayonda / न्यौता / न्यौंदा
Invitation निमंत्रण


Oad ओड
(i) This much/ So much इतना ["You are grown-up now, cant you do even this much of job?" - तू ओड बड्डा हो-ग्या, तेरे तैं ओड काम बी ना होता?] (ii) A nomad tribe of Muslims which generally makes its livelihood by petty thefts etc. एक मुस्लिम जंगली जाति जो कि चोरी आदि करके अपना गुजारा करती है
Oatt औट
To put support under the wheels of havy vehicles to stop it from rolling.(औट लादो)
Obra ओबरा
A small room adjacent to the lobby ('saall' साळ) of a village house
Odaa ओडा
Pretence बहाना
Ohaddi ओहड़ी
The milk container in the body of a cow/ buffalo etc. – above her nipples
Ojnna ओजणा
(verb) To pour on a liquid [“pour on the milk in the pot”: दूध नै कढावणी में ओज दे ]
Okh /Oohkh ओख
Traditional method of drinking water - using your hand, curving your palm and attaching it to your lips.
Olay ओळे
Olha ओहला/ओल्हा
A 'chunni' चुन्नी covering the face of a village lady to show respect to elders (also called 'ghoonghat' घूंघट)
Oojne औजणे
The deep desire to eat a particular dish by a woman during her pregnancy
Oong-dyo ऊँग-द्यो
To oil a bullock-cart's 'dhuri' धुरी or wooden 'bearing' so that both the wheels run smoothly and friction is reduced
Oonkhall ऊँखळ
A heavy stone-pot used for crushing the grain
Oolahanna उलाहना / उलाहणा
To complain about.
Oontaddi ऊंटड़ी
A wooden part fitted on the frontal portion of a bullock-cart लकड़ी का बना हुआ एक टेढ़ा सा पुर्जा जिस पर पैर रखकर बैलगाड़ी की सीट (पंजारा) पर बैठा जाता है
Oopraa-talli ऊपरा-तळी
One above the other, in an unplanned manner [e.g. Baby dogs are sleeping closely, one-on-the-other: पिलूरे ऊपरा-तळी पड़े सोवैं सैं ]
Oot ऊत
Opra/Bhoot ओपरा/ भूत
Most commonly referred to as ghost or evil spirit, but has many meanings also name of a famous talk show host (oprah winfrey), a theatre/musical performance nazar:when you can’t use any of the above excuses but need to get away!
Osaan औसाण
Relief फुर्सत/ अवसान
Osraa ओसरा
Turn/duty (It is now my turn: “Eib mera osraa sey” ईब मेरा ओसरा सै )
Orei-Dhorei ओरै-धोरै
Nearby आस पास
Ornnaa ओरणा
A pipe made of wild sticks - placed in the backside of a 'hall' हळ (plough). The seeds pass through this pipe at the time of sowing.
A mud-boundary wall
Otnnna ओटणा
to bear the burden, to tolerate बर्दाश्त करना, जिम्मेदारी लेना
Oudhaanne औढ़ाणै
This time इस वक्त


Paachar/Fanchar पाच्चर/फांच्चर
A tiny strip of wood inserted in a gap of furniture etc. by the carpenter
Paadd lagaana पाड़ लगाना
To break a portion of wall to enter the house for stealing (e.g. “Raat ko choron ne ghar mein paad laga di” रात को चोरों ने घर में पाड़ लगा दी )
Paaddchha पाड़छा
A covered spot where water-well (pulled out by ‘Rahat’ रहट) is first stored for a little while.
Paadhraa पाधरा
Paadkala पैड़काळा
Paalaa पाल्ला
The dry leaves of a thorny bush ('Jhaarr' झाड़) - used for feeding the cattle
Paall पाळ
A large heap of mud taken out of a pond ('Johadd' जोहड़)
Paalli पाळी
The cowboy: one who on duty to graze domestic cattle in fields or meadows
Panna पान्ना
A traditional block of a village – normally a large village contains 4-6 ‘Pannas’.
Paanh Mai Darad पाँ-में-दर्द
When you really don’t want to do anything!
Paansoo पाँसू
The thick bone on both sides of waist. कमर के बराबर में दोनों तरफ की मोटी हड्डी
Paasang पासंग
The odd weight put in either of the scales of a traditional weighing-machine, to keep its balance equal. तुला के दोनों पलड़ों को बराबर करने के लिए रखा हुआ वजन (ii) A little bit थोड़ा सा
Paannehyan पाँह़याँ
Walk,Travel on foot,Travel without transport .
Paant पाँत
Twists of a rope on one side of a traditional cot ('charpai चारपाई ) - meant to keep it tight and being used as a 'foot-rest'
Paanteya पाँतया
Foot side of cot,
Paant पाँट
The lengthy, fat piece of wood which is driven by bullock/ camel in a ‘Rahat’ रहट or Kolhoo कोल्हू
Paraat परांत
The large size dish, normally made of brass, for mixing the wheat powder etc. or for keeping sweet dishes in a confectionary.
Paar पार
Another name for Trans-Yamuna land (Western Uttar Pradesh). 'Paar' means "Jamuna Paar".
Paarva पारवा
A person who lives across the Yamuna river ('Jo nadi paar kar ke yahan aaya hai" जो नदी पार कर के यहां आया है) i.e. a person from UP region. Female: Paaro पारो. (Attention: those on Up side, also call the Haryanavis and others as "Paarva"!)
Paasnnaa पासणा (i) Verb
to “pour into/insert” i.e. “to insert the rope into the well”: “कूए में नेज्जू पासणा” (ii) Noun: To run away out of fear: e.g. “Immediately on sight of the lion, the herd of deer ran away”: शेर नै देखतीं-हें हिरणां का पासणा पाट्या (also see ‘Paddgaddat’ पड़गड़ाट)
Paat पात
(1) The quantity of tobacco for one round of hooka-session (10-12 grams or so:: 'ek paat tamakhoo' एक पात तमाखू (2) Green leaves: e.g. 'saag-paat' साग पात )
Paatdda पाटड़ा
The wooden stool (of low height) for sitting
Paatdda-Fer पाटड़ा-फेर
The change the position of bride and the groom in the middle of the main marriage ceremony फेरे लेते समय दूल्हे और दुलहन का स्थान बदलना
Paatna पाटणा
To burst/ blast फटना
Paava पावा
The leg of a traditional cot (Plural: Paave)
Paavasnna पावसणा
Readiness for cow/buffalo for milking
Pachhaada पछादा
The Westerner - one who belongs to western part of a state/area पश्चिम की तरफ से आया हुआ आदमी
Pachhande पछण्डे
Fast movement of legs especially when someone is lying on bed etc. [The child is lying on the bed and moving the legs: यो बाळक खाट-पै लोटा-लोटा पछंडे मारै सै]
Pachhela पछेला
A component of a traditional plough देसी हल का एक पुर्जा
Pachheet/ Pichhokadd पछीत/पिछोकड़
The backside/ backyard पिछवाड़ा
Pachhet/ Pachheta
Late/ lately sown crops पछेत/पछेता: देर से किया गया काम या देर से बोई हुई फसल जैसे 'पछेते गेहूं/ पछेती जवार'
Pachgandaa पचगण्डा
Means use of sugarcane (for chewing and tasting its juice) for the first time after its sowing - at the time of Dussehra festival
Paddgaddat पड़गड़ाट
Sound of running of a herd of cattle (also see ‘Paasnnaa’ पासणा)
Paddakhnna पड़खणा
To bite with teeth. This term is generally used for a biting dog पड़खणा कुत्ता (काटने वाला कुत्ता)
Pad-dhaan पद्धाँ बैठना
Backside of human body, around backbone. [This boy is fond of riding my backbone (like a horse ride) – इस छोरे नै मेरी पद्धाँ बैठण का शौक सै]
Paer पैर
The plot of land used by a farmer for various acts on a harvested crop
Paidd पैड़
(i) Footprints (ii) The platform around a well (iii) Scattered harvested crop, ready for crushing.
Paij पैज
To act against a person, just out of jealousy
Paindaa पैंडा
Attachment/ closeness [normally used “to get rid of “or “पीछा छुड़ाना”/ “पैंडा छुटवाणा”]
Pait Mai Darad पेट-में-दर्द
Pakaava पकावा
An expert in making 'gudd' गुड़ and other khandsari products, usually from western Uttar Pradesh
Palaez पलेज
The harvest of green vegetables such as gheeyaa, tauri, Tindaa घीया, तौरी, टिंडा etc.
Pallka पळका
Reflection of sunlight (through mirror, water etc.)- also see 'Chyondha'च्योंधा above
Palothann पलोथण
The small amount of wheat-powder for applying to Loyee (लोई) at the time of preparation of a ‘chappati’
Palpatton पिलपोट्टण
Small grape size fruite
Palta पलटा/पल्टा
A flat spoon used for making halwa etc.
Panaanna पनाणा
(Verb) To sharpen a knife or blade etc. पैना करना [“This knife is blunt now, it will have to be sharpened”: यो चक्कू खूंठा सै, पनाणा पड़ैगा ]
Panjaara पंजारा
Seat of a 'driver' of bullock-cart
Pannihaari पणिहारी
The woman who fetches watcher from the well कूऐं से पानी भरकर लाने वाली औरत
Palwa/Palliya पळ्वा/पलिया
A small bowl with a long handle used to take hot milk out of 'kadhawni' कढावणी meausring roughly 250ml.
Pahndha/Pandha पैंढा / पांढा
Earthen local made water pitcher
Pahlauthi पहलौठी
The first time [This is the first child of his mother यो पहलौठी का बाळक सै]
Pahnuchgaya पहुंचगया
To reach distination.
Parass परस
(i)Village chaupal चौपाल (ii) नापने का एक पुराना तरीका । खड़े होकर दोनों हाथों को कंधे की सीध में पूरा खोल देना - इसे 'एक परस' कहते हैं । ऐसा माना जाता है कि एक आदमी परस की लंबाई उसकी अपनी शारीरिक लंबाई के बराबर होती है ।
Paseej पसीज
To have soft corner द्रवित
Passo पस्सो
The shape of four fingers like a spoon and the quantty of something put there.
Pansli Mai Darad पंसळी-में-दर्द
A term used by villagers when they feel acute backache or chest pain and feel the need to see a doctor
Paraall पराळ
The dry rice-plant (after harvesting)
Pataava पतावा
A piece of leather or thick cloth, kept inside a shoe
Patbeejnna पटबीजणा
‘Jugnu’ जुगनू -A harmless fly, the body of which shines in night (glow-worm)
Patehadda पटेहड़ा
Flat surface ["He was drunk and fell down on the floor flatly - उसनै पी राखी थी, फर्श पै पटेहड़्यां पड़्या]
Pateira पटेरा
A tall plant looking like ‘baajra’ – which grows in standing waters during rainy season
Pathwadda पथवाड़ा
The plot where the ‘workshop’ of cattle-dung products is situated – where it is being converted into various sized ‘cakes’, then dried in sun, finally be used as a fuel (“Gobar paathne ki jagah” गोबर पाथने की जगह)
Pathera पथेरा
The person who prepares clay-bricks at a brick-klin.
Patiyaa पटिया
A garland made of peackcock feathers and its white strings. This garland is used on the occasion of Diwali to decorate cows and other domestic cattle (The peacock rejects its long feathers during the rainy season)
Patloon पतलूण/ पतलून
Patmelli पटमेऴी
The sense of one becoming highly abusive or quarrelsome (बिघन करना, नाक में दम करना: "इसनै तै पटमेळी लगा राखी सै")
Patri पतरी
A small coin-type gold/silver ornament hanging in a string – worn by women in the neck
Patth-Paarr पथ-पाड़
A gentleman habitual of free hooka or chilam (no contribution of tobacco from his side!)
Patnaal पतनाळ / पतराळ
A short earthen pipe fixed at the roof, through which the rain-water passes off.
Paulli पौळी
Sitting room for men-folk, separated from the main household – a favourite place for hukkah-party and gossips.
Pawaadda पवाड़ा
The act of quarrelling for no purpose, leading to disrepute (generally used for ladies)
Pazavaa पजावा
The old-style brick-klin which becomes a small hillock . पुराने ईंट-भट्टे की राख का टीला
Peedha पीढा
A hand-knit, tiny stool - smaller version of the a desi 'Charpai'
Peedhi ka Palang पीढी का पलंग
The super-fine desi heavy bed. Its strings are made of special, strong threads which last for decades.
Peehl पील/ पीहल
The tiny, sweet fruit of a wild tree called 'Jaall' (जाळ), found in May-June. It is in round shape and is almost the size of a ‘chana’
Peelia पीलिया
A disease and also a ceremony for the daughter's first born, called chhuchhak(छुछक)
Peengh पींग/ पींघ
A traditional rope-swing (Jhoola झूला)
Peepanni पीपणी
A mini algozza/ flute made out of a tiny hollow stem of wheat plant – favourite of village kids. Peepanni has a short life.
Peetalliya पीत्तळिया
Heavy loss of money or property भारी नुकसान, टोटा आ जाना [His household has suffered heavy financial loss - उसके घर का तै पीत्तळिया लिकड़-ग्या]
Peidkaalla पैड़काळा
Staircases for climbing upstairs
Peindha पैंढा
The water-pitcher (made of clay).
Peindhi पैंढी
A shelf on the wall
Peirnnaaपेरणा/Perni पेरणी
Name of a nomad clan whose members make their livelihood by making and selling items like hand-made toys, 'dugdugi' etc.
Peepni पीपणी
A small whistle which make sounds when air blown by keeping it in mouth. Also used for Whinning/crying after someone beat someone. [ इसा मारूंगा तेरी पीपणी बाजगी ]
Pesslist पेसलिस्ट
Specialist or doctor who performs the above
Peesnnaa पीसणा
To remove dirt,weeds from grains before flouring.
Peessu पीस्सु
A Sucker, A parasite which sucks blood from cattles. Also used for a person who indulge too much in anything.[फिल्मा का पीस्सु सै यो means he is a sucker of movies.]
Pichhwaadd/ Jha पिछवाड़ / झा
Rain-drops coming through the open windows etc. – due to winds
Pichountraa पिचौंतरा
The system of 5 per cent commission to be given to a ‘Nambardaar’ नम्बरदार by the Revenue Department of a state government. Nambardaar collects the land tax from the owners of agricultural land and deposits it in state treasury. This system was started by the British and still continues.
Pichwa पिछवा
The wind blowing from west to east
Pilazva पिलजवा
Pirwa पिरवा
The wind blowing from east to west
Phalli फाळी/ फाहळी
A common domestic instrument – for digging/removing clay, garbage etc., also called ‘Kassi’ कस्सी
Phaphat फाफट
The act of befooling others – such as by religious priests etc. ढोंग
Phetnaa फेटना
(verb) किसी से मिलना या भेंट करना [“Did he meet you?” वो तन्नै फेट्या था? ]
Phookni फूकणी
Metal pipe used for blowing air in chulha
Phupsara फुफसरा
Your husband's father's sister's husband
Pil/ pil-loo पिल / पिल्लू
A small hole dug in the ground for playing with coloured glass-balls ("Kanchaa-golli" कंचा गोळी)
Pilpottan Peehl पीह्ल / पिलपोट्टण
A small berry-type wild fruit(also called Peehl-पीह्ल )
Pilurae पिलूरे/ पिलुड़े
Piraas परस्स
Community resthouse of village
Pittarfool पित्रफूल
Pittassra पित्तस्सरा
Husband's father's brother.चाचा ससुर
Pla पळा / पळ्वा
A utensil used for serving milk
Pohancha पौंहचा
The hand-arm हाथ की कलाई
Pohanchee पौंहची
The string wrapped by a sister on her brother’s wrist राखी
Ponda पोंडा
A thick sugarcane stick
Ponsshh पौंश
Enlargement position of teats from udder, so milk can be extracted by hands.(पौंशगी)
Pooni पूणी
(i) "Mucus" running from nose (ii) Cotton-thread roll on 'charkha' is also called 'Poonni'.
Porva पोरवा
The one-third portion of a human hand’s finger हाथ की उंगली का तिहाई हिस्सा
Potdda पोतड़ा
The desi cotton-towel specially used as a drapper for new-born babies
Pothia पोथिया
The fat/ strong quality of a fruit etc. such as ‘Pothia Lahsun’
Poudd पौड़
A small bundle of 'sanni' or jute - ready to extract strings or 'sann' सण from it
Praysson 'परेसन'
The short, desi version of English word 'Operation' (surgical)
Puddat पुड़त/पड़त
The layer (of a cloth etc.) परत
Pudde पूड़े
Sweet dish made of oil, gudd गुड़ and wheat powder
Pul-laara पुल्लारा
The heap/ full to the bream [This cup of milk is full to the bream: इस लोटे में तो दूध के पुल्लारे ला राखे सैं ]
Pullee पुळी
(1) Same as English word ‘Pulley” (ii) a mini, narrow bridge छोटा सा पुल, जिसे 'पुळिया' भी कहते हैं
Purka पुरका
Last year पिछला साल
Purarka पुरारका
Last to last year पिछले से पिछला साल


Qair कैर
A wild thorny tree which has no leaves, but just green, stringed branches. Its green fruit is called ‘Teent’ टींट and ripe, red fruit, a ‘Peechu’ पीचू
Qasaar क़सार
A pet eating-powder for villagers, to be consumed with ghee घी - Qasaar consists of coarse flour roasted in a pot, along with crushed 'gur' गुड़
Qor (or Kour) क़ौर
A piece of jumbo dung-cake ('gossa' गोस्सा )


Raab राब
A substance gained after boiling the sugarcane juice - ready for extracting sugar or 'khaand' खांड from it
Raabri राबङी
The delicious and pet dish of villages of Jatland, prepared and cooked by a very simple method - we all know.
Raachh राछ
(i) An unsophisticated fellow (ii) Handtools and other equipment ["The carpenter's handtools" - खात्ती के राछ](iii) Used for utensils too(बड्डे से राछ मै साग काट ले)
Raadh राध
The puss/ abscess contained in a wound
Raagadd रागड़
Same as Hindi word ‘Raag’ राग but means “the unnecessary, lengthy talk” (e.g. “Now the matter is over, why are you repeating those useless talks?” “ईब तै मामला खतम हो लिया, तू क्यूं रागड़ छेड़ रहया सै”?
Raahnna राहणा
(verb) The act of hitting the round wheel of a grain-crusher with a sharp instrument, for its effective functioning. This is done by a roaming specialist. चक्की के दोनों पाटों को लोहे की गेंतियों से कूटना । इसको 'चाकी राहणा' कहते हैं । चक्की के पाट पत्थर के बने होते हैं जो कुछ समय के बाद घिस जाते हैं ।
Raakas राक्कस
Slightly derivated from the word 'Raakshash' राक्षस - a devil
Raal राऴ
The saliva coming from mouth मुंह से निकलने वाली लार
Raandhnna रांधणा
To boil or cook something in a pot- साग रांध लिया
Raend kaatnaa
राँद काटना: To finish a task, also called “Rog Kaatnaa” Doing a task of inferior quality, just finish in a haste
Raamjee रामजी
The term used by villagers for sky ('Akaash' आकाश )
Raan रान
Human thigh साथळ
Raan-na रान्ना
(1) One who has no job or is ignored by his inmates (2) Stray cattle are also called 'Raan-ne jaanwar 'रान्ना जानवर (3) A hard nut or a piece of grain which does not lose its stiffness even after being boiled ('Raan-na daanna' रान्ना दाणा )
Raappadd राप्पड़
Hard layer of top soil over the field, after the seeds have been sown. This layer is caused by small amount of rain because the surface is dried after some time and this layer of hard surface blocks the seeds to come up.
Raappi रापी
A mini knife used by a cobbler चमड़ा काटने का एक छोटा सा चाकू जिसे चमार रखते हैं
Raass रास
(i) The long rope by which the kisan controls the bullocks while ploughing the field (ii) The act of removing the husk from the harvested grain in an open area.
Raassa रास्सा
Quarrel/ difficulty (also called ‘saankaa’ सांका )
Rachondha राचौंधा
A disease - when a person is unable to see after sunset
Radda रद्दा
The palm-hit on the neck by a wrestler of ‘pahalwan’
Raddak रड़क
A small obstacle/ objection ["Some deficiency still remains in this task" - इस काम में थोड़ी रड़क रह रही सै]
Raddka रड़का
A thick/rough broom मोटा सा झाड़ू
Rahpat/Rahaptaa रहपट / रहपटा
A nice substitute for the word 'slap' or 'Thappadd' थप्पड़
Rahddoo रहड़ू
The small-sized bullock-cart
Rai/Rayee रई
Hand-woven Instrument (a wooden wheel) which is used for churning the milk (दूध बिलोने की रई)
Ralla राळा
Thick fluid left over after extracting sugar (Molasses)
Rallnna रळना
(verb) to mix up/ to be lost घुलमिल जाना/ कहीं खो जाना
Rambhanna रंभाणा
The sound of crying by a cow.
Ramjholl रमझोल
Very heavy anklets
Randa रांडा/रंडा
Widower or a 'forced bachelor'
Randheenn रंधीण/रांधण
Boiled diet such as 'Khichree' खिचड़ी or 'Daliya' दळिया
Rassa/Rassi रस्सा/रस्सी
Home made rope
Raulli रौळी
Dishonesty or dirty tricks (like when playing cards etc.)पैसे गिनने या वजन तोलने में बेईमानी या "रौळी" करना
Rayi रई
The wooden, hand-driven wheel used for churning the milk
Razbhaaya रजभाया / रजवाहा
A mini water-canal
Reeknnaa रींकणा
The sound of crying by a buffalo.
Reengat/ Reengta रींगट / रींगटा
The little boy (also see ‘Jeengadda’ जींगड़ा)
Reeni रीणी/रणी
The powder of dried and crushed wheat plants or ‘Toodda’ . Smallest particles coming after Tooda is passed through a Mess[Jharna].
Reentlaa रींटला
The fellow whose nose blows all the time (also called ‘Sinnackla’ सिणकला)
Rees Karna रीस करना
To copy some one (रंधीर सतं राम की रीस करे जा सै )
Reesla/Reesli रीसला/ रीसली: सोनू तै रीसला सै / नीतू रीसली सै
Reet रींट
Rejja रेज्जा
Cloth made from home spun thread
Rehhat रेहट
Old water system which uses bullocks to go round and round with chain of small buckets attached on a big wheel fetching water from a deep well.
Rehh/Rehhi रेह/रेही
A salty surface of land where crops cannot be grown
Rella/ Aandhee-Rella रेळा/ आंधी-रेळा
Swirling motion of wind (which goes upto sky)
Relli रेल्ली
Opposite of ‘desi’ 'देसी' का उल्टा - जैसे वनस्पति घी को 'रेल्ली घी' कहते हैं ।
Rell रेळ,मुनादी
रेळ देवाना, Make a public announcement about anything in a village by an appointed person with drum sound, Declaration of some decision by panchyat
Rencha रेंचा
A person whose eye-balls can twist in opposite directions भैंगा आदमी
Riff hona रिफ होना
(verb) To be adamant on some issue 'सिर होना' ['तो तै बेकार में मेरै रिफ हो रहा सै"}- also see 'Chapparna' चाप्परना above
Riffallnaa रीप्फळना
A talkative/ boastful fellow
Riptann रिपटण
Slippery surface after rainfall etc.
Rithaann रिठाण
The proper place or a place where one normally resides
Rod रोड
The fat/bulky lips of a human being. मोटे-मोटे ओठ
Rodoo रोडू
ऐसा आदमी जिसके ओठ मोटे-मोटे हों
Rohtak रोहतक़
The famous, historical town - lifeline of Haryana state
Rolla रोळा/ रौळा
Loud noise from a crowd or heated argument
Rollet रूलेट/रोल्लेट
An infant who happily plays/friendly with anyone/ The infant who doesnt cry to stranger's lap.
Rolla-Rapdaa रौळा-रापडा
A petty quarrel
Romtadda रोमतड़ा
The child who is habitual of weeping / the fellow who is has the habit of complaining रोने वाला बच्चा/ बिना बात शिकायत करने वाला आदमी
Ronjhee रोंझी
The name of a tree in the family of 'Jaanti' जांटी or 'Keekar' कीकर. These varieties are found in arid zones.
Ronjh/Rojh रोंझ / रोझ
A wild animal - looking like a hybrid race of a horse and a deer - commonly called "neelgaai" नील गाय
Rookka रूक्का
To call somebody (who is standing at a distance)in a loud voice
Roonga रूंगा
A free gift at the time of shopping etc. In Western Uttar Pradesh, it is called "lubhaw" लुभाव
Roonjhna रूंझणा
(verb) To earmark a spot/ object तीज के मौके पर पेड़ पर झूले डाले जाते हैं । कुछ दिन पहले एक डाल पर एक कपड़े का टुकड़ा (कात्तर) बाध दिया जाता है, इसे 'डाळहा रूंझणा' कहते हैं
Roonkh रूँख
The tree वृक्ष, पेड़
Rot रोट
A heavy and thick Roti (hand-made bread)
Ruppaiya/ Anna/ Adhanna/ Paisa/ Dhel-la/ Kaud-di रुपैया / आन्ना / अधन्ना / पैसा / धेल्ला / कौड्डी
Old units of currency
Ruundhi रूंढी
A round-horned buffalo


Saabball साब्बळ
A digging instrument लोहे की भारी भरकम, आगे से पैनी छड़ जो आम तौर पर जमीन में गाड़ने या छोटा सा गढ़ा खोदने की काम आती है
Saacheehein साचीहें
Really सचमुच
Saadhoo साढू
(i) Crops grown in rainy season (Kharif crops) (ii) “The husband of my wife’s sister”
Saag साग
Saaggall साग्गळ
A small container of thick cloth for keeping drinking water
Saaii साई
The advance token payment (non-refundable) at the time of finalising a deal for purchase of a domestic animal
Saiidd सैड़
Quick,Hurry.[ सैड़ दे ने कर!]
Saajinde साजिंदे
A group of musical instrument players
Saall-Bhaall साळ-भाळ
To keep a watch/Taking care of देखभाल आदि
Saambharnna सांभरणा
(verb) to clean with a broom/to sweep झाड़ू लगाना/ समेटना
Saang साँग
Rural drama played in an open area (derived from Sanskrit word ‘swaang’ स्वांग which means imitation). The person who takes part in this drama is called “saangi” सांगी such as the famous poet of yesteryears, Daada Lakhmi Chand दादा लखमी चन्द.
Saankall सांक्कळ
Saal/Dalaan साळ / दलहान
Master bedroom facing bagadd
Saalhadda साल्हड़ा
A heap made of small bundles of harvested wheat crop, meant to be sent for crushing after losing its moisture in the hot sun (Also called 'Chhyor' छ्योर in some parts of Jatland)
Saamakh सामख
A wild grass liked by grazing cattle
Saamannu सामणू
Crops grown in winter season (Rabi crops)
Saanjhi सांझी
A clay-idol mounted on a wall for a period of ten days - it is submerged in a village pond on the day of Dussehra दशहरा. This tradition still exists in many villages.
Saangad/Seengadd सांगड़ / सींगड़
Pointed metal part of 'Jelli' जेळी
Saangar सांगर/ सींगर)
A 2-inch long green, wild fruit found in the months of September-October, after rainy season. (यह देखने में भिंडी जैसा लगता है - यह एक बेल पर लगता है जो आम तौर पर बोझड़े या कैर पर चढती है )
Saankaa सांक्का
Quarrel/ Uproar ('Museebat' मुसीबत)- also see "Khadd-doo खड़दू" above
Saanni सान्नी
A delicious mixtures of fodder for domestic livestock - buffalos, cows etc.
Saanthee, Pawaad and Kondhraa सांठी, पवाड़, कौंधरा, चौळाई
These varieties of wild delicious plants are a tasty dish for villagers during the rainy season
Saantta सांट्टा
Leather ropes with thinkness app. 60mm and length app. 0.75 mts. Tied at the end of a stick to threaten a buffalo-bull ("Jhotta" झोटा) or a cow-bull "Baladh" बळध) to run. 'Saantta' is also used for punishing human beings.
Saapall/ Syappad/ Raapdaa साप्पळ / स्यापड़ / रापड़ा
An iron rod for digging earth etc.
Saappaddnaa सापड़ना
To come to an end: ("Ghee saappadd gya" घी सापड़ ग्या)
Saasra सासरा
The husband’s home/ village
Saathall साथळ
Human thigh: portion of leg above knee रान
Sagaai सगाई
The 'Ring ceremony' or betrothal ceremony, before marriage. The groom's relatives go to bride's house for presentation of gifts/ pleasantaries.
Sahbi साहबी
A river which appears only in rainy season - from the Aravali hills near Rewari and finally terminating in Yamuna river. This river has no particular route – sometimes this takes its route directly towards Delhi (via Najafgarh) and sometimes, towards Jhajjar-Rohtak-Panipat, submerging the villages which fall in its way. Now, it is a rare sight due to change of climate and developmental works which obstruct the natural flow of water.
Saham सहम
Sure/ easily [e.g. “This job will be done by sure”: यो काम तै सहम-ऐं हो-ज्यागा ]
Sahami साहमी
In front of सामने
Sakkar सक्कर
Also a khandsari product - brown-coloured raw sugar
Sakkarpaaraa सक्करपारा
A sweet dish – the piece of wheat-flour baked in sugar (chaasni चासणी )
Sakora सकोरा
An earthen glass or cup - for drinking tea or water
Salonna/ Salonne सलोणा/ सलोणे
The festival of “Rakhsha Bandhan” रक्षा बंधन – sign of love and respect between a brother and sister.
Salothri सलोथरी
The oversmart lady
Samaai समाई
Patience धैर्य
Samdhee समधी
A pure Sanskrit word still used in rural areas (means "a person who has the same kind of thinking as mine" - 'Dhee' धी means mind or 'buddhi' बुद्धि) - 'Samdhee' is one whose daughter is married to my son or vice-versa. Female: Samdhin समधिन
Samdhetta समधेटा
The son of 'Samdhee' समधी का बेटा
Sandaasi संडासी
The plier used to grip metals etc. लम्बी सी भुजाओं वाला देसी जमूर
Sandook सन्दूक
An iron Box, mainly for storing precious items like jewellery and clothes
Sann सण
Threads derived from the ‘sanni’ सणी plant (see ‘Sanni’ below). These raw threads are used for knitting a rope.
Sanni सणी
The name of a crop sown in rainy season. Its plant is 6-7 feet long. The bundles of this plant are soaked in water for several days, after which the raw material ‘sann’ सण is obtained for preparing ropes etc.
Sapela सपेल्ला
A snake-charmer ('Sapera' सपेरा in Hindi)
Sapaddnna सपड़ना
To east fast
To finish something
Sapallka सपळका
Swallowing something quickly
Sappnna सपणा,सपणे
Dream, Dreams.(मेरा सपणा साचा लिकड़ा)
Sapra सपरा
Something strange आश्चर्य, हैरानी
Sarkanda सरकंडा
A thick but hard stick (5-6 feet long) of a special grass which grows in wild. Sarkanda is used for making rural huts and, in earlier days, was also used for making special ink-pen ('Kalam' कलम)
Sarnaalli सरनाळी
A long grass which grows only in shallow, standing water
Satpata सतपता
The magic trick कोई जादू क्रिया
Sattarka सटर्का
Sleep for a short duration
Saudd सौड़
Quilt रजाई
Saulla सौळा
Right side or right hand
Sedhnna सेधणा
Something/ somebody which is harmful
Seem सीम
The border of a village (‘seema’ सीमा)
Seemmi सीम्मी
The desi noodles – the sticks of wheat flour which are first dry-baked on heat and then boiled in water – a unique dish of northern Indian villages. गेहूं के आटे की सेवियां
Seekhdadd सीखदड़
Novice/ Apprentice नया काम सीखने वाला/ रंगरूट
Seella सीळा
Cold ठंडा (सीलक – Coldness ठंडक )
Seelhaa सील्हा
Wet (गीला)
Seengre सींगरे
The fruit on reddish after being ripe मूळी का फल
Seera सीरा
A sugarcane product. This raw, reddish substance, along with molasses, is kept in houses and can be eaten with bread at any time during the year
Seernni सीरणी
To distribute sweets etc. on religious occasions खाने का प्रसाद ("ताऊ त्यौहार पै सीरणी बांटै सै")
Seet सीत
The sour white liquid left out after churning the milk and extracting fats from it - a tasty and favorite beverage for villagers. Also called 'Mattha' मट्ठा
Sehh/ Sehee सेह / सेही
A wild rat with long nails on its body (also termed 'zaihaya moosa' जैहया मूसा)
Sekka-Taaddi सेक्का-ताड़ी
Selli सेल्ली
Ser/ Paaiyaa/ Chhataank/ Taulla/ Massa/ Ratti/ Chawall सेर / पाइया / छटांक / तौळा / मासा / रत्ती / चावळ
The units of weight
Seva-2 सेवा-सेवा
Ploughing not too deeply
Sevaddaa सेवड़ा
The exorcist तांत्रिक
Sheroo सेरू
Two small arms (usually of bamboo - about 3-feet long)of a traditional cot (charpai चारपाई)
Shivashann सिवासिण
The girl who has got adulthood, fit for marriage (‘Chhohri shivashann ho-gi, eib byah denni chahiye' छोहरी सिवासिण हो गई, ब्याह देनी चाहिये). It seems, this is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shivasana’ शिवासन (Shiva’s pose).
Shotti शोती
Seasonal river for rainy season.
Shyaana स्याणा
Clever (but not popular) person सयाना आदमी
Shyaanpat स्याणपत
Sensibility बड्डे स्याणपत की बात कह्या करे
Shyalamm सिलम
About 9-inch long stick of yoke, located on both sides of the bullock's neck while it is pulling the cart
Sidhoyi/ Sakalli सिधोई/ सकाळी
Dawn/ before sunrise [“I went to the fields at dawn” - मैं खेत में सिधोईं (या सकाळी) गया था ]
Sikleegar सिकलीगर
(i) A hunter, nomad tribe of north India एक घुमन्तू, शिकारी जाति (ii) One who lives at a shabby or congested place मैली-कुचैली बस्ती में रहने वाला
Silbattaa सिलबट्टा
A stone-tile on which 'chutney' चटनी is prepared
Sil-la सिल्ला
The scattered pieces of grain found in a field after harvesting
Silganna सिलगाना
The burning of fire
Silonna सिलोणा
The famous Indian festival of sisters’ love towards brothers रक्षाबंधन का त्यौहार
Simaanna सिमाणा
The total area of a village, including its agricultural land
Sindharaa सिंधारा
The custom of gifts (clothes and desi sweets) sent to newly-married daughter’s house by her parents, during the rainy season (near ‘Teez’ तीज festival)
Singwanaa सिंगवाणा
To take care of/ to keep things in an orderly manner (“ Take care of household work”: “Ghar ke kaam ney singwaa lyo” घर के काम नै सिंगवा ल्यो)
Sinnack सिणक
The fluid which comes out of nose due to cold etc. (also called ‘Reent’रींट )
Sinnackla सिणकला
The fellow with a flowing nose (also see ‘Reentlaa’ रींटला above)
Sippi/Seepee सीप्पी
A tiny piece of iron used to clean the earthen pot ('handi' हांडी etc.)from inside (after boiling the milk etc. - "khurachne ke liye" खुरचने के लिये )
Sir Mai Bhadak सिर में भड़क
Genuine headache
Sir Mai Darad सिर में दर्द
Commonly used excuse
Sirddee सिर्ड़ी
The dirty fellow
Sirtee/ Sirtaa सिर्टी / सिर्टा
Top portion of jowar or bajraa plant - which contains its seeds (also called 'Baayl' बाय्ल )
Sirhanna सिरहाणा
The upper side of a traditional cot (Charpai) - the side on which the pillow is kept
Sirhonda सिरहोंदा/ सिरोंधा
A leather garland kept on the forehead of ox/ bull for decoration बैल के माथे पर लगाई जाने वाली चमड़े से बनी हुई एक माला
Siskaarna सिसकारना
To husk away (a dog or cat or other animals/birds) [‘Let this dog flee away from this place - इस कुत्ते नै आड़े तैं सिसकार दे ]
Sonha सोन्हा
Famous hot water geyser spot near Gurgaon, to treat skin disorders
Sodhi सोद्धी
The act to tackle something nicely
Soodha सूधा
A very simple person
Sooglaa सूगला
Someone who does not keeps himself neat and clean
Soondvaa सूंडवा
The flexible pipe used at tube-wells etc.
Soosaa सूसा
The little rabbit (खरगोश का बच्चा – संस्कृत का शब्द ‘शशः’)
Sohal सोहल
A round iron-scale which hangs against a string, for the purpose of measuring the straightness of a wall under construction मजबूत डोरी से लटका हुआ लोहे का लट्टू जिसे मकान की दीवार बनाते समय काम में लिया जाता है
Soharna सोहरना
(verb) To suck/ swallow [The fellow finished half of the cigarette in a single breath - वो डाक्की एक घूंट में आधी सिगरेट नै सोहर-ग्या ]
Sotta सोट्टा
A thick, 2-feet odd piece of hard wood (Plural: Sottey सोट्टे )
Sua सूआ
Injection, also heavy duty sewing needle (for quilts etc.)
Suhallee सुहाळी
The round mini-roti made of hard wheat-flour, fried in ghee
Suhaann सुहाण
Happy about something. Generaly used for a person being not happy with someone,something other got/achieved.
Sukhalli सुखाळी
A sticky paste made out of dried lady-finger plants, used as a purifier for sugarcane juice भिंडी के पौधे को पाने में भिगो कर एक चिकना पदार्थ बनाया जाता है जो उबलते हुए गन्ने के रस में डाला जाता है (उसे साफ करने के लिए)
Sulaakha सुलाखा
The fellow with normal eyesight (opposite of ‘blind’)
Sulljhedda सुळ्झेड़ा
To settle the matter, compromise, agreement.
Sultaa सुल्टा
Right side – opposite of ‘Ultaa’
Sunnsunniyaan सुणसुणियां
A rare and special race of white mouse ('Chhachhoonder' छछूंदर in Hindi). There is a saying: 'Saanp ke moonh mein Chhachhoonder' सांप के मूंह में छछूंदर )
Sunpat सुनपत/सुणपत
The actual name of the town which is now being spelt as ‘Sonepat’ (सोनीपत). महाभारत से पहले का बसा हुआ गांव - सोणप्रस्थ जिसे हरयाणा के लोग "सुणपत" भी कहते हैं । अंग्रेजो ने इंग्लिश में इसका नाम "Sonepat" लिखना शुरु कर दिया, इसलिए हिन्दी में भी लोग "सोनीपत" लिखने लग गए ।
Sussaat सुसाट
The sound produced by the feet of wild animals (deer etc.) when they are running fast
Suthani सुथनी
Suthra-Suthari सुथरा / सुथरी
Handsome - beautiful
Suttar सूट्टर
Desi pronunciation of English word 'sweater' (sleeveless sweater)
Suuhr सूहर
Nicety/ etiquette to handle something
Syatek-mein स्यातेक में
In a short while थोड़ी सी देर में
Syor स्योर
The stream of underground water which feeds a water-well जमीन के नीचे पानी की धारा


Taabar टाबर
Child or children (this word is spoken towards Rajasthan part)
Taagddi तागड़ी
A black string worn around waist by women and children
Taagga (Dhaga)
Taain ताईं/ताएँ/तैं
To him/her, Up to Now.
Taakha ताखा
The guy whose eyeballs are looking whitish and revolving in two separate directions without coordination
Taal-lee टाल्ली
Small bells tied on the necks of pets like ox, dogs, cats etc. छोटी सी घंटी
Taam-Jhaam ताम-झाम
Structure/ set-up
Taamack टामक
A huge drum which was used in ancient times to alert the whole area (a couple of villages) at the time of invasion by foreigners - Every group of villages (Khaap खाप) used to have one 'taamack' placed over the roof of a Chaupal - "टामक बाज्या खाप का". Though such an instrument or practice is non-existent now, this 'lupt' word is still being used in another sense: e.g. क्यूं टामक तोड़ै सै?: Why are you twisting your body?)
Taan तान
Help [Please help us a little bit: म्हारी थोड़ी सी तान साध दे ]
Taan - Maan तान - मान
Fragile , Delicate
Taand टांड
A high level shelving unit in the lobby of a house
Taang टांग
Taann ताण
To erect ,build it up .erect architecture .
Taar तार
Wire ,telegram ,तार आगया.
Taant टाँट/ताँत
(i) टाँट - The heap-like portion situated on the top portion of a bull’s neck (बुलध की टांट) (ii) टाँट - The shaved head of a human being (iii) ताँत - An old instrument to purify raw cotton रूई पीनने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला एक औजार जो देखने में इकतारे जैसा लगता है ।
Taap ताप
(i) Heat (ii) Fever बुखार
Taar-ae तार् To lower down,(तार् दे तळ)
Taawlla तावळा
Tagaar तगार
Heap of clay soaked with water - for construction of houses
Tagazza तगाजा
Haste ('Takazza' तकाजा in Hindi and Urdu)
Taagddi तागङी
An ornament worn by females around waist
Tagdrra तगड़ा
Same as "Thadha" ठाढा
Tai ताई
Feminine of Tau/ Father's elder brother's wife is called Tai /An elderly, respectable lady (Male: Tau ताऊ)
Taisara तायसरा
Your husband's father's elder brother
Takoo ताक्कू
The iron-rod in a spinning wheel ('Charkha' चर्खा )
Takti तकती
A wooden slate for school-children (तख्ती)
Talaaki तलाकी
This word is used in quarrel and anger or verbal heated exchanges. It should mean ‘You bastard’. It may also mean , a spurrned man, divorcee, left out. For example a lady says (in anger) to a truant boy: "तेरा तलाकी! देख्या ए ना!"
Tandeera/ Tandaa-Teraa टंडीरा / टांडा-टेरा
The small house-hold (when someone wants to leave bag and baggage, he says “ Ham to apnaa tandaa-Teeraa utha kar jaa rahe hain” हाम तै आपणा टांडा-टीरा ठा-कै जा रहे सां)
Tanhaall तनहाळ
Horse-shoe (also for a bull)
Tarddaa तरड़ा
The sound of fall of liquid, especially of water (such as tubewell etc.)
Tareidd तरेड़
Crevices ('Daraar' दरार)
Tarhho तर्हो
The sharp, talkative lady, similar to 'Chyamchiddi (च्यामचिड़ी)
Tarlaa तरला
The lower portion नीचे का हिस्सा
Taslla तसला
A Wide open iron steel pot variable size mainly used for picking dung or other use.
Tattkaari टटकारी
The term used when bullocks are forced to run fast (the kisan twists their tails to make them run faster)
Tat-taa तात्ता
Hot गर्म
Tau ताऊ
Derived from Sanskrit word ‘Taat’ तात. ‘Tau’ simply does not mean ‘uncle’. It is perhaps the most respectable relationship in the Jat society. ‘Tau’ should mean “The elder brother of one’s father or any aged/ elderly, respectable person of similar age”. Female: Tai ताई
Taudd तौड़
The result/ sum and substance
Taudda तौड़ा
Taul-laa तौल्ला
A saffron-coloured earthen pot, looking like a huge plate
Taur टौर
(i) When the hockey-stick hits the ball, it is called a ‘Taur’. (ii) To be pround of – e.g. “The fellow is a little proud now-a-days’ – “यो माणस तै आजकाल टौर मैं रहै सै”
Taura टौरा
The pride घमंड
Tebhllaa टेभळा
A piece of a wood/ string of grass etc. – used as a pen for rough writing i.e. the ‘tribal pen’.
Teeba टीबा
A small hillock of clay or sand
Teekali टीकली
A buffalo with a white spot on her head
Teekda टीकड़ा
Jumbo chana bread
Teemlaa टीमला
A burning stick or a piece of paper – to ignite fire. A burning match-stick is also called a “Teemlaa”.
Teent टींट
Raw fruit of a wild, tiny tree called 'Qair' कैर - this fruit is also called 'Peechu' पीचू when ripe.
Teep टीप
(i) The rubber tube like that of bicycle tyre (ii) Filling the cement between the bricks of a house-wall (after the construction).
Teetwaa टीटवा
The frontal portion of human neck, containing the life-tube
Teez तीज
The famous festival of swings ('Jhoole' झूले) during the rainy season. 'Teez' is the name of a tiny, red-coloured and harmless insect in the clay and is sighted only during this season.
Tekdda टेकड़ा
A mound of clay where water cannot rise due to its height
Tetthann तेत्थण
A buffalo which has lost one nipple out of four (3 थण वाली भैंस)
Thaadhu – ठाढू
loudly जोर से (i.e. “He is weeping loudly: वो ठाढू रोवै सै)
Thaali थाळी
Large bowl used to cool and drink milk
Thaann ठाण
The spot allotted for a domestic animal (derived from the word 'sthaan' स्थान)
Thaansre ठांसरे
Hard stems of crop used as fuel
Thaath ठाठ
Thad-daa ठाड्ढा
Strong and well-build person तगड़ा
Thadda थड़ा
A fat, heavy block of iron (weighing 50 KG or more) kept by an ironsmith, permanently fixed at ground. This is generally used as a base to hit the metal pieces with a hammer. लोहार द्वारा इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला लोहे का एक भारी सा ब्लाक जिसे लुहार रखते हैं (घातुओं को हथोड़े या घण द्वारा कूटने के लिए)
Thahee थही
The big layer of something [“The mother had placed a big bundle of hand-made bread in the kitchen” - मां नै रसोई में रोटियां की थही ला राखी थी]
Thalli थळी
The sandy surface – like in Thar desert of India (रेतीली जमीन)
Thaal-lii ठाल्ली
Leisure, having no work निठल्ला
Thappa थापा
The prints of a full-spread palm soaked in liquid or wet 'mehendi' मेंहदी. Thappa is put on a wall or on a cloth.
Thathera ठठेरा
An expert in repairing domestic utensils etc. बरतन भांडे आदि की मुरम्मत का पेशा रखने वाली एक घुमक्कड़ जाति
Thaud ठौड
The other hand or 'kinaara' किनारा of an object
Thaudd-Thikannaa ठौड़-ठिकाणा
The place where one generally resides
Thaulla ठौळा
A group of households in a village with same ancestory/ the very large extended family गांव के मोहल्ले के कुछ घर जो कुछ पीढियों के बाद काफी फैल गए हों - एक बहुत बड़ा कुनबा
Thaulledaar ठौळेदार
The oldest member of a 'Thaulla' एक ठौळे का मुखिया या सबसे बूढा आदमी
Theehe ठीहे/ ठय्ये
The series of ceremonies in a marriage, starting from “Teeka”.
Thegga ठेग्गा
A hard push/ jerk, causing a fellow to fell down
Thegllee थेगळी
A tiny piece of cloth sewn with a hand-needle on a torn part of dress. When a tiny ditch on a road is repaired by filling cement or charcoal in it, it is also called a 'thegllee'.
Thegree/ Theekree ठेगरी / ठीकरी
A round pebble or 'cheegsa' चीगसा put on the top of tobacco-powder inside the 'chilam' चिलम
Thehl ठेहल
Heavy, bulky भारी
Theith/ Dheth ठेठ / ढेठ
The original style (like “Theith desi jubaan” ठेठ देसी जुबान)
Thepddi थेपड़ी
Dungcake (a bit thin)
Thheka ठेक्का
Huge container to store grains
Thhokaer टोकर्
To stumble by foot beaing caught upon a stone
Thoodhroo ठूढ़रू
The hard backside of fingers when in fisted mode मुट्ठी बंद करने के बाद उंगलियों के मोड़ पर बने हुए सख्त हिस्से
Thoohe थूहे
False/loose talk झूठी, आधारहीन बातें [“He is talking senseless” – “वो निरे थूहे मारै सै”]
Thossa ठोस्सा
Hand-thumb हाथ का अंगूठा (जब किसी को चिड़ाने के लिए अंगूठा दिखाया जाता है तो उसे 'ठोसा दिखाना' कहा जाता है)
Tikari टिकारी
The tiny, shining spot छोटा सा चमकीला सा धब्बा [This well is very deep and only a tiny spot is sighted below - यो कूआ घणा डूंघा सै, इसमैं तै पाणी की छोटी सी टिकारी दीखै सै]
Tikkadd टिक्कड़
Same as 'Rot' रोट
Tindi टीण्डी
The fresh butter or raw ‘ghee’ नूणी घी
Tipoulla टिपौळा
A button-shaped substance of a tree's dried liquid ('goond' गूंद)hanging on its trunk or a branch
Tirmarey तिरमरा / तिरमरे
The oily substance etc. floating on the surface of water पानी के ऊपर तैरते हुए किसी और तरल पदार्थ के कण, जैसे कहते हैं - पाणी पै तेल के तिरमरे आ रहे सैं ।
Tivaaya तिवाया
A three-legged stool (tepoy) which is generally used at the time of crushing the harvest in a traditional manner
Tiwalaa (तिवाळा)
सिर में तेज चक्कर आना
Thignna ठिगणा
A fellow whose height is relatively short.
Thoodi/Thaudi ठूडी /ठौडी
Thoonth ठूंठ
A dry tree. An unwise person is also called a 'thoonth'
Thyanna थ्याणा
To be caught (e.g. 'The third was caught by police': Chor police key thyaa-gyaa चोर पुलिस कै थ्या-ग्या)
Thyaari ठ्यारी
Bitter cold कड़ाके की ठंड
Thyavas थ्यावस
Patience/ Recess
Tooda तूड़ा
Dried fodder for animals, specially made of wheat plants
Tokna टोकणा
Shiny brass-pot designed specially to be used as water pitcher or other usage ,this pot is nearly ten times larger people still use it on wedding occasion or big crowd we have two in our house.
Tookani/ Toknnee टूकणी / टोकणी
Shiny brass-pot designed specially to be used as a water pitcher
Toom टूम
Heavy bangles of silver worn in both feet by village ladies
टोकरा/टोकरी/छाबडा : A container made of flexible tree branches used for feeding fooder to cattles.
Toombaddi तूंबड़ी
The small earthen pot with holes all around – used during Diwali festival (an earthen lamp of a small candle is lighted inside the Toombaddi)
Toom-Thegree टूम-ठेगरी
The personal jewellery of a lady
Toonda टूंडा
One who has lost the upper portion of his hand
Tootree तूतरी
The small, curved pipe attached to a water-pot (Lotta लोटा etc.) used at a 'Piao' प्याऊ (centre for free drinking water)
Toppa टोप्पा
The drop (‘boond’ बूंद ) Plural: Toppe टोपे
Topiya टोपिया
Pan (पतीला)
Torvaa टोर्वा
The wooden part of a hooka-pipe on which the 'Chilam' चिलम is kept
Touk टूक
A small piece of roti (hand-made bread)
Treppani त्रेप्पनी
The single word derived from the figure 53: the lady having 53 interests
Treellli ट्रेली/Thelli ठेली
The trolley attached to a tractor
Tubal टुब्बल
Desi pronunciation for the word 'Tubewell'
Tughe/ Tugge टुघ्घे/ टुग्गे
The ball-type small, shiny stones used to play a game by girls
Tukek टुकेक
For a short while (‘Thoddi-si der” थोड़ी सी देर )
Tundaknna टुंडकणा
The handle of a tea-cup etc.
Turhaa तुर्रा /तुर्हा
The top portion of men’s pugree पगड़ी or ‘khandwaa’ खंडवा – it looks like a mini flag.
Tuttaati टुटात्ती
The bankrupt fellow or one who does not maintain a good living standard (derived from the word ‘Totta’ टोटा)
Tshaya त्साया
Thirsty ('Tis' तिस means thrust)
Tyor त्योर


Ubhaanna उभाणा
Bare footed नंगे पैर (बिना जूते पहने)
Uchang उचंग
Eagerness उत्सुकता [“Today, the Tau is eager to go to Hardwar” - ताऊ कै तै आज हरद्वार जाण की उचंग ऊठ रही सैं]
Uddhmass उधमस
A group of children playing freely without interruption, making loud noise and other mischiefs
ऊघाड़ा/ऊघाड़ी: Naked नंगा/ नंगी
Ujhal ऊझल
Overflow of a fluid, such as that of a river during floods.
Ukaas उकास
Recess/ Relief (same as 'Avkash' अवकाश)
To raise the position slightly from sitting or laying down.
Ulallo उलाळू
The position of a bullock-cart when it is overloaded on its back-side
Ullalwaa उलाळवा
A 20-inch odd thick piece of wood on the back-side of a bullock cart - used as a 'jack' to balance the overloaded cart
Ullanna/ Ulhaanna उलाणा / उलाहणा
Complaint that directly goes to your home
Ullgaa उळगा
Free/ not too busy.
Ullgat ऊळगत
Ullapna उळपना
To catch something in the air – like a cricketer’s catch
Ullhand उळहंड
The naughty job
Unmann उनमण
Cloudy weather बादल छाया हुआ मौसम
Urah-ne/ Urey-ne उराहनै/ उरे-नै
This side
Ussar-seenda उसरसींडा
The very naughty fellow
Utpaati उत्पात्ती
Mischievous (children)
Uubaram-soobraan ऊबरम-सूबरां
Plentiful, in excess (also see ‘Chhickmaa’ छिकमा and Annmeeta अणमीता)
Uudde/Unghe/Ut ऊड़ै / उंघे /उत
There (‘Udhar’ उधर)
Uukddoo ऊकड़ू
Sitting position when the entire body rests on feet alone
Uzzaggar उज्जगर
Open/ known to all [“Now this fact is known to all” ईब तै या बात उज्जगर हो-गी]


Vajeer वजीर
A minister in government .
Vaar/ Waari वार/ वारी


Waar-pher वार-फेर
A tradition when ladies of the village give some token money to the bridegroom: part of a marriage ceremony



Yanna याणा
The common man, not so wise. An Immature Age.
Yaava यावा
The looks on the face when someone feels purplexed
Yadi याड़ी

Z ज

Zaabtaa जाबता
The arrangement
Zaaedd जाड़
Wisdom Tooth or relating to number of teeth .
Zhdd झड्
Relates to rainy season, continuous rain for few days ,
Zalatkhora जळतखोरा
The envious fellow
Zawaraa जवारा
Bullocks' diet supplied on-the-spot to feed them while they are engaged in ploughing the field.
Zeir जेर
The jelly-type stuff pulled out from the womb of a buffalo or cow at the time of giving birth to its calf
Zetta जेटा/ जेट्टा
A small heap of harvested crop of gram (chana चना) plants.
Zheenz झींझ
The string-like fruit of 'Jaanti' जांटी tree, found in summer – May-June. In its dry shape, it is 5-6 inch long and looks like a yellowish pencil. When it is in raw and green shape, it is called ‘Seengre’ (सींगरे / सींगरी) and used as a green vegetable, normally boiled and mixed with ‘Kadhi’.
Zhockaa झोक्का
One who is on duty for putting the fuel in a traditional oven attached to a 'kohloo' कोल्हू of sugarcane

Desi Calendar

While the Oldest Indian calendar still in use is stated to be 5200 years old (starting from the time of Mahabharata), the Vikrami Era (which is 57 years ahead of Christian era), is called the ‘Desi Calendar’. Since it is based on both solar and lunar activities, astronomers view it as the most accurate one for calculation of time. Each month is divided into two parts: the first fifteen days as the ‘Dark fortnight’ (कृष्ण पक्ष) and the latter half, the ‘moon-lit bright fortnight’ (शुक्ल पक्ष). The Holi Festival is actually the last day of the year. From the 15 March 2006, desi year 2063 has started.

(Video) History of Bagri Jatt | Bagri jatt caste history | History of Jatt | untold history of jatt 2020

The Names of the 12 months are as under (In Sanskrit/Hindi only): चैत्र, वैशाख, ज्येष्ठ, आषाढ, श्रावण, भाद्र, आश्विन, कार्तिक, अग्रहायण, पौष, माघ, फाल्गुन.

In our villages, there is a slight variance in the pronunciation of names of these months and these are uttered as under –

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1: Chait चैत / 2: Basaakh बसाख / 3: Jeth जेठ / 4: Saadh साढ / 5: Saamann सामण / 6: Bhaadavaa भादवा / 7: Aasauj आसौज / 8: Kaatik कात्तिक / 9: Mangsir मंगसिर / 10: Pauh पौह / 11 Maah माह / 12: Phagann फागण.

Names of days in a fortnight: 1. Piddwaa 2 पिड़वा. Douj/Dooj दोज/ दूज 3. Teej तीज 4. Chauthi/Chyoth चौथी/ च्योथ 5. Paanchmi/ Paanchein पांचमी/ पांचैंह 6. Chhathh/ Chathhi छठ/ छठी 7. Saatamii/ Saattein सातमी/ सात्तैं 8. Aathmi Aathhein आठमी/ आठैं 9. Naumi नौमी 10. Dasmi दसमी 11. Gyaas ग्यास 12. Dvaadsi द्वादसी 13. Tevas/ Teras तेवस/ तेरस 14. Chaudas चौदस 15. Maavas/ Amaavas मावस/ अमावस (No-moon or dark Night) and Pannvaasi/ Poorannmaasi पणवासी/ पूर्णमासी (Full-moon night)

(Video) मिजोरम महिलाओं का राज्य // Mizoram Amazing Facts for Indians

Dndeswal 17:03, 25 March 2007 (EDT)

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How do you say sorry in Haryanvi? ›

I am sorry! मनै माफ कररए Manai maaf kariye 66.

How do you say hello in Haryanvi? ›

If you're planning a trip to the country or are trying to learn Haryanvi, keep reading to discover some of the most important greetings.
namaste: general greetingनमस्ते
how are you?Aur ke halchal hai?
reply to Aur ke halchal haiMe teek thak
how are you?Ke haal se?
2 more rows
3 Sept 2021

What is I love you in Haryanvi language? ›

Yes, I love you. Haan, ma tanna pyaar karun hun.

Is Haryanavi a language? ›

Haryanvi (हरियाणवी hariyāṇvī or हरयाणवी harayāṇvī) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the state of Haryana in India, and to a lesser extent in Delhi. Haryanvi is considered to be part of the dialect group of Western Hindi, which also includes Khariboli and Braj. It is written in the Devanagari script.

How do you say awesome in Haryanvi? ›

9) Kasutta – This word is quite famous among people who hail from Haryana. This refers to amazing or awesome.

Which language is most spoken in Haryana? ›

Haryanvi being the state language and most of the Headquarters of main office of Haryana lies here, it gets very imperative that a large chunk of Haryanvi come here on postings or settle here. Hence the Haryanvi Language is widely spoken and understood here. English is also prevalent.

How do you greet in Haryana? ›

Ram Ram or Jai Ram ji ki is a very commonly used greeting in the northern states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar.

How do you say where in Haryanvi? ›

where. in Haryanvi
  1. कदे sindari.
  2. किङे sindari.
  3. कितोद् sindari.
  4. कित् sindari.

What are you doing meaning in Haryanvi? ›

टु कय करे से?

Who created Haryanvi language? ›

Haryanvi language was the original language of Aryans who arrived in India 1500 BC. Haryanvi (हरयाणवी) is a dialect of the western Hindi group and it is written in Devanagari script. Haryanvi language is native to the region of Haryana and Delhi in India. Haryanvi is the northernmost dialect of the Hindi language.

How many types of Telugu language are there? ›

There are four distinct regional dialects in Telugu, as well as three social dialects that have developed around education, class, and caste. The formal, literary language is distinct from the spoken dialects—a situation known as diglossia.

How is Haryanvi language made? ›

Haryanvi language was the original language of Aryans who arrived in India 1500 BC. As Aryans settled in North Indian region of Haryana therefore Haryanvi language preserved in most part of Haryana and Rajasthan. Aryans intermingled with the local populace, and assimilated themselves into the social framework.

What are different ways to say I love you? ›

Either way, here are a few ways to say “I love you” to your bae to help you express your feelings.
  1. I love you.
  2. I love so much.
  3. I love you a lot.
  4. I love you too.
  5. I love you forever.
  6. I love you unconditionally.
  7. I love you to the moon and back.
  8. I love you with all my heart.
20 Mar 2022

What love is called in different languages? ›

Love In Different Languages
  • French = amour.
  • Spanish = amor.
  • Italian = amore.
  • Portuguese = amor.
  • German = liebe.
  • Vietnamese = yêu.
  • Hindi = mohabbat.
  • Japanese = tresna.

What is the old name of Haryana? ›

Origin of the name of the State

Hariyana is an ancient name. During the olden period, this region was known as Brahmavarta, Aryavarta and Brahomoupdesa. These names are based on the emergence of Brahama-Lord on the land of Haryana ; the abode of Aryas and home of the preachings of vedic cultures and other rites.

What is the second language In Haryana? ›

Punjabi is the most spoken language after Hindi and Haryanvi, and it was recognised as a second official language of Haryana for government and administrative purposes in 2010.

What Haryana famous for? ›

Haryana is well known for its folk music, dance, handicrafts, pottery and different kinds of embroidery and weaving. The grand Suraj Kund Crafts Mela organized by Haryana Tourism displays the best of its handloom and handicrafts as well as the colourful culture of Haryana and other Indian states.

How do you greet an Indian woman? ›

In many parts of India and during formal occasions, it is common for people to greet with the traditional Hindu greeting of “Namaste” ('I greet the divine within you'). This is accompanied with a nod of the head or a bow depending on the status of the person you are greeting.

What are different ways to greet? ›

13 Ways to Greet Someone
  1. Hello. This is the most basic greeting in English. ...
  2. Hi. This is a shorter version of "hello". ...
  3. Hey. Now, "hey" is definitely more casual than "hi" or "hello". ...
  4. Good morning. / Good afternoon. / Good evening. ...
  5. It's nice to meet you. ...
  6. It's a pleasure to meet you. ...
  7. It's good to see you again. ...
  8. What's up?

How do you say good morning in Punjabi? ›

If you are learning Punjabi, the Ling app will help you for sure.
Basic Vocabulary About Greetings In Punjabi.
English WordsPunjabi PronunciationPunjab
Good morningśubha savēraਸ਼ੁਭ ਸਵੇਰ
good afternoonsata srī akālaਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ
Good nightśubha rātaਸ਼ੁਭ ਰਾਤ
Good eveningsata srī akālaਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ
3 more rows
5 Mar 2022

What are you doing means? ›

Phrase. what are you doing? Used to ask what the interlocutor is currently doing.

What are you doing Meaning answer? ›

“What are you doing?” They are not asking what you do for a living, but what activity are you doing at that time. Your answer might be something like this: “I'm reading a book.

What are you doing meaning in Haryanvi? ›

टु कय करे से?

Where are you going in Haryanvi? ›

Where are you going? टु कित्त जवे से?

What are you doing means? ›

Phrase. what are you doing? Used to ask what the interlocutor is currently doing.

What are you doing Meaning answer? ›

“What are you doing?” They are not asking what you do for a living, but what activity are you doing at that time. Your answer might be something like this: “I'm reading a book.


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