Mauritius, Mauritius - December Weather (2023)

What's The Weather Like in Mauritius in December?

Mauritius is an idyllic, tropical destination that enjoys a tropical climate year-round.Thesea temperatureis generally warm at 26°C making Mauritiusperfect for water sports such as windsurfing and kayaking.

What's Christmas In Mauritius Like?

With Decembertemperatures likely to reach 29°C and nine daily hours of sunshine,Mauritius is popular with Christmas holidaymakers looking for a tropical break.

How Hot Is Mauritius In December?

December sees dailytemperatures likely to reach 29°C. Theaverage temperature stays around 25°C, while the average low temperature is 23°C.

Does It Rain In Mauritius In December?

The average rainfall for December is 152mm. But when it does rain it is most likely to come down in short bursts.

How Humid Is December In Mauritius?

Humidity levels at this time of year are generally high, and typically range from a mildly humid 61% to a very humid 94%.

How Windy Is Mauritius In December?

During December Mauritius tends to experience light to moderate breezes.

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Hotels for Mauritiusin December

The main tourist areas of Mauritius are Flic-en-Flac, Pereybere,Grand Baie,Port Louis, Mont Choisy,Belle Mare,Mahebourgand Balaclava. Many of the resorts are located by the beach, so you will find plenty of hotels which are geared towardsbeach holidays and watersports.


Ambreis a four-star hotel located in Belle Mare, literally right on the beachfront, along Palmar Beach. This elegant hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, water sport facilities, a spa and sauna, fitness centre, along witha Mauritian and international restaurant.

If you are particularly interested in the water sports on offer you can choose from a variety of facilities including surfing, boating, water skiing and windsurfing.

Cocotiers Hotel

If you're looking for an affordable option head to theCocotiers Hotelsituated on the beach in Baie du Tombeau. This hotel offers a number of facilities including an outdoor swimming pool and a children's pool.

Furthermore, the simply decorated rooms open out onto a terrace or balcony overlooking either the city of Port Louis or the stunning beachfront.

Ocean Beach Hotel & Spa

TheOcean Beach Hotel & Spaoffers its own private beach in Grand Baie. The hotel features an inviting wooden deck, with an outdoor swimming pool, which is complete with sun loungers, parasols and palm trees.

Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa

On the other hand theLaguna Beach Hotel & Spais a four-star holiday complex located at Camp des Pecheurs. Each room at this hotel is sea facing and offers either a balcony or terrace. All of the rooms also come with a satellite TV, a mini bar and tea-and-coffee making facilities. All rooms are also air-conditioned at Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa.


Beaches for December for Mauritius

Mauritius offers a plethora of beaches to choose from, and the island has rightly deserved its reputation as a tropical paradise.

Trou aux Biches

Trou aux Bichesis a beautiful, white sand beach surrounded by casuarinas trees, making it an ideal shaded place for young families. There are a number of snack stalls to choose from here, as well as plenty of small restaurants and a minisupermarket.

This area is also a hot spot for snorkeling and a couple of deep sea fishing trips depart from the beach.

Belle Mare Plage

Belle Mare Plageis a pristine 10km long white sand beach, which is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This beach is extremely popular with families, so itcan get rather busy during the height of the tourist season.

There are also a couple of organised snorkeling and glass bottom boat trips that leave from the shores here.

Grand Baie

Water sports enthusiasts adore Grand Baie located in the north of the island. There are number of activities to take part in here, including deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and even underwater sea walking!

This is a sheltered beach, however like Belle Mare Plage it can get very busy during the summer, so may not be ideal if you are looking for a quiet andsecluded spot.

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Pereybere Beach

Furthermore,Pereybere Beachis situated 2km east of Grand Baie and is easily accessible by car. This beach is extremely popular with both locals and tourists staying in the area and offers a number of facilities including fast food stalls, bars and restaurants.

Restaurants and Bars for Mauritius in December

Escale Creole

Escale Creoleis a Cajun and Creole restaurant located in a tropical garden, in the heart of Moka, Mauritius. This highly recommended eatery offers a unique dining experience using only traditional recipes and fresh ingredients.


Divinois a Mediterranean and Italian restaurant located in the popular resort of Grand Baie. This place offers an outdoor eating area, which is perfect on a warm summers evening and offers a range of options,from healthy salads to hearty Italian pasta.

La Botteghita

Another hugely popular Italian-themed eatery in the Grand Baie vicinity is La Botteghita. This beachside restaurant combines the best of Mauritius and Mediterranean and has been winning over countless tourists with its delicious menu. The truffle tagliatelle is particularly recommended.

Banana Beach Club

On the other hand, if you're looking for a lively night out why not head to the renownedBanana Beach Club, also in Grand Baie. This nightclub and bar is a great place to sample a local Phoenix or Blue Marlin Beer while listening to the live music.


Things to Do in Mauritius in December

Seven Coloured Earths

TheSeven Coloured Earths, also known as Terres des Sept Couleurs in French are a set of multi-coloured sand dunes, compromising of seven distinct colours such as red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. The sands were formed from the decomposition of volcanic rock into clay.

The different shades of colour are thought to be the result ofmolten volcanic rock cooling down at different temperatures. This natural attraction is one of Mauritius' main tourist sights and is a popular spot for taking pictures. As Mauritius used to be a volcanic island, it boasts a number of unique mountain ranges and elevations in the ground to explore.

Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes

The"Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes"is a nature park located in the south of Mauritius in Riviere Des Anguilles. The park looks after a variety of reptiles, fish and animals including the Nile crocodile, Iguanas, Caimans, giant tortoises, monkeys, bats, carps and much more.

Other attractions include the restaurant "Le Crocodile Affame", a gift shop, native plant nursery and a conservation centre, which aims to keep the number up of certain threatened species on the island, including the giant tortoise.

Le Morne

Le Morneis a rugged mountain located in the southwest of Mauritius, next to the Indian Ocean. Apart from being a spectacular natural spectacle, the mountain was also used as a hideaway and shelter by runaway slaves throughout the 18thcentury and the early years of the 19thcentury.

The mountain is practically inaccessibly by the cliffs and is situated in an isolated location, making it perfect as a hideaway spot for the slaves, who formed small settlements into the caves and even on the summit of Le Morne. Today the sight is hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Heritage Golf Club

December is a great time of year to play golf in Mauritius. In 1844, under British rule, the island became the third country in the world to be introduced to the game of golf. Today Mauritius offers a number of venues to choose from, one of the most popular beingThe Heritage Golf Club, which is an 18-hole, par 72 championship course, boasting stunning panoramic views out onto the Indian Ocean and the rest of the island.

Dates for the diary

It is pretty much guaranteed you won't get a white Christmas in Mauritius, however you are likely to experience great weather on December 25th. Christmas is celebrated across the island as Christians make up at least 30% of the population in Mauritius.

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The tradition is for many people to attend church, even non-Christians. Many people will celebrate by giving presents and enjoying a BBQ on the beach or in their homes.

New Years Eve is celebrated across the island, involving all of the Mauritian population. Parties take place at many of the island's hotels, nightclubs and restaurants so make sure to book beforehand if you plan to celebrate!

Many people in Mauritius start making preparations for the coming New Year throughout the month of December by cleaning, painting and decorating their homes.


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